The Crest of Evil-Ch. 1


This story is set after Matt leaves the group and Mimi and Joe stay behind. I don't own any thing important like Digimon the coolest and cutest show in the world. So please no one hurt me I'm a very big fan of Digimon.

Matt walked threw the woods. Tsunamon had digivolved to Gabumon."Matt wait up!" called Gabumon from behind. Matt pretend he didn't here and kept walking. Gabumon tripped and fell to the ground. "Matt, wait!" cried Gabumon trying to get up. Matt stopped and sat behind against a tree. Gabumon scrambled to get up. He sat down next to Matt. Matt began to play his harmonica. It was beginning to get dark and Gabumon was worn out from walking and fell asleep in an instant.
Matt stop playing and sat and watch nothing in particular. Man why did I have to get you thought Matt. Crest of friendship ha I ain't got no friends. Poor Gabumon I didn't even help him when he needed me. That's not friendship. Matt looked at Gabumon. Then he took off his crest and digivice and placed it on the ground. Matt tiptoed away. He took one last look at Gabumon and said in a whisper, "Goodbye."


"Pupetmon, you have failed in destroying the digidestined," said Piedmon. Puppetmon looked at Piedmon and walked up to him. "Is that why you called me here?" said Puppetmon crossing his arms. "Take this," said Piedmon handing him a crest and tag. "What is it?" asked Puppetmon. "It's a crest that I made, it's the crest of evil," said Piedmon. "So," said Pupptemon. Piedmon made a projection of Matt walking alone in the woods. "Make this digidestine wear this crest and we will be more powerful then any digimon," laughed Piedmon. Puppetmon smiled.

Gabumon woke up. The sun shined in is eyes. "Matt, time to get up," said Gabumon. He didn't her a reply. Then he lept to the other side to wake up Matt but he was gone."Matt!" he called. Then he saw the crest and digivice on the ground. Had Matt been kidnapped?, thought Gabumon. Then he started to run holding the digivice and crest in his hand."Tia, Sora, T.K., Augumon, Patamon!" he shouted running faster and faster."If Matt's in trouble, then I got to find the others canít help him all by myself."

Matt walked along not really thinking about anyone or anything. Not knowing that he was being closely watched by Puppetmon. Then Puppetmon ran ahead of Matt. Then he saw some vines. He tangled himself in it which he could easily escape if he needed to. Matt walked up and stop by a lake. He splashed some water on his face.
"Help me please someone!" shouted a voice. Matt followed the voice and saw Puppetmon!
"What are you doing here?" Matt shouted. "Please help me, my friends abandoned me and I can't get out!" cried Puppetmon. Matt turned to leave. "O please, how would you feel if you where me and your friends left you and I didn't help you?" asked Puppetmon.
Matt stopped. He knew how it felt when his friends got mad at him and talked behind his back and probily would of ditched him if they could.
Matt then pulled the vines off of Puppetmon and he was free. "Thank you," said Puppetmon. Matt walked and sat bye the lake. Puppetmon grinned and walked over to him. "Where's your pals?" asked Puppetmon. Matt didn't say anything. Then he sat next to him."Tell me about," said Puppetmon. Matt looked at him. Even though he was a Dark Master he looked friendly and didn't even hurt him.
"Fine," said Matt looking at him. "I'm not a good friend. Thats why I don't have many. Everyone didn't even care when I left the group! Also when I got my stupid crest. I had o get the crest of friendship what a laugh. I can't even be nice to Gabumon who cares for me." Matt hit the water after he saw his reflection.
Puppetmon got up. "Well to me it seems that it's not your fault it's theirs," lied Puppetmon. "They are bossing you around, making you a loser, telling you your not important when your a million times better then them." Matt looked at Puppetmon with tears in his eyes.

Gabumon raced threw the forest. He kept on running no matter how much his foot hurt. Then he crashed into someone. When he opened his eyes he saw Joe. "Joe!" shouted Gabumon. "Joe, Gabumon are you alright?" asked Mimi, Palemon, and Gomamon. Gabumon started to talk real fast that no one understood him. "Calm down," said Joe. "Now tell us what's wrong," said Mimi. Gabumon took a deep breath. "It's Matt. He's gone I don't know what happened to him. He's disappeared!" cried Gabumon. The others gasped. Gabumon then showed them the crest and digivice. "We have to find him," said Gomamon."Ya, but we'll need the others," said Palemon. "We'll have to find them," said Joe. "Let's go, then we'll find Matt," said Mimi. Then they all went looking for Tia and the others.

