I Need You Tonight

Chapter I

Song: Somewhere by Within Temptation.

Falling leaves decorated the space between each tree and shone brightly with a color of green after being hit by the powerful sun. The trees shook slightly as a blur of orange tapped on each branch ever so gracefully. A figure's headband reflected the sun's rays to show the leaf village's symbol.

The figure that took the color of yellow combined with orange decided to continue running on the grassy ground. Until he stopped to a halt upon reaching the large gates that protected Konoha. His face crinkled to reveal that he's grinning from the bottom of his heart.

The light whiskers that marked his cheeks introduced their owner. The young man's blue eyes crinkled in happiness when he saw his two best friends, his two old teammates, team 7. He waved enthusiastically at the two standing figures then ran towards them as fast as he could, never believing the fact that he's finally home after a long-termed mission.

"Welcome back, Naruto," a woman in her twenty-one greeted the grinning man before her, whom couldn't stop rubbing the back of his head nervously with a sheepish smile decorating his face. "Good to see you again, Sakura-chan," the man called Naruto replied back.

"And you too, teme," Naruto said bitterly to the man standing next to the pink-haired woman.

"Hm," was the only thing the raven-haired man uttered. But the fact that his eyes showed the slight emotion of welcoming, brushed his little comment away.


"What?! Sasuke-teme!" Naruto quickly jumped into a fighting stance, ready to beat his old teammate up and make him regret ever calling him that. The Uchiha heir took his stance too, already a smirk starting to tug at the corners of his lips.

"You two never change." Were the words that warned the two-ready-to-fight from the wrath of the pink-haired kunoichi. From their past experiences the moment those words left her mouth, they would know that they were in a very deep trouble. As they could still remember what happened the first time she said them and they didn't pay her any attention.

Naruto was thrown into the wall and lost his consciousness while Sasuke whom was very confident that Sakura would never hurt him, got the beating of his life for his overly-confident attitude. It seemed that Sakura had stopped thinking about the Uchiha prodigy in the love way and instead portrayed him as her brother, just like Naruto.

The two ninjas immediately returned to their normal stances. Naruto with an apologetic look on his face while Sasuke refrained from looking at them and decided to turn his back. "Ano, Sakura-chan we're really sorry, please don't get mad," Naruto pleaded with a puppy look on his face.

The pink-haired medic smiled softly at him and waved her hand to show that she wasn't mad and wouldn't punch him or do anything to him. "Let's get going, shall we?" Sakura said as she started walking ahead of the two men.

"To Baa-chan's office!" Naruto raised his hand enthusiastically and ran to catch up to his pink-haired friend. While Sasuke muttered. "Idiot." Under his breath and followed the two to the Hokage Tower in order to submit Naruto's report before the blonde Godaime got angry.

The trio of the former team 7 walked side by side into the village with the sun shining upon them, oblivious of what was awaiting them. It's been five years now since their sensei's "death". And although it was a long time ago, they still couldn't get used to it, especially Sakura and Naruto who saw their sensei's death with their own eyes.

Since that day, the two started training harder and became more determined to bring Sasuke back and so they did. It was a hard thing to achieve but with Naruto's never-give-up attitude and Sakura's brute strength and intelligence, they were able to do it.

When they told Sasuke about the death of the infamous copy ninja, they were surprised to see the always-cold Uchiha show some emotions in his onyx eyes. It appeared that the bad news affected him and wounded him deeply, it was a hard blow, harder than anticipated. But to say the least, Sasuke was glad that he was the one who killed the copy ninja's killer and was able to avenge him.

And so they were twenty-one years old. A team that contained friends and comrades who learned the toughest lesson in life; eventually, everyone was going to hear the song of death.

"Baa-chan! I'm back!" Naruto grinned, rushing into Tsunade's office while Sasuke and Sakura followed him. The bubble-gum-haired woman smiled warmly at Naruto's back as she noticed how much he had grown over the years.

"I take that as another success for you Naruto." The blonde Hokage smiled at the man before he nodded at her with his silly grin still plastered on his face. "Good, then I'll be expecting a report from you," she told him.

"No need to expect anything, I have already finished the report!" Naruto proudly announced as he pulled a scroll out of his pocket. Handing the report to the Godaime, Naruto's grin only widened as he noticed how shocked Tsunade was.

"You took the liberty to write your report during the mission? Very impressive Naruto," Tsunade congratulated him, her almond eyes glittering with pride.

"Sure." Naruto rubbed the back of his head while smiling sadly. "We should be visiting Kakashi-sensei." His eyes dropped as his smile faltered into a tight line.

Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign

Instead there is only silence,

Can't you hear my screams?

Never stop hoping,

Need to know where you are

But one thing's for sure,

You're always in my heart

Sakura stared sadly at her teammate as the memories of that day flowed through her, forcing her to remember the salty taste of her tears when she saw her sensei's form falling and disappearing through the darkness of the cliff. She bowed her head in regret, every time she would remember that day, she would blame herself for everything that happened.

The pink-haired woman could feel hot tears stinging the back of her eyes but she pushed them back stubbornly. She forbid herself from crying in front of others and she had to try and keep that promise. Pulling herself together, she forced herself to look at her Shishou.

Though, Sasuke's reaction didn't escape Sakura's eyes. She saw with the corner of her eye how his shoulders slumped a little in defeat after hearing about Kakashi's death again. It still held that much impact on them even after all that time.

I'll find you somewhere

I'll keep on trying until my dying day

I just need to know whatever has happened,

The truth will free my soul

She remembered how they used to go out on missions together when Sasuke was still with them and how they all did their best and got stronger when Sasuke left in order to bring him back, She relived in those memories. She missed them so much that she even wished to return back in time just to know that her sensei didn't die because of her.

Guilt burdened her and it felt heavy on her chest that she wanted to scream and ask for forgiveness from everyone in the village, but she knew that it wouldn't help her in atoning for her weakness. It would just prove that she was still weak and that she didn't get over the fact, that her sensei was long gone with no coming back.

"Has it really been five years?" Naruto suddenly asked, his sparkling blue eyes shifted to look at Tsunade whom had her mouth covered by her folded hands in front of her.

Lost in the darkness, try to find your way home

I want to embrace you and never let you go

Almost hope you're in heaven so no one can hurt your soul

Living in agony 'cause I just do not know

Where you are

"It's hard to think that it's really been that long when the wounds are still fresh." Tsunade tried to consult him. "But sulking around won't do anything! So you better get your old self back!" She frowned at them. "Death is part of being a ninja so get used to it," she ordered them with her strict voice.

"I guess you're right. Well...see you later." The blond man sighed heavily then waved his hand behind his shoulder as he passed by his other teammates. A look of grief still painting his face.

"We should be going too, Tsunade-sama." Sakura bowed politely before following Naruto outside the door with Sasuke on her trail.

The pink-haired medic's eyes softened when she saw Naruto leaning against the wall next to the Hokage's door. She felt pity for him; it really saddened her all the more when she saw her friend looking all grim like that.

She approached him with a steady pace and placed her hand gently on his shoulder. He abruptly looked at her, not noticing that she was by his side. He was too caught up with his own thoughts to sense anything around him. Mentally, Naruto couldn't stop blaming himself for what had happened.

I'll find you somewhere

I'll keep on trying until my dying day

I just need to know whatever has happened,

The truth will free my soul

"Let's just get going." Sasuke snapped the two back to reality with his cold impassive tone. The raven-haired man led the way to the memorial stone where the name of their dear sensei was engraved in the black marble.

The two nodded then ran to catch up to their friend. They walked behind him, trying to give him some space. They both felt that their teammate was bottling everything inside again; he was hiding inside his shell, keeping everything to himself and not sharing how he actually felt.

Sasuke felt for the first time since he killed his brother various feelings; hurt, sadness, confusion and most of all irritation and hatred. He couldn't think of a time that he could hate his brother more than now. His so-called-brother took away everything from him; everything that was held precious to him was brutally snatched away from him.

He grit his teeth, his fists clinched inside his pockets as he only focused on the road before him. His inner fight with his emotions completely took over his senses that he didn't even hear Naruto calling him until he was rudely snapped out of his thoughts.

"What did you do that for, dobe?!" Sasuke snarled at the blond man.

"You wouldn't answer me, teme!" Naruto shot back just as harshly.

The Uchiha heir turned his face away from the Jinchuuriki as he grunted an "Idiot." Before shifting his eyes to find that they reached the black marble stone. He studied it from a far not daring to step closer to it. He feared that the stone would remind him of everything that happened because of him and he was afraid to feel that kind of guilt, therefore, he decided to pay his respects to the man whom taught him the Chidori from a distance.

Wherever you are, I won't stop searching

Whatever it takes, need to know

Sakura neared the stone a little too hesitantly; she still feared looking at his name among all the other names. Every time, she would see his name in that place, it would usher her to cry because it would emphasize the fact that they were no longer a four-man cell, but a three-man cell.

