I originally wrote this for the Make It Count contest. I didn't win but it was a good experience!

It's different from my other stories and I hope you enjoy it!

Elevators, Strangers, and Surprises

Bella Swan was late. Her heels clicked rapidly across the cement surface of the sidewalk as she broke into a jog.

"Shit, shit, shit!" She muttered, checking her watch for the fiftieth time in 10 minutes. Today was not the best of days to be late. It was her first day of a new job, and she had wanted to at least start off by making a good impression. This was not the way to do it.

She had been hired on at Empire One, a large PR firm known for their bold tactics and their young creator. Edward Cullen had started the business four years ago and it had grown into a major corporation in relatively short time. Though she knew the name, Bella didn't know what this young entrepreneur looked like.

Whirling through the revolving doors, Bella made a dash for the elevators. She caught sight of one about to close and picked up her speed.

"Wait! Please, hold the doors!" She called out, skidding to a stop and nearly falling in the process.

A hand came out to keep the doors from closing. Bella stepped in gratefully, out of breath and shook her hair out of her face.

"What floor do you need?" A deep, masculine voice asked.

"33, thanks…" she trailed off, as she looked up at one of the most devastatingly attractive men she'd ever seen. The man was tall, with piercingly green eyes and finely moulded features. His crowning glory was the bronze-like hair that fell about his face in a mess so disheveled, it looked as if it'd been styled that way on purpose.

Bella wanted nothing more than to rake her fingers through the man's hair, while she attacked his perfect lips. Abruptly, she realized she'd been staring like an idiot and quickly looked down; flushing a deep shade of red. Great, he probably thinks I'm a complete freak. She thought to herself, mortified.

The elevator began its ascent, and Bella continued to stare at her shoes as if they held the answer to the meaning of life. After a few floors, the lift gave a violent jolt, throwing both Bella and the man off balance. Instinctively, Bella grabbed at whatever was around her, which ended up being the stranger's arm and tie. As she tried to regain her balance, one of her heels gave way, sending her crashing to the floor. Giving an unintentional, but mighty yank on the man, she brought him down with her.

"Damn it!" He swore, doing his best to keep his weight off her as they landed on the elevator floor. For a moment, Bella could only look up, momentarily dazed by the fall.

"Are you alright?" The man asked, looking down at her, anxiously. Bella blinked, focusing on the face above her. As the reality of what had just transpired sunk in, her face flamed even redder than before.

"Oh, yes! I'm just fine," she scrambled to sit up, but only succeeded in knocking her head against the man's. "Ouch!" She cried out, involuntarily.

"Just lie back down, it might be safer for both of us." He smiled warmly at her, which only served to heighten his beauty. He sat up then, keeping a gentle hand on her shoulder to keep her down.

"I'm so sorry. I'm…a bit of a klutz. Usually I have a bigger space to work with." Bella rubbed at her head. The stranger laughed, the sound of it was almost musical.

"No apologies needed, it's not everyday I'm literally bowled over by a beautiful woman." The green eyes scanned her face, making Bella hyper-aware of how close he was to her; and how badly she wanted to kiss him. She figured his compliment was to make her feel better, but it kept the blush on her cheeks. Right, I'm sure he'd loved to be mauled by the person who grabbed at him until he fell.

Bella was starting to sit up when the elevator gave another, less jarring, jolt. Bella gave a gasp, and the man's arms went around her protectively. It brought her flush against his chest. Bella's breath began to come faster, and it had nothing to do with the elevator's uncertain movements.

She turned her head to find the man's gaze fixed on her. The electricity in the air was palpable. If I lean towards him, I'll be able to kiss those full lips, Bella mused, unconsciously following through on her thoughts. Was it her imagination or was he leaning towards her as well?

Just then a voice from the intercom in the elevator sounded. Both Bella and the bronze-haired man froze.

"Hey there. Hope you folks are all right. We'll be fixing this situation for you in a jiffy. Sit tight."

Embarrassed, Bella broke away, and hastily stood up; smoothing her skirt as she did so. The man followed suit. They were silent for a moment, before the man spoke up again.

"I'm Edward Cullen, could I get your name?"

Bella's mouth dropped open in shock. This man, the most gorgeous one she'd ever seen, was Edward Cullen? Well, at least I probably won't run into him much.

"I'm Bella Swan," she finally replied, after recovering. At the sound of her name, it was his turn to look surprised.

"Isabella Swan? It's your first day at Empire One isn't it?"

"How did you know?"

"You've been assigned as my assistant."

The elevator shuddered then, beginning to move once more. Bella and Edward continued to stare at one another. At the 33rd floor, the doors slid open to reveal Empire One's glass entry. Edward gestured toward them.

"Welcome to Empire One Ms. Swan, I hope you like working here."

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