I Need You Tonight

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Sauntering around and staring at the glassy windows of the shops, Ino had one thought in mind. She knew that her pink-haired-addicted-to-work friend would wear something modest and decent which would attract the worst type of men or more precisely would catch the attention of no one. And Ino, being the good friend, would never want such a thing to happen to Sakura so she took it upon herself to buy her a new set of clothes and undergarments – just in case.

Besides, she wanted Sakura to show her sensei that she had grown into a one-hell-of-a-beautiful woman; of course, Ino would never admit such a thing in the face of Sakura. Stopping in her tracks, she smirked knowingly at the choice of wear that caught her attention.

She disappeared into the shop and after quite some time, emerged with a handful of shopping bags. A young black-haired man stood at the door of the shop and waved at her with a smile. She winked at him and smiled back, knowing that her simple act, made the young man blush madly like a virgin. Oh yeah, she knew how she could make any man crawl and beg at her knees and she darn well loved it.

Another shop caught her attention and she hurried into it. Coming out one hour later with another bag yet it was a smaller one. Oh, how Sakura was going to like her new clothes or more like how the men were going to love staring at the pink-haired woman. She couldn't wait to see the precious look on her friend's face when she saw those clothes.

She couldn't wait to let her see the new outfits so instead of walking, she hopped while humming pleasantly.


Chapter VII – part two

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"W-wait—S-Sa-kura….Dammit, ow-"

He felt his blood running cold and gulped nervously. Obviously, he had forgotten what a chakra-enhanced punch from her caused. His whole body would shudder in dread whenever he remembered what had happened to the ground when she and Naruto fought against him to get the bells.

He raised his hands in front of him in a protective manner and tried to reason with her, yet everything he said –or tried to say- fell on deaf ears. The monster was unleashed and it would take a miracle for someone to be able to stop it. He figured that it would be better to listen to whatever she had told him to do and started to make his way out of her room, all the while trying to avoid the flying sharp objects.

After finally stepping outside her bedroom, he managed to close the door with great difficulty as even when he was outside her room, she kept on throwing more stuff at him. Slamming the door shut, he heard a cracking voice from the other side and inwardly thanked God that he was not hit by the obviously made-of-glass object.

He sighed heavily and stepped away from the door. Heading towards a nearby chair to wait for her to at least put on some clothes and cover herself. He would admit that it was foolish of him to enter her room and wait for her there but he could honestly say that his curiosity got the best of him and he went into her room.

But what was even more foolish of him was the simple act of sneaking a look at her while she was in the bathroom. He hadn't meant to offend her and violate her privacy. Her soft voice was what led him into the room and eventually to her bathroom. He had to give credit to his keen hearing for it was difficult to catch the sound of her silky voice humming a melody he hadn't ever heard of.

Her beautiful body also glued him to the spot and made it absolutely impossible for his normal eye to stop staring at her, as a matter of a fact, his hand itched to remove his hitai-ate to reveal his sharingan for better vision but he didn't do it. He would never do it, because by doing that he would certainly be going so very far.

Even when she stepped out of the shower, he couldn't stop himself from watching her drying her body with the pure white towel. He saw her stop and look at herself in the mirror before a disapproving look smeared her pretty little face, and for the life of him, he didn't know why she was staring at herself in that way.

She was perfect in every sense. Her breasts even though small, they were perfect and looking-delicious and her hips were made for her body and did not look out of place like most of the women's bodies. Her curves were not too sharp but they were decent. He could swear that he felt himself hardening just by looking at her. Hell, his heart actually skipped a beat when he saw her rubbing her breasts with a sweet-scented lotion.

If it weren't for his strong sense of control, he would be afraid that he would actually jump her and take her right then and there on the bathroom tiles. Kakashi took a deep calming breath and shook his head violently to rid himself of the dirty thoughts plaguing his mind. Still, his attempts went in vain as the scene of her slowly massaging her other breast –the one he was able to see clearly- rushed to his mind.

He wouldn't deny that he wished that he was the one touching her so softly and carefully, making her experience pleasures she'd never even dreamt of feeling. And when he saw her bending with her back facing him, something in him snapped and he actually pushed the door open before he quickly pulled himself back together and retreated to the far corner of her bedroom; away from the bathroom and her naked body. He felt like she was taunting him and playing games with him but he knew better than that.

Little Innocent Sakura would never try to seduce or even try to do a thing under that category to her poor old sensei.

