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Ryoma sighed as he quickly got ready for school and walked out of the door.

Upon seeing the walking kohai, Momo ran full speed at Ryoma, barely stopping quick enough to avoid running him over. "Echizeennnnn!!!" Momo gave Ryoma his death hug.

"Momo-senpaiii. Can't..breath…" Ryoma mumbled out as he got suffocated.


"Geez, you shouldn't start acting like Eiji-senpai!" Ryoma shivered, remembering the daily glomps that almost killed him every day, but he couldn't help but inch a small smile. Suddenly, Momo cupped Ryoma's face in his hands and kissed on the left cheek. Ryoma's eyes widened and his face turned bright pink. "W-what do you think you're doing?!!" he pulled away.

"I heard that a kiss on the cheek meant 'Welcome back' in Puerto Rico!" Momo covered up, grinning.

"We're not in Puerto Rico!!" Ryoma flustered, glaring at his laughing senpai. He looked away, his chest felt warm as he listened to the laugh that only belonged to Momo. He looked back at him when he felt large hands resting on his shoulders. Momo leaned down so that their foreheads touched. Ryoma bit his lower lip as he felt Momo's cool forehead resting on his heated one. "B-baka." Ryoma pushed him away as his heartbeat went a hundred times a second.

Momo's grip tightened on the small shoulders as he resisted the urge to attack Ryoma. He's too cute! He looked at Ryoma's blushing face.

"Ne, did something happen during the last week?" he asked as the two boys walked down the road.

Ryoma's heart skipped a beat. Did he know what happened between him and Atobe?! That's not possible… "W-what do you mean?"

"I don't know. For some reason, it feels as though you're expressing your emotions a bit more than usual. The overall aura around you is more…yah…"

Ryoma blinked. Does Momo always pay him so much attention? "Saa ne."


Ryoma smiled slightly as he and Momo walked through the front gates of Seishun. It felt like forever since he last saw the school.

"Ochibi!!!!" Eiji strangled Ryoma in a hug.

"Eiji-senpai I can't breathe!" Ryoma once again muffled into his senpai's shirt. Two hugs consecutively one after the next. He didn't know how much more he could take.

"E-eiji…" Oishi appeared and tried to help Momo pry the attacking animal off the poor kohai. Behind them, all the regulars in their school uniforms walked over and either hugged or pat the small boy on the back.

"Welcome back, Echizen." Fuji placed his hand on Ryoma's shoulder. Ryoma suddenly flinched violently from the touch and quickly took a step away as flashbacks of his dream suddenly took over his mind. It's been a week now and he's still worried about that?! He blushed and slowly inched away from Fuji.

Entering the school gates were the ichinen trio. "Senpai-tachi!! Echizen!!" they dashed over to the bawl-fest and joined in on the oh-so emotional reunion.

"By the way, what was happening during the 2 weeks?" Horio asked Kawamura.

"It's not finished, but you'll find out when we go inside." he smiled.


Walking into the school when the advisor bell rang, the ichinen trio gaped while Ryoma just looked around, uninterested. It was kinda like Hyotei.

Apparently, the second and third year students helped install security cameras all over the school and set up a Mac per student desk in the whole school. Seishun's technology has upped a couple of levels! High-tech projectors, plasma tvs, giant library, the auditorium was like a movie theatre, The machines in the gym were the latest models, the whole school's walls were still being repainted, boxes of electronic notebooks were being unpacked for everyone…. and much more!

"Haha. We're not finished yet though. There's much to be done. The principal felt as though the freshmen would get in the way, so she got rid of them." Momo laughed, earning a glare from the 4 freshmen that were excused to come back for the quarter-finals.

Skipping school, the regulars but Ryoma went and changed into their tennis uniform and went to the courts to begin training while the ichinen trio helped out with painting the school walls.

Tezuka looked over the regulars who has lined. "Where's Echizen?" He looked over and caught Ryoma trying to sneak past them.

"Why are you late?"

Ryoma sighed. "One teacher after another kept asking me why I'm not in Hyotei and I had to keep explaining." His eyes wandered and saw Fuji looking back at him. He quickly looked away, feeling awkward.

