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Warriors in Love

Chapter One

- Love at first sight -

Nagi sat on the chair next to the window. His head was resting against his hand as he gazed outside. When he first came to Tokyo to attent that school he never would've thought that next to fighting he would have to worry about girls. Now he never had been good with girls. But that Natsume family really deserved a golden medal for messing up with people's lives. Aya was in love with him. There was no questioning that. Especially since she kept ranting on about marrying him and being his fiancée. Had that girl never learned to keep her feelings to herself.

You can't just ask someone to marry you after just meeting them. Talking about meetings. His with Aya really was something. His first day on that school and he already got his ass kicked by a girl. Maya Natsume. She was probably the strongest and most beautiful girl he had ever seen. But ofcourse also the sister of Aya. His fighting carreer somewhat ended in a lovers drama.

''Soichirou-sama?'' Suddenly a voice sounded causing him to jump slightly but not move around to see who it was. He damn well knew who was standing behind him.

''Let me guess. A girl with very long brown hair and happens to be my fiancée?'' The blonde boy muttered.

''Ofcourse Soichirou-sama. And you're finally admitting I'm your Fian....'' She got interrupted by him.

''What are you doing here Aya?'' He wanted to know. His voice sounded demanding, almost annoyed. After all, how could he be okay with that girl just popping up out of nowhere in the middle of the night? ''And how did you get in?''

''The front door was open.'' She chirped, pretending to have missed the tone in his voice. ''I just came to see how you were doing.''

He rolled his eyes. ''I'm alright.'' His words were followed by a tired sigh. ''Could you please leave.''

''Actually,'' The brunette started. ''There's something....someone I want to talk to you about.''

Nagi suddenly looked up. Suddenly it seemed like he was interested in what she had to say. Probably because he knew about who it was. ''Maya?'' He asked.

The smile on Aya's face disappeared the moment her name had left his mouth. ''Yes.'' She whispered. She sounded like she was near tears. ''I wanted to talk to you about Maya.''

He nodded. ''What's wrong, is she okay?''

Now it was Aya's turn to nod. ''Yes. I just wanted to know what your feelings are for my sister.'' She didn't want to know ofcourse. It was just that she needed to know. Aya's yes were still focussed on Nagi. He on the other hand had started to look away again and went on looking outside of the window. He had completely lost interest in what she had to say again.

''Not now Aya.'' He just said.

Aya could feel her heart break. She damn well knew what that meant. ''So you're in love with her?'' She almost wished she hadn't asked. She didn't need to know anymore. Why ask for and answer of which the answer had been clear ever since the very beginning?

''Aya,'' Nagi started but stopped when he heard her sobs behind him. He closed his eyes for a second before looking up. ''Why are you crying? You don't even know me that well. You claim to have fallen in love with me ever since I first met you. You loved me even before you knew my name. Why?'' This was frustrating. He just didn't understand that girl!

''....'' Aya wanted to say something but was simply unable to do so. He was in love with her sister. Her strong, beautiful and smart sister. Aya herself wasn't even fit to be compared to Maya. 'Soichirou-sama loves Maya.' What was she thinking by coming here?

''It's getting late.'' The blonde boy said making clear that he didn't want Aya around anymore. Atleast not now. Not at this very moment.

Aya simply turned around not even bothering to wipe away her tears. Why bother? New tears would just keep replacing the old ones. ''Sleep tight, soichirou-sama.'' It was hardly a whisper but loud enough for Nagi to hear.

''You too, Aya.''

To Be Continued...

My first attempt on writing a Tenjho tenge story. Pairing will obviously be MayaNagi. I just never liked Aya. Sorry to those who wanted to see this turn out into a AyaNagi story. Please, let me know what you think of this chapter!