Bellas pov,

" you know you guys aren't the only ones with a deadly secret"

I said .

"are you trying to stall?" asked alice.

I nodded.

"meow!!!!" said bombs warningly.

"are you guys sure you wont run away from me when I say this?" I asked.

" oh god bella. Chill. By the way we were the ones waiting for you to run away from us will you please tell us ? no one will get freaked out" said Edward.

"fine" I said and continued "well you see like how you guys have powers even I have powers"

They all looked shocked.

"what type of powers?" asked jasper in a chocked voice.

" I have telekinesis" I said. I was going to continue but emmet interrupted me .

" what is telekinesis ?" emmet asked looking confused.

Alice groaned "it means I can move objects with my head"

" cool can you show me?" emmet asked . I couldn't help but laugh.

So I stood up and closed my eyes and concentrated really hard on making one of the magazines on the table move into alices lap.

They all smiled in awe.

" so that's your big secret? Whats so horrible in that?" asked Rosalie.

"you see this can also be dangerous . it can get out of control. When I get angry thigns start breaking on their own. I remember I was so pissed at rats . I made his whole room crumble to pieces."

They laughed at this. Emmet said –" so that means I cant play pranks on you?"

"I guess not"

Rosalie got up to go to her room.

" wait" I said "theres more"

"more?"asked Rosalie.


"so what is it?"asked emmet.

" iseethedead" I said in one word.

"what" they all yelled.

" I cant understand . what did you just say ?" alice asked

"I said that I see the dead" I replied more calmly.

There was silence.

" what do you mean? How can you see the dead??" asked esme

"you see. I am a ghost whisperer. This means that I can see the dead. I figure out what their problem is. Why are they stuck in this world. I then help them to cross over."

They were still silent .

"um.. meow I think they have gone into shock" said jiggy.

"that is whom you were talking to today?" asked Carlisle.

I nodded

"how can we believe her?" said Rosalie.

"wait a minute . Ill be back." I said.

I went upstairs and got this big fat file.

I gave it to Carlisle.

"if I wasnt a ghost whisperer would I have all this?"" I asked him.

In that file there were the cases which I had solved. There were medical reports if the ghost body. All this was confidential. But I knew how to get all that.

" Carlisle?" asked alice

"children shes telling the truth"" said Carlisle.

I waited for teir reaction.

All of them one vy one nodded their heads.

"so is it fine if I still stay with you guys??i asked nervously

" yes it is . but you need to tell if you have found any ghost" said Carlisle smiling.

I smiled back at them . I was so happy.

"oh yeah and there is already a ghost in this house." I said"I don't know who he is but hes haunting my room."

"how are ou going to help him?" asked esme.

" I told george and Alicia to search for him . oh goerge and alicia are my ghost friends."

After the little talk I went and showed rats and everyone else their bedrooms.

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