Ryoma flinched as Inui popped up behind him with a weird drink that was glowing pink with strange, white things in it. Ryoma shivered, knowing what was behind him without looking. He turned around, a shadow passing over his face. "What….is that…?"

Inui pushed up his glasses, light reflection off the lens. "This is… the Inui-super-deluxe-pink- strength-remix! You were late, so you'll have to drink it." he pushed the glass of somehow-edible? liquid towards the shivering boy. Deciding to get it over with, Ryoma took the glass and chugged down the liquid. He shut his eyes and clenched his teeth as he was mentally prepared to run to the fountains screaming. All the regulars were staring at him and praying for his survival. He slowly opened his eyes as the taste that lingered in his mouth tasted like cherry. Silence. The only sound that could be heard was a leaf floating by. He looked at everyone.

"Stop staring at me like that." Ryoma complained as he walked over to the fountain and washed off the taste. He didn't like cherry. "Echizen, hurry up and get changed afterwards." said Tezuka.

"Inui! Are you finally making drinks that taste better now?" Momo asked with delight.

Inui took out his notebook and wrote some stuff down. "Hmmm… The drink was the same as last time's but I only added an extra ingredient which turned the whole thing pink…"

"So it was an accident…" Eiji pouted.

Tezuka cleared his throat. "Anyways, regarding our practice schedu—"


Everyone shot their attention to the change room. Was that Ryoma?

Without a second thought, everyone ran towards the change room and suddenly stopped right in front of the door, wondering about what happened to make Ryoma scream that loudly…

"Tezuka, open the door." urged Eiji, scared. Tezuka was scared too, but didn't show it for the sake of his pride and image as the captain. His hand slowly reached for the doorknob, slightly shaking.

Eight pairs of eyes looked through the room in search for the boy and stopped at the far right end of the room. The light was turned off and the sunlight seeped through the half opened window. Ryoma sat on the floor right by the wall, hiding under his Seigaku tennis jacket. Only his tiny feet were visible.


At the sound of his name, he flinched.

"Echizen, are you okay?" asked Kawamura, worried as everyone slowly approached towards the hidden, trembling figure.

"D-don't come any closer!! I-I'm okay!!" Ryoma stutter out, obviously panicking. His voice was slightly in a higher pitch than normal.

"Ochibi~ Why are you hiding from us?" asked Eiji, crouching right in front of him.

"G-g-go away!" Ryoma said angrily, trying to sound intimidating.

Eiji pouted angrily. "Ochibichan!!! Is that anyway you talk to your sen……………….p……….-" Eiji stopped talking, his jaw dropped to the ground. He had pulled down the jacket Ryoma was using to cover himself.

"E-eiji, what's wrong?" asked Oishi. (Eiji was directly in front of Ryoma , therefore blocking everyone's view.)

A loud smack was heard as Eiji tipped over and fell backwards onto his back. His eyes were swirly and his face was bright pink with a glowing red hand mark on his cheek as two streams of blood leaked out of his nose.

The unconscious Eiji was quickly ignored as everyone's attention averted to Ryoma. Right away, everyone blushed and had a nosebleed in unison. Ryoma's emerald hair reached up to his lower back and on his chests was a pair of perfectly-shaped D-cup. His eye lashes were longer than they were and his waist was even thinner than he was before. His cheeks were bright red as he glared at Eiji and one arm was still raised from slapping Eiji while his other hand held up the jacket, still covering his stomach and lower body.

"KYAAA!!!!" Ryoma screamed, covering his body with the jacket as he noticed everyone staring at him.

"E-echizen…what happened to you…?" asked Kaidoh, completely in shock, his face still blushing pink.

Ryoma ignored him and hid his head under the jacket, resuming the position he was in before they came in.

"ii data." mumbled Inui, writing something down into his notebook.

"What kinda data are you writing right now? Now is not the time for that!!" exclaimed Oishi.

