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Chapter 15: Love

I've been jumping from the tops of buildings.
For the thrill of the fall.
Ignoring sound advice
And any thought of consequence.
My bones are shattered.
My pride is shattered.
And in the midst of
This self-inflicting pain
I can see my beautiful rescue.

~My Beautiful Rescue by This Providence

Every blessing has its curse, as Hinata Hyuuga knew very well. She was, as fate would have it, blessed with the honor of being the first-born child of the first branch in one of the few and respected Konoha clans. Everyone knew just by looking at her in what way this blessing cursed her. (Although they could not tell whether it was her personality that made her status a curse or whether her curse brought about the strange mannerism and debilitating shyness.) The curse that people could not grasp, however, plagued the life of this young ex-heiress more than her status ever could. For her clan's greatest treasure, her remarkable sight, led Hinata to see more than she ever wished.

No, she did not see perverse, grotesque, or private matters that scarred her poor virgin eyes (as many persons thought for an unknown reason). No, it was the everyday happenings, the tell-all signs each person unintentionally exuded while he or she took part in the circadian interactions that life required that tore apart her being. Bluntly stated, Hinata learned to read people early in life and hated her ability to do so. She loathed seeing the twitches, the rubbing, the small tells each person had. Seeing a lover look upward while the other half of the couple spoke, the tapping of a table as a friend weaves a lie to a friend, or the biting of one's lip in pure hurt at a rejection…the visions began to destroy what little faith she had in humanity. The girl could barely retain her sanity in the midst of her constant awareness of how often people lie and hide their true feelings. What's worse, her hatred for this dishonesty only served to make her feel hypocritical. After all, she hid her feelings from the one she loved every day.

But now! No longer would she need to hide! She had finally told her love, torn the words from the depth of her heart where she had buried them for many, many years. The words had come out garbled, falling apart at the seams in an unsightly form, but they were out. Her love had been thrown into the air, waiting to be received.

…Instead it hung.

She watched, not them, but the catcher. Frozen, not from shock, but as if death had claimed him the moment her words were released. His face composed in an emotionless mask; his eyes as clear and shallow as a doll's.

Slowly, at first, her love began to fall in anticipation of the catch.

Hinata's eyes grew wide. For the first time in her life, she actively searched for a sign, his tell, that would reveal his thoughts. When she saw none…

The words fell faster, picking up speed with the acceleration of gravity.


As if glass had crashed to the ground, his words sent sharp shrapnel through Hinata's being. Her shoulders slumped forward, her spine forming a c-curve slightly, as if she had the air knocked out of her. The world seemed off balance, as if she had all of her weight resting on one foot leaving the other feeling uncomfortably light.

The poor girl's mind began unraveling a bit, frankly, and while her reaction would seem exaggerated to any mere passerby, the pain the ex-heiress felt was tenfold. Every interaction, every shared moment (both real and imagined) the girl had shared with this boy across from her fell upon her like anvils in a cartoon. Each crushed her, certainly, but mocked her with their existence because she should have seen this conclusion. The crush never returns the sentiment after a confession.

"I—I can't." He whispered across the clearing.

Detached as she felt from the world, his voice was as clear as day. Instead of far away, it felt as if his words were said directly into her ears. Closer even; as if said from her very soul. How ironic it was that the loud-mouthed boy she had fallen in love with was reduced to nothing more than whispers. Now it was he who stuttered.

"I don't—I can't—I can't love you like that Hinata. You're my friend, closer than any other friend I have really. …We even have chemistry. If I think it out, I should love you back, I really should. …But I can't. I'm sorry."

The sorry was the fatal wound. Hinata had let him speak his truths that she should have known all along, but the last words were deadly. She tried to force herself to smile, to say "it's okay Naruto-kun." Her body betrayed her instead. The Hyuuga girl felt tears roll down her eyes and her body began to shake. Across from her, the boy winced in pain.

"Hinata…." He began to raise his arm as a means to beckon her towards him, but upon reaching the half way mark, let it fall to his side. Hinata took this gesture as a cue for her to go, turned, and left as fast as she could manage.