He already felt like a perverted old man for ogling her in her state of nudity, and he even felt more perverted for not feeling any type of guilt whatsoever. Either he was really losing it, or he was experiencing the effects of not having someone to sleep with for so long. It'd been five years, five long years since he had someone in bed. He figured that it was about time that he invited a young beautiful lady to his bed. And knowing the female population in Konoha, every one of them, married or single would want to have sex with him.

Oh yeah, he was confident about himself.

So tonight after the party would be a good chance to take someone, preferred to be single, mind you. The soft turning of the door knob brought Kakashi's attention back to reality. He was still holding his bleeding nose and trying to breathe through his mouth. He feared that she really had changed the shape of his nose.

The door was slammed open to reveal a furious pink-haired woman. She was wearing the regular shinobi pants she received when she became a Jounin with its regular top. She marched towards Kakashi with long strides and was soon standing in front of him, both hands planted firmly on her hips. Kakashi could tell that she was seething with anger and was trying her best not to beat him into a bloody pulp.

He was really starting to doubt his decision of coming there. Maybe it was a bad idea after all?

"Why are you here?" she hissed. Her voice alone caused a shiver to run down his spine but he hid it professionally and didn't allow it to show.

"I wath justh waiting for you to athk you thomthing," the silver-haired Jounin struggled to talk properly but soon found that it was pointless. Talking with your hand on your nose proved to be quite difficult for people to understand.

Sakura sighed heavily and gestured for Kakashi to go and sit on her couch. He eyed her suspiciously and didn't move from his place.

"Don't worry, I just want to fix your nose," she assured him before moving past him to sit on one side of the couch. She patted the empty spot next to her and waited for him to take a seat. Kakashi walked cautiously towards her and sat in the empty spot, trying to maintain as much space as possible. Sakura was known for her sudden mood swings, and even if he wasn't there to witness that for the past five years, he could relate.

"How am I supposed to heal you when you're sitting away from me?" She furrowed her eyebrows and waited for him to come closer. When he didn't move, she sighed for the umpteenth time that day and moved to sit next to him. "Don't worry, I won't bite," she giggled at her own joke.

"Vely funny," he tried to say.

She giggled a little bit more at his attempts to talk properly which only earned her a glare from the man sitting next to her.

"I'm sorry, it's just so funny," she said and wiped a tear from her right eye. "Now, let me see your nose," she said.

Kakashi slowly started moving away his hand, wincing a little in pain every once awhile. Sakura looked at him worriedly with knitted eyebrows. Maybe she had over-done it this time?

She hadn't meant to hit him that strong but when she saw him in her room, she couldn't control herself and when she threw her slipper at him, she enhanced her throw with her chakra. The moment her soft fingers touched the tip of his mask to tug it down, Kakashi's hand shot to stop her. He gave her a questioning look.

"You can heal it through the mask," he said coldly and Sakura couldn't help but oblige.

She had wanted to take another peek at his face but she was too shocked to argue with that; it wasn't every day that you broke the Copy-Ninja's nose and got an opportunity to look at his handsome face. It was a miracle that she was able to see his face the first time.

Her hands pressed softly against his broken nose earning her a low hiss from Kakashi. "Sorry," she apologized sincerely. Her hands started to slowly glow a bright color of green as her chakra seeped into the broken bone to fix the damage that was done by her.

Her healing-type chakra coursed through his chakra circulation system and slipped into his blood and the bone of his nose; mending the broken bone and repairing the ripped tissues and skin, all the while trying to stop the bleeding from continuing. She put on her last touches before pulling back her hands. She hadn't noticed the close proximity before and doubted that Kakashi had noticed it too. She blushed softly and quickly pulled back.

Her face had been merely inches away from his own and she had been practically sitting all over him just to take a closer look at his broken nose. She blamed it all on the mask. Yup, it was the entire blasted mask's fault. If he hadn't been wearing it, she wouldn't have had to come so close to him to fix his nose. That mask was nothing but trouble.

A heavy air of awkwardness surrounded them before Sakura cleared her throat nervously. "You still didn't tell me, what were you doing in my room?" She narrowed her eyes at him dangerously.

"I was looking for my blood tests. Tsunade told me that it's been sent to you by accident so she asked me to bring it," he told her as a matter of a fact.

"Oh, then sorry about your nose," she apologized awkwardly.

"It's ok." Kakashi gave her an eye-crease and Sakura could only imagine what his smile would be like under the mask.

