Bella moved to Phoenix after Edward left her. No Jacob whatsoever. She has gotten over the 'zombie' phase, but is not over Edward yet.

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"Help!" the dark-haired girl screamed, before getting ripped to shreds by that gruesome monster. I screamed, my eyes snapped open and I sat up straight in my bed.

I rubbed my eyes, yawning. I had dreamt of a brunette holding something that looked suspiciously like a stake, and getting into a fight with this demon-y thing and getting ripped to shreds by it. It had been awful-so lifelike, so real...

I shook my head and told myself firmly that it was a dream. Nothing more.

But I never was good at convincing myself.


I took another bite of my granola bar and looked back to see if that weird dark-haired guy was still following me. Huh, he was. He looked like he was trying to catch up with me, and I walked faster. What was up with him?

Finally, he stopped running and held up a hand in defeat.. "Wait! Wait, Isabella, hold on! Stop!" He knew me? I stopped in my tracks and turned around.

"What? Who are you and how the hell do you know my name?" I asked, irritated and suspicious. "Isabella-" he started. "Bella," I corrected. "Okay, Bella, I'm Jayven. I need to talk to you," he said.

I sighed. "What is it about?" I really didn't have the time for this.

He stammered, "Uh, well, you see...Have you had any dreams about a dark-haired, tough-looking girl lately? Dying, I mean."

I nodded. "Well, Bella, she was a vampire slayer," he explained.

"Wait. How do you know about them?" I asked suspiciously. I looked at his eyes. They were bright blue – an innocent enough colour.

He looked stunned. "W...what?" I sighed again. "My ex was a vampire, and his family members were too," I explained.

"Perhaps we should talk somewhere else?" he suggested. I groaned inwardly but led him to my place. "I have school in half an hour, so this better be quick," I warned.

"Now. Start talking," I demanded, once we arrived at my house.

"Isabella, let me introduce you to the world of the Vampire Slayers," he said, and passed me a book.

I stared at him. "Are you crazy? There is no way a human can hurt a vampire! They're made of GRANITE, for god's sake!" He frowned.

"What? They're quite easy to slay, really. Just tip some holy water over them, or get them into sunlight and BAM! They can fit in an ashtray."

"Weirdo guy, vampires aren't killed by sunlight or holy water or whatsoever," I told him.

"How do you know?" he challenged.

"I told you, my best friend and ex-boyfriend were vampires. They don't burn in sunlight, they sparkle," I said, getting seriously confused.

"Your boyfriend was an Indestructible?" he asked, slightly wary.

"Uhh...yeah, I guess so. They lived on animal blood, sparkled in the sun, broke my makeshift stake and wasted the holy water I got from the church. Oh, and my ex-boyfriend watched me sleep at night, cos' they can't sleep," I remembered, too fascinated by this vampire slayer stuff to start getting teary of the leaving thing and all.

"Oh...Kay. Anyway. Vampire Slayers fight the other kind of vampires. They are burnt by sunlight and holy know. They just stick a stake through them and they're a pile of ashes. Anyway, yeah.

"If a Slayer dies, a new Slayer will be called. Unless there's a special situation, like when she dies and somehow manages to get her heart beating again. Your preceder was a girl called Faith. There is only one other slayer in the world called Buffy. Her death called Kendra, Kendra's death called Faith, and when Faith died, you were called.

"Somehow Buffy managed to get revived when she died. And Slayers have a Watcher. They are sort of, well, guides I suppose. I'm your Watcher," he said.

" mean I'm a Vampire Slayer. And I'm supposed to fight vampires with wooden sticks? I have more common sense then that, thank you." Just then, a pretty blonde girl dashed in.

"Hey, Jayven. Oh, is this the new Slayer?" she asked, and grabbed my hand and started shaking it so hard I thought it would fall off.

"Hey Isabella, I'm Buffy. Anyway Isabella, I can't believe that Faith's death called YOU, a non-punk, know-it-all or tough girl. That's just AWESOME! And oh yeah, you have awful fashion sense, so we HAVE got to go shopping soon and-" She chattered away merrily.

"Umm...hey, Buffy? Call me Bella please," I said, trying to hide my smirk.

Jayven clapped his hand over Buffy's mouth. "Sorry Bella, Buffy is...overexcited."

I smiled. "Naturally. Anyway, how do I handle a stake?" I asked.

Buffy's face lit up. "Ooh! I know how! First you-"

Jayven glared at Buffy. She quickly shut her mouth. "Whatever, Jayven," she muttered. "Now, Bella, you go to Phoenix High, right? Well, I'm the new biology teacher there. Will meet you at the library after school for training, okay? Take this." He shoved me the old book again.

I stared at the ultra-thick book. "Are you seriously expecting me to read this?" I said slowly. "I mean, I like classics and all, but this is twice as long as the Bible."

Buffy cheered, "You go, girl! I didn't either! My Watcher was smart enough not to give me that goddamned book. Ugh," she said, eyeing the book distastefully. Jayven just stared at me intensely. I noticed that he was lighting a little sachet filled with dried plants behind his back.

"You are going to read it," he told me slowly, indicating each word carefully. I snorted. "Not going to happen, Jay-boy," I told him. Buffy whooped. "How did you do that? Jay's a Wicca, he just hypnotized you." I just rolled my eyes.

"I'm a supposed mental shield, so it doesn't really surprise me. I block out mental attacks. My ex was a mind-reader; he could never read my mind," I explained. Buffy stared at me, looking a little pained. "How do you speak so easily of your ex? I broke up with mine years ago, and I still haven't gotten over him," she said softly. "Well, Buffy, I'm sorta over-excited about this Slayer thing," I told her.

Jayven cleared his throat. "Right. So, Buffy, Bella…Giles and I'll meet you at the library after school, okay?" he asked. Buffy grinned and high-fived him. "Up for it, Jay-boy!!" Then she hugged me and skipped out.

"Does she have a multi personality disorder?" I asked Jayven. He stifled a laugh.

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