Red Moon

Authoress: Amirrel

Fandom: Half-Moon Investigations, by Eoin Colfer

Rating: T

Pairing: Red Sharkey x Fletcher Moon (Retcher xD)

Summary: I thought we were just, you know, fooling around, playing games on each other, being boys and all. But somehow, this ache in my chest won't go away every time I see him. Please let this just be the complications that will fade after puberty...

A/N: This does not exactly follow the book's storyline, but I'll keep to the where-it-happens and when-it-happens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Half-Moon Investigations. It belongs to the genius mind of Eoin Colfer, Puffin Books etc.

Warning: Boy x Boy pairing, if you don't like it, leave it.


Fletcher is my name, Fletcher Moon. I'm a private-eye investigator, and I have the badge to prove it. My least-favorite people are criminals, and there happens to be a criminal family living in this county.

But one day, my view on one Sharkey, Red Sharkey, just changed quite drastically on that day...

On the day I went to meet up with my paying customer, April Devereux and her group of pink posses, I wrote it all down in my computer diary...

Sports Field

April and I have arranged to meet at the sports field. I wasn't looking forward to it. Truth be told, the interview with April and co. cut my patience-line to nothing but a one centimeter stub. That was until May Devereux decided to bring Red Sharkey into the meeting.

He came at us, shirtless, a hurling bat in one hand. I stared at the muscles on that tall, lean body, so well-defined, his fierce expression and he sprinted across the field. I realized I had been staring and shook my head to clear the sudden strange thoughts my brain had generated.

As usual, we ended up exchanging snares and glares, he pinned my throat with his bat and I felt the nails that formed his name scrape my chin. What I saw in those eyes, I don't think I'll ever forget.

Emotions flicked across Red's brow, as though his brain was channel-hopping. He went through amazement, fury and sadness among others, eventually settling on a blank expression. But I know I had seen something more in those eyes, something I couldn't quite put my finger on yet...

Oh wow, Red Sharkey claims to be an innocent person, if he's so innocent he should return my shield then and we can close the book. Apparently Red's still trying to convince me that he didn't take my shield, judging by the way he just pulled me up to my tippy-toes with my collar.

I'm doomed.

Papa Sharkey my saviour, if only your BMW wasn't giving my eyes a whole new brightness to endure, I could kiss you if Red could just let go of my shirt.

Actually, I'd very much prefer to kiss Red—

--snap out of it Half-Moon. You have a whole party of cute girls in pink surrounding you and all you can think about is kissing Red Sharkey? While he's gripping your shirt in a vise?


Actually, I'd very much prefer to kick Red Sharkey's balls and flee for my life before Papa Sharkey comes charging at me like a bull. A vivid image forms in my head of myself in an ant costume and Papa Sharkey with horns on his head.

Well, I decided to stay put anyway, and whad'ya know, Red finally put me down and went away with his dad to some dark and dangerous den that they call Home.

Gee, thanks a lot for the help, Mr. Devereux.

Back home, while I was working in my office, I spotted an intruder in front of my house. Could it be someone with info come to help me with the case? Fat chance of any of that happening, what with my name being on everyone's Most Annoying list.

No matter, the shadow down there seems to want to talk to me, I head out by the garage instead to catch who it is trying to get some time with me. It turns out that this guy knew I would be trying to catch him off guard first. So when my head poked its way out of shelter, the bat that looked strangely familiar came down on my head and arm.


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