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Sasuke was actually having fun. The avenger would certainly never admit this fact and would scowl if anyone tried to suggest such an impossible idea, but he was. Having attended very few parties, besides the few Uchiha compound celebrations he attended as a child, Sasuke hardly knew what to do with himself. What does one do at parties? He certainly was not going to go giggle and gossip with the girls or gorge himself at the snack table. The punch was definitely spiked and after a few sips, Sasuke refrained from that as well. With little other choices, he resigned himself to sit on the couches with Neji and Shino who were watching the television. Although seated in front of the bright screen, the Uchiha kept his eyes more on Naruto. The blonde was the life of the party, flitting like a humming bird from group to group. What's more, everyone welcomed him. The giggling girls joked about his antics. The adults smirked at Naruto's embarrassed face when he caught the end of an inappropriate conversation. Choji stopped stuffing food down his throat to laugh at Naruto's loud arguments with Kiba about who is stronger. Neji didn't even flinch when the blonde popped his head in over Neji's shoulder to check out the show every now and then.

Onyx eyes studied the blonde as he laughed at Lee's attempt to stay "youthful" despite his obvious exhaustion. One would never know he had just left a psychiatric hospital. No one could guess how much pain and suffering the teen had experienced throughout his short lifetime. Even Sasuke was uncertain whether or not his only friend had overcome the darkness to finally accept the bright future that was surely in store for the blonde. All that was sure was that Uzumaki Naruto was happy now. Naruto's eyes flickered his way, caught them for a moment, and he smiled. The other teen made a large show of an exaggerated yawn then went to one of the nearby chairs where he flopped onto it with a sigh. Sasuke averted his glance, pretending to watch the television, but he didn't miss a thing. From the corner of his eye, he saw Hinata mutter something to his friend and Naruto grinning as he stood. The sharingan wielder followed the couple with his eyes as they walked out the door, a strange burning feeling growing inside of him. The hint of a scowl fell upon his lips, but when he turned, he was face to face with Neji's questioning and suspicious stare. Sasuke coughed.

"Heartburn." Neji's eyes narrowed but he nodded curtly.

It was not long before the partygoers started calling it a night. Leavers asked where Naruto was so they could say goodbye, but no one had seen him. Sasuke had kept his eye on the door as much as possible, but hadn't seen Naruto return from his trip with Hinata. The Hyuuga didn't return either. Eventually, everyone had left but him and Itachi. Neji had been the last to leave, supposedly waiting for Hinata. Eventually though, he accepted that she had left ahead of time and bid the Uchiha pair a good night. When they were all alone, Itachi came and sat next to Sasuke on the couch.

"You seem worried Otouto." Sasuke crossed his arms.

"He hasn't returned yet. He should have."

"He will in time."

"He just got released!" Sasuke snapped while turning to stare at his brother angrily. "What if he had a run in with the villagers or something set him off. I know it's been 6 months, but it's much easier to revert to old ways than to remain strong."

"He will return Sasuke. You much trust him."

Almost as if on cue, footsteps pattered against the roof.

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When Sasuke reached the roof, his heart caught in his throat. There the blonde sat, blank cerulean eyes staring out onto the treetops and one knee folded into his chest. A single gust of wind blew making the trees rustle softly and pushing Naruto's signature blonde locks onto his face, covering his eyes solemnly. Any hint of the happy go-lucky birthday boy was completely gone. In his stead, was the void being that Sasuke had hoped was gone for good.

Slowly, the Uchiha walked toward the lone figure. The whiskered teen did not react to the sound of his friend's footsteps, nor did he react when the other teen sat beside him. Neither spoke right away, on Sasuke's part because he was afraid that if he spoke, the other boy might shatter into a million pieces. Therefore, the two rivals sat. They stared at the trees, still in the ominous night.

"She told me she loved me." Sasuke almost slid down the side of the roof. "Hinata did. I know you saw us leave."

Another wind blew by, sending an eerily cold chill through Sasuke's bones. Then the feeling was replaced with an even stranger, yet familiar one. The burning returned, hot and wild in his gut, but it was rising ever so slowly.

"And?" Sasuke hoped his teammate didn't hear the instability in his voice. Naruto shook his head.

"I—I couldn't, I can't!" The blonde turned and their eyes locked. Blue eyes filled with pain and fear met black ones filled with shock. "She's perfect Sasuke! I mean, I can talk to her in a way I cannot talk to anyone else, even you. I tell her things I can't even admit to myself. She's been there all along, her love that I wasn't even aware of until tonight has helped cure me, and, and, and—"

Sasuke looked away, unable to take the boy's stare. As much as he hated himself for it, the Uchiha felt relieved. Despite all the pain evident in his only friend's eyes, Sasuke was happy he had told the Hyuuga no. Inside him, the fire had grown; the flames licked at his throat. They were consuming him.

Beside him, Naruto dropped his head into his hands. His whole body was trembling and Sasuke could do nothing but sit awkwardly by the boy's side. Suddenly, the body stopped.

