Chap 4

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TJ POV (Blue Astro ranger)

Uh.....bright, dark, bright, dark.... *blink* *blink*

"What happened?" Ah headache brain is on fire...

"TJ, TJ, you ok?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah; man i got this really bad headache." I touched the side of my head, no blood- weird.

"You hit your head pretty hard, are you sure you're ok?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah yeah, i'm fine." I said quickly; then it hit me, where am i? How'd i hit my head anyway?

"Uh guys, where are we? And where'd Andros and Zhane get up to?" I asked.

"Andros and Zhane went to check out the ship, and how we got here i'm sure you remember." Ashley said clutching her shoulder which might have been dislocated.

"Uh....actually i don't remember...and what happened to your arm Ashley?" What in the world is going on? And where the hell is the Astro Megaship?

"I think he has a little amnesia..." Cassie said.

Amnesia? That might explain the headache....but what am i forgetting?

"Well he did hit his head on the deck pretty hard..." Carlos said.

"What's the last thing you remember TJ?"

"Um...we were at the Zordon's funeral...."

"I guess we have a lot of explaining to do then..."

Aximili's POV

My name is Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, probably the only Andalite war prince in this quadrant of the galaxy.

20 years ago the Yeerks invaded Earth using their usual style of infesting the native inhabitants of the planet; my brother Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul broke the law and gave the morphing power to 5 humans, Jake, Marco, Tobias, Rachel, and Cassie. They defeated the Yeerks under Prince Jake's command however they were severely injured in the process and had to be frozen.

Now the Yeerks attack once again, problem is no one but me to protect Earth. So i gave the morphing power to 12 humans, 12 power rangers as they call themselves; I had seen their files, their experience in saving the world would be very a great advantage.

We had just retreated back into the Raptor, it was, to say 'a mission gone wrong', Visser One (previously Visser Three) had predicted our attack to the Blade Ship perhaps he is too paranoid or he has an informant... I hope it is the first.

"That was completely crazy." Kimberly said. Kimberly is somewhat like Rachel- however she doesn't have half as much blood lust and love for battle as Rachel had.

"Yeah, did you see the size of those Hork-Bajrs?" Trini asked. Trini is a bit like Cassie, loving animals- the peaceful type but I've read in her files how she also has a ruthless side to her as well.

"Visser One, something about's not right- i think I'd rather face Zedd, Rita, Rito, Goldar and Scorpina at the same time." Tommy said. Tommy is quiet similar to Tobias- strong, yet he doubts himself, a leader if he wants to be and a loner from the rest of the group.

"Guys we got to keep it together, there's no point fretting over it." Adam said. Now Adam is a peculiar one, he has the strength and qualities of a leader yet he tends to hold back and follows orders instead.

"Yeah Adam's right, imagine this; all the Hork-Bajrs are just nothing more than the usual putties; Taxxons are just more ugly creeps and Visser One is no more different to any other evil psychos we'd faced." Jason said. Jason is like Jake, the leader of the group.

(If i may, i believe your other friends are still on the Blade Ship) Arbon said.

Sario! How could i have forgotten, (Quickly, use your communication devices to track them!)

"Hello? Jason to Andros, can you hear me?" Nothing but static, i began to worry- if this was how the first mission ended, how will the others- far more dangerous go?

"Andros to Jason, i can hear you." A voice said.

"Good, where are you?" Jason asked.

"On the Blade Ship." Andros said sourly, "Anyway we landed, Zhane and I decided to explore the ship and- (You split up!) I cut in.

(Oh no no no, please tell me you didn't), if they did.....

"Well yeah, i think we'd cover more ground if we do."

(Oh no no no, splitting up is the last thing you want to do when you're entering unknown territory- especially if you don't even know what the lay out of the ship is!!)

"Don't worry- i was saying that we made it back to the rest and the real problem is that TJ seems to have developed a little amnesia when he hit his head."

Amnesia, why does that sound so familiar? Didn't Tobias' mother have it?

(I believe the term Amnesia refers to an illness when the patient suffers memory loss?)

"Yes something like that, but it's not total memory loss; he just doesn't remember getting the Morphing power or anything from there. We told him but he's still not believing us...."

(Try morphing in front of him.) I suggested.

"Yeah i guess, but i don't want to freak him out- whoa, talk later, Hork-Bajrs and Tax-

The transmission cut off leaving static.

"We have to help them!"

I was about to agree when i noticed something, a bug fighter flying out of the Blade Ship- it didn't bother us, just flew first i was puzzled, that was very strange activity for a Bug Fighter then it hit me.

(SARIO!! Move now! Menderesh fly the ship as far away as possible!!)

"What is it?! We have to help them!"

(No! It's too late....Visser One left the Blade Ship...that can only mean one thing.)


(He has set the ship of self destruct; we need to get away from here!)

It all happened at once, the Blade Ship seemed to implode and a rushing force came straight at us.

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