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Scarlet hearts.

It was a wicked stormy night as the band Tokio Hotel sat at the tiny kitchen table in the Kaulitz twins grandmothers tiny apartment.

The boys mother Simone was there to.

They had not been planning to stay the night, but it did not look as if they now had much of a choice.

The wind and rain battered against windows as the candles casted eerie shadows dancing and skidding across the walls.

The power and phone lines had long since gone down.

"Mackie, Go get the bread and Jam from the cupboard? You boys look hungry."

"Danke ." Georg said after Bill had come back with the food and she had served the boys each some.

"No no no. Oma." She called waving a hand in the air.

Georg and Gustav smiled at her.

"I wonder how the girls next-door are doing, they must be frightened. But that Punk one had a good head on her shoulders. She is probably taking care of the redhead."

"Huh?" Tom asked.

"There are two girls across the hall. I can never remember their names, something like Emilee and Haddy…"

"They are going to school here." Oma continued after a long pause.

"Why would any one want to go to school in mandenberg?"
Georg asked the air.

"They are sweet children. I had some things I needed lifted. I was going to ask that man downstairs. But The black haired one offered to do it. She is really strong. I mean you would not think she would be that strong! She's really tiny…. Bill! You need to eat some more! You are just skin and bones!" She than barked at him.

Georg and Gustav laughed. Simone just rolled her eyes.

"That's not fair! I am not! And Tom is just as skinny as I am, you just can't tell because he has all that cloth on his skinny ass!"

"Only the black haired one speaks German, From what I got when the pair was over here lifting those boxes, the black haired one is more chatty then the redhead. But they balance each other out. It's funny how they yip at each other in English."
The old women said rambling on.

They talked and ate for quite a while. It was not the big bad Rockstar parties like the boys had been too. But it was a nice little get together, Even if there was no electricity.

One hour later there was a loud banging on the door the sound of someone sobbing.

Oma got up to check it.

There in the doorway was a girl around nineteen, she had long red hair and a soft round face covered in freckles.
Her blue eyes shown with shed and unshed tears.

"Mutti!" she called. Her hands waving in the air.

Oma was not getting it.
The poor dear looked like she was in a great amount of pain.

"Hilfe!…Hilfe!... Mutter?" she asked again and again, she stumbled over her words.

"Oma?" Tom called from the kitchen.

"Oma?" The girl asked, her eyes looked bright with hope.

"Oh! Why did I not learn German! This is all Hannah's fault!" she muttered under her breath, tears clogging up her voice.

And of course Oma being the Oma she was rapped the girl in a hug, The tall redhead squeaked a bit but sobbed into her chest.
"I don't know what to-to do. Sh-she had been gi-giving me things to-to do bu-but I-I – ."
The girl sobbed.

"Machen Sie sich keine Sorgen, wir werden auch dieses aus" Oma cooed in her ear. She led her to the kitchen.

"Somethings falsch, und ich kann nicht verstehen, ihr. Jungen können Sie helfen?"
Oma asked the boys. Simone had gone over to her and was looking her in the eye and petting the girls hair.

The girl looked up, when she saw the boys her face turned into one of shock then relieve.

The girl took three shuttering breaths trying to calm herself down.

Tom looked at her in worry, she was quite beautiful…he did not know why but he wanted to do what his Großmutter was doing,

"My friend, she is really really sick. It started out she-she just had a bad cold. But now she is worse, she is a nanny, and more of a mother like person then I have ever been, she had been giving me instructions on what to do. But she is a lot worse now, and she has a fever, and I don't know what to do!"

"Alright. Calm down. I am sure she will be fine." Simone said soothingly."

"I came to get because I thought she might be a ma and know what to do." The girl sniffed.
Georg told Oma what she has said.

Oma responded and waved to the door.

"She says lead the way." Gustav said smiling.

"Why don't you boys stay here?" Simone asked.

"Ja, Just call if you need us."

The girls left, "I hope the girl will be okay." Tom said.

"She probably just has a cold…The girl looked like she was over reacting." Georg said reassuringly.

Just then Simone bust back into the room.

"Boys. We are going to need your help." She said as she rushed to the bathroom and grabbed towels and medical supplies.

"GEH!" She called and shoved the boys out of the room.

They walked across the hall and into an apartment even smaller then their grandmothers.

The walls were a soft cream color that clashed horridly with the brown shag carpet. It looked like a weird dorm. The walls were lined with music posters.

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Green day, Coldplay, Nena, Placebo, NeverShoutNever, Dwight Yoakum, Katy Perry, The Ramones and The clash, Danger radio, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, And more then a few Tokio Hotel. (And when I say 'more then a few.' I mean Five, One of each of the boy's and one with them all together.)

There were movie posters and about seven Harry Potter.

Almost every inch of wall was covered by them, There was a tiny couch in front of an old TV.

There was a weird assortment of clashing styles.
Some Punk and Goth, some of it somewhat girly.

The thick red and black toile curtains with white flowers framed the windows next to a white table with pink flowers painted in it.

There were more then a few Tudor-ish looking candle holders placed around the place.

The floor was littered. And the flat was not the tidiest thing in the world.

Candles were placed all over the flat making the air sickly sweet with the smell of Cranberries, Lilacs, Wisteria and Orange blossom.

"This place is Phat." Bill commented as Simone led them to the back room.

What they saw when they walked into the room was a sad sight indeed.