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So what happened after that? Well, in January David and Katie had a baby boy whom they named Thomas Michael. Stella and Nick got married in June. And Ben and I got married in December. His parents came to the wedding and never smiled. It was okay; Ben and I smiled enough for a hundred people.

I finished my residency about six months after we got married. And four months after that, Nicholas Benjamin Christianson was born on November 29. He was adorable with dark brown hair and eyes. And he was my son. The following spring, we bought a house near David and Katie's house-in the same Riverside subdivision that isn't by any rivers. We had four more children after Nicholas. Maria Elizabeth was about two and a half years younger than Nicholas. Then our twins, Zachary Anthony and Nathan Michael, came along. And our youngest was Sarah Teresa.

Marriage treats Ben and me well. It is good for us to be married to each other. And we have an amazing family. We've been married for ten years now. Nicholas is nine, Maria is six, Zack and Nate are four, and Sarah is about a year old. And we're good to go. Ben is still working as a professor at the University of Michigan. I'm still a doctor but I only work part-time these days. I work every morning of the week while my mom watches my kids. And then I get the rest of the day with my kids. And Mamma loves being Nona. It's like she died and went to heaven.

Life is good. And I'm glad I let him back into my life.

And if you're wondering what happened to Josh and Logan, well, Josh married Brooke the Target Girl and they have two daughters. Logan never became a doctor but he did become an EMT. And he married that nurse. I think they're happy; I really never see him anymore. I have Ben and I'm quite happy with him. We both grew in many ways in the six years we were away from each other and that was probably a good thing. We came back to each other as more mature individuals and better prepared to build a strong, lasting relationship. And I love him and that's what matters.

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