"The blood tests are on the kitchen's table." She stood up and walked towards the said-table. She held the envelop that had the blood tests in. She turned back to him to find him standing not too far away from her.

"Well, don't tell me that you didn't see this envelop on the table." She held the said-item with one hand and moved it around in front of his face, a sly smile gracing her full pink lips.

Kakashi laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head before reaching for the envelop. She pulled it back to her just in time to stop him from taking it, her smile growing more mischievous as the seconds ticked by.

He stared at her with mild interest as she inched closer to him. "I think that the Copy-Ninja is starting to grow a little bit rusty," she taunted, her voice was so low that any person would mistake her actions for something inappropriate.

"Oh, I believe that you're the one who's starting to get rusty, Sakura-chan," Kakashi taunted her back, the smirk evident in his voice. Sakura frowned a little but her smile did not falter and instead she moved a little bit closer, bringing her face closer to his that her hot breath tickled his cheeks.

"How so?" she whispered confidently.

"Look behind you."

The pink-haired woman heard another voice coming from behind her and before she could turn to see the person behind her, a pair of masculine arms wrapped around her waist, pinning her in her place. She swallowed a yelp of surprise before looking at her former-sensei quizzically.

He answered her with a mere shrug and a smirk of triumph.

"Why don't you take your words back, Sakura-chan?" the man behind her whispered into her ear, sending a jolt of electricity down her spine, she immediately recognized the person behind her and almost started laughing.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're a pervert," she said, her voice holding a hint of anger which warned Kakashi's clone of the danger he was facing. But he didn't pull back until he took the envelope from her hand.

Kakashi took the envelop from his clone before deactivating his Jutsu and causing the clone to disappear in a puff of smoke.

"See you later, Sakura-chan." He waved his hand before making a series of seals and disappearing in a puff of smoke as well.

Sakura stared at the spot he was occupying earlier and bit her lower lip. His arms felt so warm, so right around her and for once after Sasuke's admission of not being able to love her back, she wanted someone to hold her like that. She felt so secure, so wanted and desired in his almost-embrace.

She wanted to slap herself mentally for thinking such perverted thoughts about her former-sensei but she couldn't bring herself to do it. It was all Kakashi's fault; he corrupted her and made her think those thoughts of him. But still….

She huffed in annoyance and retreated back to her room, she had to pick something decent to wear before Ino arrived. Sakura didn't want her blonde-friend to choose her outfit. God only knew what she would make her wear.


"What the hell was I thinking?" Kakashi muttered under his breath. He sat on the head of the Yondaime which was carved deeply into the stones of the mountain. He took a deep breath and sat down on the hard surface of the stones.

His breathing was irregular and he had to calm himself by letting his eyes roam over the village underneath. The sight of Konoha always managed to help in calming him down and clearing his mind. He remembered always coming there every time when he was in the ANBU, especially when he needed some peace and quiet.

He knew by experience that going to the momentum stone in those times was a bad idea; as he would be able to hear the voices of his dead comrades reprimanding him and berating him for his stupid mistakes. And he was in absolute no need to be scolded now of all times. All he wanted was a quiet place to arrange his thoughts and maybe well in self-pity and loathing.

What the hell was he thinking when he played into her game? Obviously, Sakura was trying to provoke some reaction out of him and he just walked into her trap like an obedient dog. He cursed haughtily under his breath and closed his eyes for a moment.

It was all because of his stupid acts, or to put it more accurately, it was all because of his lame reply. Looking for the blood tests, yeah right, as if she would buy that not when they were right in front of him. Never mind him being in her bedroom ogling her like she was some kind of a piece of meat for sale. He brushed those thoughts away; he didn't have the time to dwell on them at the moment. They were in the bottom of his what-to-do list.

He took a deep breath, enjoying the cool air as it entered his lungs and filled him with a sense of content for the briefest of moments before letting it out again. He placed his hands behind him to support his weight as he looked up at the sky above him; it was nearing the sunset which meant nearing the so-called 'Welcoming Home' party.

He didn't see the use of it but he went with the flow of things like he always used to do, because arguing proved to be useless on more than one occasion, so why waste the breath? Sakura would be there too and for the first time, he didn't know how he would be able to face her after what he'd done.

Holding her like that in his arms, his hands around her waist pulling her closer to his chest and his mouth near her ear. He groaned mentally and almost wanted to slap himself in reality. Again, back to the point, what the hell was he thinking?

