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Otoha, formerly Soundwave, was inside the Decepticon base. Megatron had summoned Scrapper to find out why Soundwave was a human.

"Soundwave, what has happened to you? It was those Autobots that did this, didn't they?" Megatron growled.

Otoha sat there, silently. He was conflicted. Should he tell Megatron that he died and became a god of death? Or let him believe that the Autobots turned him into a human?

Thankfully, Starscream broke the silence. "I seriously doubt the Autobots have the know-how to turn Soundwave into a human, Megatron. We saw him get offlined by them!"


"Silence! I will not tolerate your back-talk, Starscream!" Megatron lowered his fusion cannon and glared at his SiC.

"Stupid slagger…" Starscream muttered under his breath.

"Megatron, I have information on the Autobots' plan." Otoha responded. He didn't go down to the human world for nothing.

"Excellent! We can finally make those Autobots pay for their crimes!" Megatron cackled evilly. "Don't worry, Soundwave. You'll be back in your body before you know it."

Otoha sighed. The truth would have to wait until later.

Meanwhile, Mirage was inside the Deception base, looking around. "They must've taken him somewhere…" He looked around and peered into one of the rooms.

Mirage saw Otoha sitting on a table. "Who's that? He looks like Soundwave, but I can't tell…"

Suddenly, a black blur sped past Mirage. "What the-?"

Otoha suddenly sensed something and drew out his Zanpakutou. "Who is there?"

"It's me, Otoha… Or Soundwave." Otoha recognized the voice. "Sister?" Nemu appeared in front of him. "Why are you here?"

"Father sent me to find you," Nemu looked into his eyes. "But why are you here?"

"Big Sister…" Otoha sighed. "Who were those giant metal creatures? Why did they call you Soundwave?" Nemu demanded.

Otoha breathed heavily. First being reunited with his faction, now this. Could he tell his sister the truth about him being a murderous, human-killing robot?

"Answer: I am a Decepticon. Designation: Soundwave. Postion: Third-in-Command." Otoha droned out.

Nemu was about to say more, but a loud noise interrupted them. "I'm telling ya, Screamer, the autobots probably hijacked Soundwave's body and made him human!"

"And I say you're being stupid as usual, Skywarp! The Autobots do not have that kind of technology!" Starscream's voice rang out through the room.

Otoha turned to his "sister". "You must hide. They will experiment on you if they find you." Nemu looked at him as Otoha grabbed her hand and led her to a corner. "Stay here," He ran back to the operating table and sat there.

"C'mon, Screamer! Stop being to naïve!" Skywarp pressed. "You know they have scientists!"


Otoha winced as he'd forgotten how loud the Decepticon SiC could get. "Starscream, keep it down!" Thundercracker boomed. "Some of us are trying to recharge in here!"

"Well, Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me, pretty princess! Some of US are trying to explain to idiots that SOME THINGS as human converting is IMPOSSIBLE!" Starscream roared back.

"ENOUGH!" Megatron's fusion cannon hummed and a loud blast could be heard crashing into something. "AACK!"

"If I hear one more word come from your lips, Starscream, I will turn you into junk! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

Starscream gave out a weak whimper as a reply.

"Good. Now be quiet and listen well." Megatron strode into the room as Nemu and the hidden Mirage looked at him.

"Our attack formation against the Autobots will consist with the Coneheads as the first wave. Then we will use Starscream's trine to distract the twin warriors." Megatron glared down at Starscream as he said his name.

"Then finally, Devastator will be our trump card to finishing those Autobots!" Megatron laughed evilly.

Otoha nodded silently in response.

"And finally, we will eradicate those filthy humans and get our precious Energon! And we will return to Cybertron!"

Nemu and Mirage had looks of horror draped across their faces as Megatron made to leave.

"Skywarp, grab that winged fool and teleport him back to your room." Megatron ordered as he left.

Skywarp nodded and warped out of sight. As soon as they were gone, Mirage made a bee-line back to the base's entrance.

Nemu emerged from the corner, a cold frown on her face. "So, it is true, then." Otoha looked at her.

"You're a part of an army of those monstrous metal beasts who wish to disrupt the natural balance of our world?" She accused.

Otoha nodded, tears threatening to leak out.

Before Nemu could launch into a tirade, Rumble and Frenzy rushed inside.

"SOUNDWAVE!" They both yelled in happiness.

"We've missed ya, Soundwave!" Rumble shouted as he hugged Otoha.

"And hey! There's a girl squishy he brought with him!" Frenzy grabbed Nemu, who tried to run away from the approaching Cassettecon.

"Frenzy, Leave her." Otoha ordered.

"But, Soundwave…" Frenzy whined.

"NOW." Otoha raised his voice.

Frenzy placed her down as he sulked off to a nearby corner of the room.

Nemu brushed herself off and glared at Otoha. "I'm leaving." She stated as she stormed off.

"Nemu—" Otoha started, but was cut off by Nemu's glare as she turned around.

"Don't follow me." Nemu turned around and left.

"Rumble, is Ravage present?" Otoha asked.

"Yup! He's right here!" Rumble picked up the black cat in his arms.

"Ravage, I want you to follow the "squishy" and make sure that no harm comes to her." Otoha commanded.

Ravage nodded and ran off to find the female Shinigami. "Laserbeak, as soon as Ravage has located her, carry her back to the surface." The bird cassette chirped and flew after Ravage.

Otoha let out a sigh. Things were NOT going so well today.

TBC. Next Time: Otoha tries to make amends with Nemu, and the Autobots and Decepticons are met with a big surprise.