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Deceptive Appearances


Naruto was a more emotional ninja than was the norm. He had accepted this fact a long time ago and was actually a bit proud of it. He was the most surprising knuckle headed ninja alive!

So it was no surprise how he reacted with unadulterated fury on the attack of his fellow jinchuuriki Gaara nor was his subsequent breakdown at the sight of his friend's lifeless body. His pain was obvious to everyone present as he absently tried to shield his tears and he would not be comforted by anyone.

Gaara had become Kazekage to earn love and respect only for it to be stolen away. The injustice was too great and Naruto snapped at any who came too close.

Chiyo's plan to save the Kazekage had been met with confusion and then enthusiasm as the blond jumped at the chance to help restore his friend.

Nothing could have prepared Naruto for the absolute relief and happiness he felt as Gaara opened his eyes once more. Extreme fondness was his only emotion as he helped his wobbly friend to his feet and to life.

"Naruto," Gaara rasped, saying everything in a single word as he trusted Naruto understand.

He did, perfectly, and that's when Naruto's universe tilted sharply and tossed him for a loop.

Still unsteady on his feet, the young Kazekage slipped. . .

Naruto panicked and quickly slipped his arms awkwardly around his friend to keep him safe.

. . . Only to find himself with a handful of boob.

Gaara groaned and the red head lifted to level a mild glare at the blond, "Naruto, let go of my breast. You're hurting me."

He promptly fainted from shock.

After all, it's not everyday one finds out their closest male friend is actually their closest female friend.

End Prologue

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