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"M-momo-senpai." Ryoma gasped as the other boy's body pressed him hard against the bed frame, knocking the air out of his lungs.

"You aren't allowed to talk right now, Ryoma." Momo slapped him across the cheek.

"Th-that hurt!" he winced and glared at Momo but he only smirked, grabbing his face in a tight grip.

"I told you to shut up." He bit at Ryoma's lower lip, enjoying the whimper of pain as his squirmed underneath him.

Momo's free hand was already working on the top of Ryoma's white button-up shirt, practically ripping the buttons off in frustration. "Your face is too damn innocent!" Momo said the last sentence with anger. He dug his fingers into Ryoma's beautiful, fragile-looking shoulders, making him gasp in pain. Momo quickly claimed his open mouth in a hard and lust-filled kiss. What seemed like hours, he finally released Ryoma from the suffocating kiss. "Momo-senpai...p-please stop..." sobbed Ryoma as he gasped violently for air.

The Momo laughed quietly as he pushed Ryoma's shirt off. Momo's greedy hands roamed over Ryoma's chest and upper body possessively. "I'm going to do whatever I want to do to you right now and you're going to beg for more." He tightened the cloth that bind Ryoma's wrists together over his head before moving onto his mouth again.

Biting hard on his lip, he drew blood aas Ryoma kicked his legs in pain, trying to break free of this erotic torture. He opened his mouth to yell, but instead, he took the chance to let his tongue enter Ryoma's mouth, a free hand pinching hard on his nipples.

Momo grabbed a handful of Ryoma's hair; his beautiful green, emerald-like coloured hair, and forced Ryoma's head back, making the younger boy exhale in pain. Momo stared at his pale, soft, creamy skin and started gnawing at Ryoma's neck like a dog, leaving bite marks all over the once-perfect skin. "Do you like this Ryoma? When I break you? When I taint you?"

"S-stop, please." He closed his eyes, sobbing quietly.

"Stop? Your body says otherwise." Momo lowered his head to lick around the red nipples, sucking and biting down just enough to insight both moans and cries from Ryoma.

"We've only just started. Now no more talking." Momo dug his fingers into Ryoma's sides, and he yelled, tears starting to run down his flushed cheeks.

Momo pulled off the remainder of Ryoma's shorts, leaving his loose, white boxers on as he smiled. "Soft and tempting as always, huh?" Momo smirked, running his hands over Ryoma's wet, pale thighs before flipping Ryoma onto his stomach.


Momo slapped him hard on the ass, shaking his head. "I told you, no talking." He pulled at the underwear, causing it to rub against Ryoma's sensitive balls. He moaned into the pillow as Momo jerked his hand up before pulling the fabric down completely, exposing his ass.

Momo spread Ryoma's ass, pushing his own cock against the puckered hole without any preparations or protection.

"Wait! You can't put it in. Stop! Stop!" Ryoma begged, but Momo paid no mind, forcing himself into Ryoma's ass. "I-it hurts, take it out... Momo-senpai.. it hurts… please... I don't want it..!" Ryoma cried deliciously into the pillow. Soon, Momo forced his whole cock into him as Ryoma opened his mouth to scream, only to have two fingers shoved into his mouth.

All of Ryoma's begging and pleas accelerated Momo's excitement. He started thrusted harder, enjoying every second of his cries.

He took his hand out of Ryoma's mouth and come around, jerking off Ryoma in time with his own movements, laughing that even while Ryoma begged for him to stop; he was unbelievably hard. "You say you don't like this yet, you're already this hard."

"I don't, t-take it out. You're hurting me.. Th-this is wrong!" Ryoma sobbed between obvious moans and Momo only moved faster, feeling himself reach closer to his climax.

"ha…a….ahh..ng..nn… s-stop, not inside, you can't come inside! Ahh…hah.." Ryoma pulled at the restraints on his arms, but Momo only pushed harder inside, forcing him to bury his face into the mattress.

Momo came quickly, spilling himself into Ryoma as he let out a long moan and pulling out slowly. Sitting back on his legs, he looked at Ryoma's body shake as he finally came as well, looking like a complete slut.

"See, you enjoyed that didn't you?" Momo smirked as he took pictures of the broken, slutty, tear-stricken Ryoma. "Just looking at you like this makes me want to do it again!"

Ryoma turned onto his side, facing away from Momo, feeling disgusted by getting raped by his so-called 'best friend'.


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