"You really think so?" asked Matt. "Think so? I know so," said Puppetmon, "I bet it's because of them you got that crest of friendship. You could of got any of them you see the crest goes to the person who wishes for them or the person who wishes for someone else." Matt looked confused. He learned how he got his crest from that thing that took over Kari. "That's not what I heard," said Matt. Puppetmon smiled. "I know cuz one time I snuck in there when they where making the crest and thats what I heard," lied Puppetmon.
Matt got up. "Well what am I going to do now? I just can't stand it. They all changed I didn't," said Matt. Perfect. he's falling for it, thought Pupetmon. "I can help," said Puppetmon. Matt looked at him surprised. "You can?" said Matt. Puppetmon smiled and took out a crest and tag. "You see, this a special crest," began Puppetmon. "This crest give you all the crest combined and it will also make you better." Puppetmon held out the tag and crest. Matt looked at and took it from Puppetmon. This can help me, thought Matt. "Put it on," urged Puppetmon. Matt hesitated. "I don't know," said Matt.
"What do you mean? This can help you," said Puppetmon. Matt looked at it. He really wanted to be better then the rest of them. Have T.K. like him again and let him be a better friend. "Alright, I'll do it," said Matt. Puppetmon smiled. Then Matt placed the tag around his neck. "Nothing happened," said Matt. Then the crest began to glow black. "What's going on.... AAAAAAAHHHH!!" screamed Matt. Puppetmon began to laugh evilly. "Now you'll help me destroy the others," said Pupptemon. "Yes m'lord," said Matt bowing to Puppetmon.

Gabumon and the others raced to find Tai. "Look," said Mimi. "There they are," said Palemon. "Tai, Sora, Izzy, Kari, T.K!" they shouted. "Hey you guys," said Tai. "We have a big problem," said Joe. "What kind of problem?" said Augumon and Gatomon. "Matt has been kidnapped," said Gomamon. "What?!" cried T.K. "When Gabumon went to sleep, Matt was there, but when he woke up he was gone," said Mimi. "What if he was kidnapped by Puppetmon?" said Tentamon. "Ya, what's going to happen to him?" said Biyomon. "Well, we gotta find him," said Sora. "Tai, please we should go," said Kari. The there was a loud groan.
"Gabumon, whats wrong?" said Kari. Then Gabumon dedigivolved to Tsunomon. "Something's wrong," said Patamon. "Matt must be in real trouble," said Izzy. Then Gabumon dedigivolved back to a digiegg. "No, Gabumon!" cried T.K. Tai walked over and picked up the egg. "We gotta fine Matt and fast," said Tai.
They began to walk threw the woods looking for Matt. "Matt were are you?" called Tai. "Matt!" called Kari. "Matt, say something!" called Tentamon. "I wonder if Matt ran away," said Gatomon to Kari. Kari shrugged.
"Ha ha ha ha!" said an annoying voice. "Look up there it's Puppetmon," said Patamon. "Where Matt?" shouted T.K. Puppetmon jumped down to where they where standing. "Why he's right here," said Puppetmon. Matt walked out of the woods to where Puppetmon was standing. He stopped and stood next to him. "Matt!" they all shouted.
Matt looked like he was in a trance. "Hi you guys," said Matt. "This my new friend." They all gasped and stood back."You guys better Digivolve," said Tai. "Right!" they shouted

"Augumon warp digivolve to... Wargreymon!"
"Biyomon digivolve to Birdramon!"
"Gomamon digivolve to Ikakumon!"
"Palemon digivolve to Togamon!"
"Tentamon digivolve to Kabutarimon!"
"Patamon digivolve to Angemon!"
"Gatomon Digivolve to Angewomon!"
Then the tags and crest began to glow and the digivolved to the next level.

"Birdramon digivolve to Garudamon!"
"Ikakumon digivolve to Zudamon!"
"Togamon digivolve to Lilymon!"
"Kabutarimon digivolve to MegaKabutarimon!"

"Go get em you guy!" shouted Tai. Then Puppetmon smiled."Terraforce!" shouted Wargreymon. Puppetmon then flung it back at him. "Puppet pummel!" shouted Puppetmon. The others digivolved back down to there rookie form. Then they all looked back at Puppetmon and Matt. "Matt get away from him!" shouted Tai. Then Matt smiled evilly at them."No!" he said. They all gasped. Then they all noticed the crest around his neck.
"Matt stop!" pleaded Sora. He walked up to Tai and kicked him. He took the digiegg from him and stood next to Puppetmon again. Then the crest around Matt began to glow. The egg began to crack. Out of it came Gabumon. "Gabumon warp digivolve to MetalGarrurumon!" "Now! Destroy them!" ordered Puppetmon. Matt smiled."Get 'em," said Matt. The others began to run away and MetalGarrurmon began to chase them.
"C'mon lets go play," said Puppetmon to Matt. "Yes my friend," replied Matt. The crest began to glow again. Puppetmon smiled as they went to his mansion. "You know your my first real friend," said Pupetmon."Mine, too," said Matt. Puppetmon wanted Matt to be his friend forever but the only way to keep him was to make sure the other digidestined wouldnít take him away. "Listen up Matt, you can't listen to anyone but me. There all liars and I'm your only friend," said Pupetmon.
Pupetmon finally had a friend and he said he gonna keep him no matter what the cost was!

Authors note: I don't own Digimon. It belongs to whom made it. I like the show. I hope you all liked my story. The next part will come soon. Well Cya