She knelt in front of the stone, running her fingers over the different names until they came to a halt, brushing over his name while reliving in all their past memories. When a hand touched her shoulder, she looked up to find Naruto smiling apologetically at her.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan, it's all my fault." He turned to look at the stone with a firm gaze.

"No, it's not, Naruto. It's my fault. Sensei wouldn't be dead now if he didn't push me out of the way that day," she whispered softly while running her soft fingers absentmindedly over his name again. A tear escaped her eye unnoticed until she felt her cheek wet.

I'll find you somewhere

I'll keep on trying until my dying day

I just need to know whatever has happened,

The truth will free my soul

She wiped the tear away with the back of her hand then stood up, a smile gracing her features. "Let's go Naruto." She smiled softly at him and he returned her smile with one of his own.

"Oi, Sasuke-teme! We're going to get ramen, come on!" Naruto yelled while waving his hand in the air to catch Sasuke's attention.

The raven-haired man grumbled something about. "An idiot that can't get enough of ramen." As he walked behind them.

Am I followed?

A man panted heavily as he hid behind a tree trunk. His keen eyes observing his surroundings, looking for any signs of danger. His head hung low as he tried to take a deep breath. Suddenly, he heard a rustle in the trees and was soon followed by the sound of cracking branches.

His heart pounded like a hammer against his chest. He was in no condition to be able to fight anyone right now. His legs ached from all the running he'd done over the past few days. He didn't take a rest just to make sure that he wasn't followed, yet there he was being pursued by someone he didn't even want to think about.

Over the long years, he didn't taste the feeling of security or rest. He would always be on alert and it tired him. Even for him, it was such a feat to stay alive after all the things he had undergone. Pain shot through his head, forcing him to fall off the tree branch he was standing on.

He gripped his head and tried to suppress a moan of pain and was able to do so successfully.


He ordered his aching body to move as one hand gripped his head while the other used the trees he passed as a support to help him walk.

Unable to take the pain any longer, he leaned against the trunk of the tree to take a break until the throbbing pain in his head stopped. He stared up at the sky, remembering his village, the feeling of nostalgia washed over him when he remembered how he would sit on a tree branch and read his favorite book.

Upon hearing the nearing steps of his pursuer, he forced himself off the ground and started running again in the same direction he used to take when returning from a mission back in the old days. Urging his legs to move faster, he could feel his pursuer closing in on him.

The wounds he suffered from the various fights he'd been through didn't make things any easier. Blood drops trailed behind him, exposing where he was going.

Kakashi ran faster as one hand gripped his side while the other moved the branches and leaves away. The white-haired man was shirtless, as he used his shirt to create a temporary bandage for his side wound. He was bruised all over. His mask somehow was still in its place due to the fact that he used a little part of his shirt to make one.

He glanced back to see if he was still being followed and unfortunately, the pursuer was quite persistent and wouldn't let him go. Kakashi calculated the distance between him and Konoha and found that he only had a few miles to cover before reaching it.

Gathering the little chakra he had left, he let it surge around his feet to increase his speed. A few minutes later, he could see the gate of Konoha nearing and he couldn't help but to feel the overwhelming feeling of happiness and relief.

The white-haired man ran with everything he had towards the open Gate. The moment he was about to enter the gate, he felt something sting his neck before he started feeling a little dizzy and his pace slowed.

No, I'm almost there!

He could feel his vision blurring and his legs giving up on him but he continued with the little energy he had left. His bloody hands gripped the gate, leaning against it. Before blackness took over him, he could make out the familiar voices of Kotetsu and Izumo. With a small smile, he welcomed the darkness that enveloped him.

Sakura walked in silence, passing civilians and ninjas without paying them any attention. She was lost in her own thoughts, thinking about the day that changed her and Naruto's life and pushed them to get stronger all the more.

She still felt sad, every time she would let her mind drift to her former sensei, tears would unconsciously well up in her eyes and she would hastily wipe them away before anyone noticed her tears.

She still couldn't comprehend the loss of her sensei.

Now I know how Ino felt when Asuma-sensei died.

A bitter smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

The pink-haired kunoichi sighed heavily while shaking the previous thoughts out of her mind. After paying their respect to their sensei, Sasuke excused himself saying that he had better things to do than walk around the village aimlessly.

Soon after, Naruto followed the Uchiha heir and challenged him into a fight. Of course, Sasuke wouldn't reject a chance to beat the hell out of the blond shinobi so he agreed without much of a thought.

So Sakura was left alone with nothing to do therefore she decided to go to the Godaime and ask her to teach her a new jutsu. However, the blonde Hokage seemed to have another thing in her mind as she ordered the pink-haired medic to bring the reports from Kotetsu and Izumo.