"Sasuke, I have to tell you something. I have never told this to a single soul. Not Jiraiya, not Itachi, not even Hinata. Please, no matter what, just stay and hear me out, okay? Ple—Please don't hate me." The blonde choked on his own words.

Sasuke nodded his head slowly; unsure of what kind of secret could make the blonde so tormented. After all, the Uchiha had just watched him travel through the pits of hell in order to recover and could think of nothing more soul consuming than that trial. A flicker of fear went through him, but then another overwhelming feeling made him feel sick. Despite his best friend's pain—Sasuke couldn't ignore how happy he was that Naruto trusted him more than anyone else did. At this moment, Sasuke was closer to the blonde than anyone else had ever gotten. Within him, the flames flickered further.

Naruto didn't say anything. Hesitantly, he raised his head and turned to look at Sasuke again. Tears were pooling in the boy's eyes and the burning feeling overwhelmed Sasuke. The blood pumping through his veins almost made it impossible for him to hear Naruto's next words.

"I—I'm gay."

Another wind blew and the word hung in the air like a death sentence. Naruto continued to stare intently at Sasuke, tears ready to fall at any moment. Sasuke's mind had gone completely blank and he felt the fire take complete control.

"I—I couldn't tell her I loved her because I can't! I couldn't love her even though I wanted to and her face—"

Before he even realized what he was doing, Sasuke leaned over and kissed Naruto. Briefly, chastely, but with a passion that was out of the Uchiha's control. By the time Sasuke even realized that the kiss was happening, they were already pulling away. The fire inside him was hotter than the sun and Sasuke could not register anything other than the perfect blue crystals that were Naruto's now wide eyes.

Then came the punch.

Just as fast as Sasuke had kissed Naruto, Naruto had sent Sasuke flying down to the ground below with a single well-placed right hook to the left cheek. The impact was brutal and Sasuke's face burned. It took him a moment to register his new position on the ground, far from his seat on the roof. He had landed on his side, his arm taking the most of the impact and the pain came much quicker than expected. The limb sent shocks pure electricity through his body, but, in spite of the pain, he forced himself onto his back. From this prone position, Sasuke lifted his head so he could stare, dumbfounded, at the blonde who was now standing on the roof with clenched fists by his sides.

"TEME! How could you! How could you?" The boy's voice was cracking; his body was shaking.

"I confided in you, trusted you with my darkest secret and you do this? Is this a game to you? Am I a game to you! Were you trying to test out how gay I am or did you think you could scare me out of my gayness with a kiss? How could you do this to me! You were supposed to be my friend. Now I see that you really are nothing more than a teme. Stay out of my life!"

"Naru—" Sasuke was too late. The blonde jumped off the roof and onto one of the trees nearby as he ran off.

The raven-haired man let his head drop so that his gaze faced the mocking stars above. A shaking hand came up to touch his still hot cheek, and when he realized he was trembling, he stared at his hand. In anger, he punched the dirt, and then slowly forced himself into a sitting position. He covered his eyes with his fingers.

What had he done? Had he actually kissed Naruto? He had kissed that dobe? The very same knuckle-headed ninja who had driven him crazy since their academy days? What was he thinking! Why would he even want to kiss that idiot! Very well, this kiss was not their first. Nonetheless, under no circumstances other than pure accident would the Uchiha have believed they would ever kiss again. Yet….

The teen let his hand slide from his eyes to his lips and he could almost still feel the other teen's. The Uchiha Sasuke couldn't like that dobe. The Uchiha Sasuke could never be gay. …Could he?

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When Itachi heard a weight equivalent to that of a body hit the ground outside the living room window, the ex-nuke nin didn't so much as flinch. As a trained shinobi, even a full ambush could not phase his cool, collected manner, and thus, he simply continued clearing the residual mess that lay as the only reminder of the party not too long ago. The older Uchiha also didn't react when his younger brother stormed into the house, allowing the door to slam behind him. Nor did he acknowledge the fact that the other Uchiha was clutching his arm and looked absolutely livid. However, Itachi was forced to react when he heard the sound of glass breaking emanating from a room down the hall, to which he responded with a sigh. He would have to speak to his brother about controlling his anger and having to replace all the household objects he breaks in the future, and now find out the cause for his distress.

Upon entering the room, Itachi was just in time to see the mattress be kicked from the bed frame and onto its side. Glass from an unfortunate lamp cracked under the shoes of its murder who stepped away from the bed, breathing heavily.

"Normally Otouto, I would scold you for keeping your shoes on in the house, but I am glad you are wearing them because you are stepping in glass." Sasuke turned his head to glare at his older brother, but his body posture remained tense. "Am I to suppose your talk with Naruto-kun did not go very well?"

