The Return

When someone says they won't come back they are totally wrong!! Now lets get on with this story.


Inner Thoughts



~~Present time~~

The started normal from the village hidden in the leaves a.k.a Konoha. Sakura awoke with a jolt because she just had a nightmare or at least she thought it was a nightmare. OH MY GOD!...wht the hell happened to me? It was as if it really real.

Sakura got up, got dressed, and ready for the day ahead that was gunna come. I wonder when Sasuke-kun will come back home. . . to us. . .to me. . . HA! Like he will ever come back! He will never come back!! Face the facts sakura!! Give up on him! Its time to move, to move with your life!!!! Like hell I will I give up on him but. . .i guess your right. . .its time for me to move with my life and time for me to find someone who is worth something to me. . .but. . .but wht? You ok sak? Ya im fine. You sure? Cause if you need anyone to talk to I am allways here for you. Thanks I guess. No prob. By the way when was your menstration cycle supposed to start?

Now that I think about it I was supposed to start but… But? Then Sakura was blushing so hard that her cheecks turned into a tomato like red. Then suddenly Sakura had a flashback that happened at least one month ago with Sasuke Uchiha the Sasuke Uchiha who took away one thing a woman held dear to her, her viringity in Sakura gladly gave to him in return. Knock-Knock! I wonder who that could be. Sakura went to the front door and opened it to see another fellow Jounin at her front door.

The Hokage wishes to se- Suddenly Sakura felt sick to her stomache. She closed door in the Jounins face, ran uo the stairs to her bathroom to let out her stomache contents. What is wrong with me? Sakura cleans up then leaves the house/apartment, headed toward the Hokage tower to see what the Hokage wanted from her.


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