That was the reason behind her heading to the gate's guards. Upon nearing the gate, she noticed a crowd of ninjas standing in front of it. They seemed to be busy with something there. Slowly, she neared the group and tried to get a better look by pushing through them.

"Excuse me…. Ops sorry…. Coming through." Sakura tried to make her way until she finally reached the center of the crowd. "What's going on...here?" Her voice faded the moment her eyes caught sight of a white-haired man on the ground.

She gasped when she saw the injured man, her eyes widened in shock as her hands clasped over her opened mouth. "K-Kakashi-sensei?" She whispered softly. The blood covering her sensei brought her back to reality and her tone quickly changed into a professional one. "What are you doing?! Quickly bring him to the hospital!" She ordered the ninjas whom were still standing.

They too were snapped out of their momentum shock and nodded their heads. Izumo and Kotetsu were the ones who rushed the injured man to the hospital with Sakura running ahead of them.

The pink-haired kunoichi couldn't believe her eyes. After so long, her sensei decided to make an appearance. Everyone thought that he was dead, everyone tried to move on with their lives but the disappearance of the copy ninja couldn't leave their minds.

Biting her lower lip out of excitement, she increased her speed in hopes of getting to the hospital faster.

The white building gradually began to appear before her, she let out a sigh of relief upon finally reaching the said building. Without looking behind her to make sure that the two guards were following her, she entered the building and quickly ordered everyone to prepare for the arrival of a new patient.

"Noriko, tell Tsunade-sama that there is a patient she must see!" Sakura ordered the nurse that was helping in the preparation for the arrival of the patient.

"H-hai!" The nurse stuttered a little as she replied then ran to get the Godaime. The said nurse had brown hair tied into a pony-tail, she had tanned skin with bright brown eyes. The nurse wondered slightly about the sudden need for the Hokage's presence but shoved those thoughts aside as she wasn't supposed to question her senior.

"Quickly, bring him here!" Sakura ordered Kotetsu and Izumo to place the white-haired man on the table. He looked to be in a quite bad shape, she grimaced when she took notice of the awful wound that marred his side.

With a frown, she began checking every part of his body to make sure that she didn't miss any other life-threatening injuries before setting to work on the main wound. "Check his vitals and place an oxygen mask over his face, it seems that he's finding some difficulty in breathing," she told them with a professional tone.

"But Sakura-sensei...," one of the nurses working with her hesitantly said while pointing at the mask covering the white-haired man's face.

"Oh, yeah. Well..." She glanced at the mask covering her sensei's face. She was dying to know what was underneath that mask but she couldn't let herself do that without a permission first.

"Sakura! Why did you call me?" Tsunade's loud voice interrupted the pink-haired medic's concentration.

"Shishou! Kakashi-sensei is still alive!" Sakura happily delivered the good news to her Shishou.

"What are you talking...about?" At first Tsunade couldn't believe her own eyes when she saw that familiar patch of hair. Her mouth hung ajar, trying to absorb what her apprentice said and what she was seeing before her.

"Impossible. We thought that you were dead, Kakashi," she whispered softly. Her shock wore off when she noticed how seriously injured he was.

"Everyone get out of the room except for you Sakura," the blonde Hokage said in her high-pitched voice.

As ordered, the room was cleared and in it only stood Sakura and Tsunade. "Remove that piece of cloth and place an oxygen mask over his face," Tsunade said calmly as she concentrated on healing him.

At first, Sakura was a little hesitant about doing so but seeing that her sensei's condition wasn't that comforting, she slowly slid the piece of article down to unveil his face while closing her eyes, in her other hand she held the oxygen mask. Without opening her eyes, she was able to place the mask over his face.

And thanks to the little cloud that was being created each time her sensei breathed, his face was still hidden.

The bubble-gum-haired medic took a deep breath the moment she stepped out of Kakashi's room. Both happy and satisfied that her former sensei was still alive and that she did a pretty good job in saving his life.

After giving him some sedatives and pain-killers for when he woke up, she was able to leave him to rest.

"Sakura-chan!" Her energetic blond friend ran up to her the moment she stepped foot outside the room, with Sasuke on his trail. "Is it true, Sakura-chan? Is Kakashi-sensei really alive?" Naruto asked, hope glittering his vivid blue eyes.

"Ah." The cherry blossom smiled warmly at her friend's brightened face. She even noticed with the corner of her eye, that the cold Uchiha allowed a small smile to play on his lips for a moment. She excused herself and started leaving the hospital but not without one last glance at the closed door that held her sensei in.

I'm happy that you're back, Kakashi-sensei.

To be continued...

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