Almost as if the teen was too weak to stand, the boy fell onto the empty bed frame, his head in his hands. The older male waited for his brother to speak, but when he didn't, he turned to leave.

"I messed up! I messed everything up!" Itachi stopped to listen to the low pitched growling of his younger brother. "The stupid dobe confided in me and I went and did something stupid and I don't know how I feel about it and I don't know where he's gone to and I don't know if he's okay and I don't think he ever wants to see me again."

"…I see you have a lot on your mind." Sasuke's head snapped up in order to glare at his brother, but Itachi wasn't facing him.

"I kissed him! I kissed Naruto." Despite what should have been a shocking revelation, Itachi remained as stoic as ever and did not so much as turn to face his distressed brother. "Did you hear me? I kissed my teammate!"

Itachi finally turned, his face as unreadable as ever.

"Was it your first kiss?" Sasuke looked confused.

"What? Well, technically no." Itachi sighed.

"I was hoping I was here for one major milestone." Sasuke leapt to his feet.

"I just kissed a boy! Do you not care! I just kissed my best friend and now he hates me."

"Courting is often the precursor to a kiss, perhaps you ought to have started there. Moreover, in reference to your shock at my lack thereof, no, I am not surprised you kissed Naruto-kun. You two obviously have had some sexual chemistry from the first time I saw you two interacting. I have known that you've liked him for a while."

"Wait how could you know tha—what do you mean 'sexual chemistry'!"

"Now Otouto, no need to get embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed!"

"If you are truly worried about him," Itachi turned to leave, "find him and give him a proper confession. Upon explanation, you might be surprised at the response." Sasuke looked at the ground.

"After all I've done, the dobe will probably not even want to listen to me, let alone like me." Itachi paused.

"If I remember correctly, it was Naruto-kun who sought you after your departure, knowing that you would not listen to him. As was true then, the two of you are connected by a bond of friendship that would take a lot more than a kiss to break. Now it is your turn to do the seeking. I hope that you find what you are looking for. Make it back before dawn."

With that, Itachi left, and within seconds, Sasuke had left as well.

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He couldn't go back tonight. He couldn't go back there ever again. Naruto paced back and forth across the fourth Hokage's head. He would die before he went back to that stupid house. He would die before he saw the teme again. He would die before…

Naruto stopped pacing to look out over the village he called home. There were few lights still on at this time of the night; the time for celebration had long passed. From here, the village looked fake—like a kid's toy—because it was so miniature and the blue-eyed boy had to remind himself that there were really people in all those buildings. He was high enough to feel both powerful and extremely insignificant. Up here, he was separated from the cruel world below, but to fall would mean death even for a shinobi like him. All it would take would be three, maybe four, steps forward….

With a plop, the boy fell to his butt near the edge of the giant rock. Naruto allowed his legs to come up to his chest so that he could rest his chin against the sharp bones of his knees and continued to stare out over the village. What was he thinking just now? How quickly he reverted to his old ways. How quickly he began to think about death. It took six months to recover: one night to slip. Was he really that weak? One kiss and everything he wanted to ruin everything he'd worked for? No, he didn't truly want to die. That kiss had simply set him out of kilter.

His stomach churned and Naruto clenched his eyes shut. That kiss was still so vivid in his memory—too vivid. The feel of Sasuke's lips on his caused his whole face to burn, probably from his anger. How could the teme use him like that! Naruto thought the ex-rivals were past the insulting, the mocking. The blonde had put all his trust in the raven-haired teen and in return, he received betrayal.

After all, the kiss couldn't be anything else…as much as he wanted it to mean more. Naruto brought his hands up to clench his unruly hair. Teme! What was Naruto thinking! Sure, he was gay, but that didn't mean he liked Sasuke. They were friends, brothers even! Not that the boy hadn't considered liking Sasuke or being more than just friends. Yeah, he had entertained the idea once or twice on a whim, but merely out of curiosity. A "what if" if one pleased. They could never actually be together. They were teammates and there was no way the teme was gay. Of that, Naruto was sure. So that kiss…

Pure pain rushed through Naruto's veins. The kiss had been so quick, but for that brief moment, the Jinchuriki had felt completely at ease. For a moment, the tortured boy thought he might have found perfection in his flawed life. However, perfection doesn't exist in reality. As quickly, as it had come, the kiss ended and the teen realized how cruelly he had been tricked. Sasuke could never love him the way Naruto wanted. Like always, the blonde was just someone to be used as others saw fit. He was stupid for enjoying that moment, for liking that tainted kiss. He was stupid for still hoping it meant something more.

