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In an ordinary summer day, a typical girl was about the take part in a wonderful journey to a land full of magic and beauty…It all started with a light storm...Which turned into a tornado. It took the house where the typical girl lived and transported it far, far away from…Well, the initial location doesn't matter that much, so let's just call it Kansas, simple and traditional.

A blonde girl opened the door and got out of the house, trying to regain her balance.

"I can't believe a tornado came. My grandma told me that tornados never form in this area." The girl said.

"I can't believe you actually threw up on the carpet." Another voice was heard.

"I got dizzy, okay? It's not easy going through a tornado with a plate full of cookies in my hands. It's not my fault I'm a good host and I tried to save the cookies."

"Bridgette, you didn't save the cookies, you dropped them on the carpet and threw up on them." The voice replied.

"Do you really want me to feel bad about the cookies, Noah?" Bridgette asked irritated.

"So now everything revolves around some cookies?" Noah asked approaching Bridgette. "Bridgette, you have pigtails and you're wearing a blue dress with an apron." Noah affirmed surprised.

Bridgette looked at what she was wearing and was shocked, but she started laughing when she saw Noah.

"And you have brown fluffy dog ears." She said trying to hold back the laughter.

Noah touched the top of his head and tried to pull off the fluffy ears, but couldn't.

"Oh, great, it's like in second grade when someone glued a pink plastic flower on my forehead. Luckily, I got rid of it four days later."

"But where are we?"

Noah jumped off the porch and started taking a few steps.

"Where are you going?" Bridgette asked jumping off the porch as well. "We don't know where we are, we should at least stick together."

"This isn't a horror movie, Bridgette. You're not going to get killed if you're alone." Noah said rolling his eyes.

"How do you know? Besides, you could thank me for helping you with your project by not leaving me get eaten by animals."

"You helped me only by letting me print it. My stupid little brother broke my computer, so I couldn't do it at my house."

"Noah!" She groaned.

"Fine, I won't leave you get eaten by animals. Let's try to figure out where we are."

Bridgette ran towards Noah with a large smile on her face. They took a few steps together.

"Bridgette, I think your house just killed somebody." Noah said on a dry tone.

"What?" The girl shouted.

Noah pointed to a spot where a pair of legs could be seen under the building.

"Oh my God, my house is a criminal!" Bridgette gasped.

Noah stood a moment and then approached the dead body.

"What are you doing?" Bridgette asked a bit scared.

Noah took out the shoes from the legs, which rolled underneath the house. While Bridgette seemed very frightened, Noah walked near her and showed her the shoes.

"Don't you think this is a little too much like 'The Wizard of Oz'?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.

"You mean the story? Yeah, now that I think about it, there are some common things…"

"That must mean you're Dorothy. And I'm…Toto?!" Noah asked revolted. "This is so not right."

Bridgette chuckled.

"I think you should put the shoes on." Noah said.


"To follow the story."

Bridgette replaced her black shoes with the red ones Noah gave her.

"So we're supposed to relive the story?" She asked looking at the shoes.

"Maybe. This would explain why you have a blue dress and an apron, why I have dog ears, the tornado and the dead body under the house." He explained.

"But that must mean we're in…"

"Munchkin Land?!" They both shouted.

You may have noticed that Bridgette is Dorothy and Noah is Toto. Continue reading to see what will happen next and which TDI characters will appear in the following chapters. I hope you enjoy the story. It's my first TDI version of a famous story. If this goes well, I will continue writing similar fan fictions.

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