Story: The Academy Epoch

Authors: Englicana & Nony

Source: Bleach

Pairing: Aizen x Urahara

The following is set in the training academy when both Aizen and Urahara attended as students.

It is based entirely on an RP between Nony and myself

Please note this fic was dropped years ago and will not be continuing (although your requests are flattering, I'm not coming back to this)

Chapter 1: A Welcome Distraction

The library was generally silent as Aizen read through his slightly forbidden book. He ignored the blond sharing the table with him who was resting his head on his own book, pretending to be asleep. Aizen frowned at the other man's obvious fakery,

"Please don't pretend to start snoring".

Urahara lifted his head, looking as drowsy as ever.

"…and why would I do that?" he returned with a lazy smile.

"Clearly because you are avoiding doing important work and instead are attempting to annoy those around you with your foolishness" the brunette stated before returning to his book.

Rubbing his head sheepishly, Urahara noted "you don't hesitate in jumping to conclusions". He gave a nervously apologetic laugh, "I wasn't trying to disturb you".

"Indeed" Aizen replied, his focus entirely on the book before him.

He gave a slight frown at Aizen's unwillingness to engage in conversation. With a significant glance towards the open book he goaded "At least I'm not deliberately breaking the rules…".

Aizen smiled warmly. "I am merely broadening my knowledge". Already the first signs of Aizen as an evil mastermind were manifesting themselves and his plans had begun formulating.

"Such knowledge is generally forbidden for a reason" Urahara spoke wisely, although it was said in his usual half-asleep voice.

"Hmm… but if it were so strictly forbidden then why would sensei give me it?" After some…persuasion. Aizen smirked, returning his attention to his book.

The blond nodded thoughtfully. "Then I would have to assume there was an equally good reason." He once again rested his head on his arms.

"If you're so tired, go back to your dorm".

Urahara tilted his head so he could see Aizen with one eye. "Who says I'm tired?" He challenged with a half raised eyebrow.

Aizen returned his challenge with his own raised eyebrow, "If not then why are you 'sleeping', hmm?"

"If I were sleeping would I really be having this conversation with you?" he smiled.

"It's entirely possible, but good point." The brunette conceded, hiding his annoyance behind a sweet smile.

Detecting the falseness of Aizen's smile the other man frowned, "Indeed, however I seem to be distracting you from your studies…"

"Why don't we do this some other time?"

He smiled then nodded, grabbing his books.

"And why exactly would I want to do this another time?" Aizen raised an eyebrow.

"What's in it for me?"

Urahara stopped. "Aside from my stimulating company?"

He assessed Aizen with a calculating look.
"Well…" he paused, changing his mind. "Nothing I guess".

With that he smiled before bowing and taking his leave.

The brunette had resumed reading and didn't look up as he loudly asked "When and where?" in an even tone.

With a triumphant smirk Urahara answered "The garden. Tomorrow after classes."

He bowed in farewell and left, looking forward to what lay in store for the next day.