Despite how deep in thought he was, Naruto was still a shinobi and could feel someone's presence. …He simply didn't have a chance to open his eyes before a freight train tackled him. Needless to say, when he opened his eyes to find himself under a, surprisingly heavy, Sasuke, the blonde was none too happy. Before he could yell to his heart's content, however, the other teen beat him to the punch.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? You shouldn't be up here! You just got out of the hospital dobe and you're already contemplating suicide? We're going straight to Tsunade and getting you revaluated and maybe put back into the hospi—"

"Teme! I wasn't going to kill myself! I was just sitting here! I used to come here to think when I was younger. What do you think you're doing! Why in the world would you tackle me?"

"To keep you from jumping!"



"Uh, I was SITTING DOWN?" Finally, Sasuke pushed himself away from the blonde but stayed within a few inches.

"Hn." The Uchiha had to admit that it was somewhat presumptuous of him to assume Naruto was about to commit suicide if he was sitting down. After all, the dobe wasn't about to scout himself off the ledge to his death. He wasn't that desperate. Hopefully.

The two stayed silent for a long moment; Sasuke in embarrassment and Naruto in anger. In classic Naruto fashion, the Jinchuriki didn't let the silence to remain for long.

"What are you doing here anyway?" The teen snapped. "What part of staying out of my life did you not understand? Or are you so egotistic that you think you're above listening to me? After all, you must be pretty full of yourself to think you could get away with using me and acting like you care if I live or di—"

"Shut up dobe!" Caught by surprise, Naruto did shut his mouth with his last word only half formed. "You don't know anything about me!"

"What's to know other than you're a selfish, arrogant—"

Just like the first time, Naruto didn't see the kiss coming. Much quicker than he could react, even with ninja speed, Sasuke had crossed the few inches between them and had forced Naruto's face closer to his own with a hand in his hair pulling him closer. This time, however, the younger teen was intensely aware of the unbelievably soft lips of the ex-avenger on his own and the fact that they remained there for a much longer period. The moment seemed to last almost too long, and the blonde couldn't move away if he wanted what with his teammate holding him place. Strangely…Naruto actually didn't want the moment to end. When they broke apart, their breathing was slightly uneven.

"What part of—shutting up can't a dobe like you—understand?" The signature coal dark orbs of the Uchiha bore into Naruto with an emotion the other had never seen in the other. "I'm not using you dobe. I never was. I had no idea why I kissed you earlier tonight; I just did it. When I kissed you, though, it was the best moment of my life. I—I have no idea what I'm doing now or why, but I know what I want."

"…which is?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"You dobe. I want you." Naruto looked at his teammate dumbfounded.

"What why?" Sasuke glared.

"I just told you I don't know why! I just do, okay? You're all I can think about, you're all I care about. I only feel alive when I'm around you and it's been that way for a while now."

Naruto stared at the boy across from him intently, but neither said another word. Finally, Sasuke made an irritated face.

"So? Are you just going to stare at me like I'm crazy or are you going to say something?"

With no hesitation, Naruto leaned over and kissed Sasuke, initiating the kiss for the first time since that accidental kiss in their academy days. When they broke apart, Naruto grinned as he used to when he still wore his mask.

"You might be an arrogant teme, but you do kiss pretty good!"

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When the two boys walked into the Uchiha household, awkwardness radiated off them in waves. It did not help that as soon as they stepped in, they came face to face with Itachi in beige pajamas, who sat across from the door drinking tea.

"Hello Otouto, Naruto-kun. Is all finally settled?" The boys shared a glance and were on the verge of blushing.

"Uh, what do you mean?" The blonde boy asked, raising his arm to rub the back of his head out of habit. Itachi ignored him and turned to Sasuke.

"Is this your first lover?" Both boys twitched at the word, their eyes becoming big and a shared blush finally making its way to their cheeks. Naruto coughed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, and Sasuke glared as a quiet "yes" came out of his mouth as more of a hiss than as a word. Itachi suddenly brightened in a way that no man who had committed a massacre ought to and smiled in a way that would send a shiver down the most war hardened shinobi.

"Wonderful! I do get to see a milestone tonight. I am proud of you Otouto and approve of your choice. I hope that you two will be mature and safe in the future, and if my Otouto needs any advice, his big brother is here for him."

A vein started to stick out on Sasuke's forehead as he placed his hand on the small of Naruto's back and began to steer him away while muttering, "ignore him." Down the hallway, one could barely make out a little high pitch frightened sound that almost sounded like "What does he mean by safe?"

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