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Ball of light. Vampire massacre...

I rushed over to the book titled, "VAMPYRES: A HISTORY"

I flipped to the chapter, The First Light.

The First Light --- in the --- of Serena Gasvinda. She --- by a ---ball of light ---saved---Rayna Heather---died---healer and had telekinesis---undiscovered powers---transfer---died twice---best friend---helped resurrect---invincible---untrue---unnoticed---SHE WAS NOT A SLAYER---

It was faded, and so many words were so faded i couldn't read them, but the words 'ball of light', 'healer', and 'Slayer' solved it.

Bella was NOT the Second Light. She was someone entirely different. That meant the Second Light was...

I got up and ran out. "ISABELLA!! WILLOW!!!"



"Bella, you are what they call a Guardian. You have powers to guide, to heal, and to understand. The ball of light...it was supposed to guide Buffy to Willow, but obviously, Buffy thought that I would know best, and fought against her instincts. Buffy is the Slayer of Light."

"Willow. Read this poem, it describes you perfectly." Giles said, shoving a thick book at her.

The Second Light will not be a Slayer

But she will be one filled with endeavor;

A Slayer's best friend, she will be

A supporter, helper-a being of purity;

Dark times will overcome her, revenge in her mind

But a best friend will help her, her way she will find;

Powerful physically, emotionally, too

But she will not realize that, until her Guardian helps her to;

Best friends they'll be, Slayer and Light

They'll help each other; find their way out of the night;

They will not be alone, The Slayer's Watcher and

The Light's first friend, together, hand in hand;

They will defeat the darkness, with deaths unavoidable

With the help of a vampire, ensouled, untrustable;

The Slayer and her Slayerettes, the Light and her Guardian,

And their many other friends, and the Slayer's warden;

They will overcome the Darkness, all evil and the impure

With the power of the Light's lure.

"Do I have a stalker or something?" Willow asked.

"No. the same was with the First Light Serena Gasvinda, her Slayer friend Rayna Heather, her 'Watcher', Paul Stevenson, and Serena's first friend, Henry Meliast. And Rayna was not only a Guardian; she was the Slayer of Light.

"So basically, Bella is the Guardian, Buffy is the Slayer of Light, Willow is the Second Light, Xander is the 'Light's first friend' and I am 'the Slayer's warden." Giles pronounced.

"But I don't WANT to be the Second Light!" Willow wailed. "I just want to be Buffy's best friend, a Slayerette!"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Thing is, if Rayna was both people, how come Bella and I are separate?"

Giles smiled. "My guess is, you girls are blood relatives, and the responsibility was split up. Dawn is the Key, Buffy is the Slayer of Light and Bella is the Guardian."

"You mean...we're sisters?" Bella cried, shocked.

"Yep...I mean, your eyes are similar in shape...you're both pale...you're similar in character...you're really, really stubborn..." Willow started.

The 'sisters' yelled, "AM NOT!!"

Then Willow and Giles smiled at each other. "Yeah, just keep telling yourselves that." Willow murmured, grinning.