Cheesy light reflected off his lens. "Plenty. For example, right now, Echizen's breasts are D-cup which is almost unheard of for his age. If he is to stay female, there will be a 92% that it will reach E-cup by the age of 16 and retain a perfect figure…"

"INUI!!!!!!" Almost everyone shouted at him, blushing furiously.

Tezuka coughed, pushing up his glasses, trying to hide his blush. "What happened to Echizen?"

"According to my data, he turned into the ideal perfect-proportioned female by age 12." Inui said with a straight face.

"We know that!! How though?!" Eiji fumed as he rose from the dead, the red hand mark still on his cheek. It's true though….

Inui sweated a bit. "Uhmm… It must be the new protein powder I added. The new ingredient I mentioned." Inui brought out a bottle that read "Protein mix. Warning: may cause random side effects that will last for 2-3 days."

"You fed that thing to Ryoma knowing that there would be random side effects?!!!" exclaimed Momo.

"That's not good… the quarter-finals are tomorrow…" said Taka-san, scratching the back of his head, blushing.

"Ah! Girls aren't allowed to participate! What should we do…? Tezuka, say something!!!" panicked Eiji.

"……………don't let your guard down." said Tezuka.


Apparently Tezuka was having a temporary mental breakdown.

"STOP!!!!" Ryoma screamed.

Everyone shot their gaze back at the genderbent boy. Fuji had pulled down the jacket and started groping his D-cups.

"FUJI!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" everyone screamed at him.

"I was seeing if these were real or not. Apparently they are." Fuji looked back at everyone and smiled innocently. Returning his gaze on Ryoma, he looked down towards the forbidden regions. "I wonder if this is real too…" Fuji easily fended off Ryoma's hands and snaked his hand under the jacket, cupping his private.

Ryoma's face turned red and punched him in the stomach with full force, causing Fuji to fall back.

"Yup. It's real alright." he grinned.

Everyone just gaped at him.

"Oh! Regarding the gender problem, I have an idea!" Fuji went to his bag and took out a breast binding.

"F-fuji-senpai, where did you get that?" asked Kaidoh.

"My sister put it in my bag today to tease me. Such coincidence!" he smiled. "Everyone, turn around and lock the door."

Hesitantly, the regulars turned around. They flinched and shivered as Ryoma started screaming.



"It's no good…" Fuji sighed. "You guys can turn around again." Ryoma once again hid under his jacket.

"What's no good?" asked Kaidoh.

"Ryoma's breats are too large. The binding broke…" Fuji lifted the ripped binding.

Inui took out his notebook and started writing.

"Stop that!" Momo hit him on the head.

"We'll have to replace Ryoma for the singles 1 spot then…" said Tezuka.

"Wait. Ryoma and I will go buy another binding." suggested Fuji.

"How would you know which to buy?" asked Horio.

"Eh?" everyone looked out the window to see Arai covering Horio's mouth as the rest of the tennis members looked into the window.

"H-how long were you guys there?!" stuttered Oishi.

"Since the beginning." answered Kachiro. All around, senpais and freshmen had nosebleeds.

"NYAAAAA!!" Eiji shut the window and pulled down the blinds.

Ryoma was so mad and embarrassed, you could practically see smoke rising through his jacket, threatening to burst into flames.

Tezuka cleared his throat. "Well…ah… The regulars will proceed to training. The quarter-finals are tomorrow."

"Ryoma too?"

"Ryoma too. He is a regular. There are no exceptions." you can hear some uncertainty in his voice.

"But…" started Ryoma.

"No exceptions. Unless you want to get put on the girls' tennis club for the next 2-3 days."

Sighing, Ryoma gave in.

Today's practice was matches between Regulars. The rest of the tennis club members gets the day off since the next match was tomorrow.

Oishi vs. Ryoma

Kawamura vs. Tezuka

Kaidoh vs. Guji

Inui vs. Momo

Eiji had to wait for the next round.

Tezuka had assigned some of the tennis club members to guard and make sure no one comes near the tennis courts.

"Which?" asked Oishi

"Rough." replied Ryoma.

Oishi spun the racket and it landed on rough.

"Echizen to serve!"

Ryoma went over to the serve line and bounced the ball a couple of times first. He planned on ending this quickly.

Twist serve! He tossed the ball into the air, getting into his twist serve position.

'Nice try, I've already got the timing of the twist serve down. This game is going to be m…' Oishi's eyes widened and he froze on the spot as Ryoma jumped to hit the ball.

(A/N: Okay, I'm going to start calling Ryoma "Her/She/Girl" until I say otherwise. It's too awkward. xD When the people are talking, it will remain "He/His/Boy")

Her large loads swayed along with her motions as her shirt went up slightly, revealing her white, smooth stomach and thin waist. Before Oishi had time to react, it was Ryoma's point.

"No-touch ace!" exclaimed Katsuo.

Oishi finally got his game together near the end of the match but still lost to Ryoma 6-0. This happened with every match. He won 6-0 with everyone but lost in a tight tie-break with Tezuka and beat Fuji 6-4.

"Echizen, please proceed to the change room as we let coach Ryuzaski enter the courts." said Oishi, blushing.

Nodding, Ryoma quickly made her way to the change room.

"Everyone is starting to fall behind." Tezuka stated, eyeing all the regulars.

"Ahh, it's so hard to concentrate when Ryoma is playing though…" blushed Momo, scratching the back of his head. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Coach Ryuzasaki finally came to the court.

"What is the meaning of this?!" demanded Ryuzasaki as she walked into the court.


"You used the tennis members to keep me from the court!"

"It was nothing!" spoke up Kachiro.

"Y-yah! We just uh… wanted you to relax for today and let us handle things!" stuttered Horio.

"Ehh…Nevermind. Show me the results of today's matches." sighed Ryuzasaki, unconvinced. Right away, the regulars twitched.

Oishi vs. Ryoma – 0-6

Eiji vs. Ryoma – 0-6

Momo vs. Ryoma – 0-6

Kaidoh vs. Ryoma – 0-6

Inui vs. Ryoma – 0-6

Kamamura vs. Ryoma – 0-6

Fuji vs. Ryoma – 4-6

Tezuka vs. Ryoma 7-6

"Hmm… When did Ryoma start playing so good?" asked Ryuzasaki. She eyed everyone. "Where is he anyways?"

"He went home early today." Kaidoh quickly spoke up.

"E-eh" Ryuzasaki was cut off as two tennis club members pushed her out of the tennis area.

Relieved, the regulars went to the change room while everyone else started cleaning up.

They opened the door and walked into the change room, only to find Ryoma facing the opposite wall, appearing to be in trouble.

"Ochibiii~ Are you okay??" asked Eiji.

"Not really."

"What's wrong?" asked Momo, worried.

"It won't button…"


Ryoma turned around. Her breasts are apparently too large for her white school shirt which was buttoned up two thirds of the way, revealing her cleaves.


Wandering eyes went downwards. Her school uniform really showed. Ryoma's hip and thighs were slightly larger than usual.

Momo threw his Seigaku jacket at the girl.

"Y-you can borrow that for a few days…" he said.

"Thank you, Momo-senpai." Ryoma smiled at him. She smiled! But it was brief enough for only Momo to see. He blushed.

"Saa, let's go, Ryo-chan." Fuji rested his hands on Ryoma's shoulders.

"Go where?" Ryoma looked away, wanting to brush the hands away.

"To my house for the next few days of course! You wouldn't want to be with Nanjiroh-san while you're like this do you?"replied Fuji. Ryoma shivered as she thought of her perverted womanizer dad. "Besides, I've already called your house and they approved."

Eyes of envy and anger pierced through Fuji. Smirking evilly, he engulfed the petite bishoujo in a tight bear-hug, squashing her breasts against his body.

"Ah! F-fuji-senpai!! It hurts!" Ryoma tried to push away.

"Saa Ryo-chan, I hope you'll be looking forward to the next 2 days we're going to spend together!" said Fuji, suppressing a laugh of satisfaction as the room was suffocating from the jealousy emitted from the regulars.

Ryoma groaned.


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