He stood up and jumped towards a near roof, landing ever-so-gracefully with the aid of his chakra to steady his feet. He started making his way towards Tsunade's office; better deliver the blood tests before she got angry at him. He didn't feel like being on the end line of her non-ending ranting about how late he was.

He noticed that the window to her office was open and took the privilege of entering through it. He hopped into the office to stand behind her chair. He cleared his throat and noticed how the blonde-woman yelped in surprise. She twirled around in her chair and fixed an angry glare at him.

"Doors were invented for something, you know," she told him angrily.

"I'm sorry Tsunade-sama." He bowed his head and pulled out the tests from one of the pockets of his olive-green vest. "Here are the blood tests you asked for." He handed her the said-papers.

"Thank you, Kakashi." She took the papers and placed them on her desk for her to see later. She had too much work on her hands right now. Besides, she was sure that Sakura had seen them already she was somewhat reassured by that fact.

"Now, if I may excuse myself."

Tsunade nodded in approval and turned back to her work. She was determined to finish everything before the party tonight. Kakashi turned to leave the Hokage and jumped through the window and landed on the ground. He smiled at the shocked guard and waved a hand in goodbye before he started walking towards his own apartment. Taking his leisure time to observe the shops and the people he passed.


Sakura almost froze in her place when she heard the soft knocking on her door. She still hadn't chosen what she would be wearing for tonight's party. She didn't want Ino to choose for her what to wear because she knew by experience that whatever the blonde woman chose was bound to attract a group of men if not the whole population of Konoha, male and female.

She thought about ignoring the knocking but the soft knocking on the door soon changed to banging.

"Open up, Sakura! I know you're in there!"

Sakura sighed heavily and succumbed to her fate. She trudged towards her front door and opened it. "Hey, Ino-pig," she muttered.

"Hey forehead, look what I've brought you." Ino pushed Sakura out of the way and invited herself into the apartment. She quickly started making her way towards her friend's bedroom without another thought.

The pink-haired woman shook her head slightly and followed her enthusiastic friend into her bedroom. She watched as Ino rummaged through the bags she brought with her.

"Aha!" Ino exclaimed happily as she pulled out the pieces of clothes she was searching for and turned to her friend with a smirk on her full lips. Sakura noticed that Ino was wearing a beautiful dark blue sleeveless dress. The end of her dress reached to her thighs above her knees and Sakura noted that the front of the dress just barely hid Ino's full breasts.

Ino had her blond hair pulled up in a bun leaving a few blonde curly strands to frame her face. She was wearing a pair of high-heels which was painted in a lighter shade of blue with a brush of sparkles causing it to shine elegantly.

Sakura felt a bead of sweat roll down her right cheek as she noted wryly the mischievous glint in Ino's pale-blue eyes and the sly smile on her lips. She swallowed nervously and approached her friend to look at the pieces of clothes she had in her hands.

Ino pushed the pink-haired woman into the bathroom and gave her the pieces of clothes. "Try this on, Forehead," she instructed. Sakura could only comply as she knew that there's no stopping it when Ino started choosing clothes.

Looking at the black articles in her hands, Sakura looked at them and studied the dress and the undergarments with a skeptical look. They were tiny. That was her first reaction. There was no way in hell they could actually fit her, but she knew that she had to at least try it on for the sake of her best friend if not for herself.

"There's no way I'm going to wear these undergarments, Ino-Pig!" Sakura shouted as she looked at the lacy materials with a look of disgust. No one would be getting into her bed tonight and neither was she going to be in anyone's bed, so why bother with those?

"Shut up, Forehead and do as I say!" Came Ino's sharp reply with a loud bang on the bathroom's door.

Her shoulders fell in defeat as she stripped off her clothes and pushed them to a far corner in her bathroom before slipping on the black lacy panties. She left the bra and didn't wear it.

She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that they actually looked quite nice on her, now if only she could put on the bra, she would look perfect. But since the dress revealed the valley of her breasts, she knew that she couldn't wear one, or else it would be visible to everyone. Next, she slipped on the black night dress carefully.

Sakura was amazed that it actually fit her perfectly but at the same time she was slightly annoyed by the way it hugged her body, showing every curve of it and framing her waist perfectly. She felt like she was naked even though she was wearing that dress.

The dress reached till her ankles making her legs look unbelievably long. The cut reached just barely under her thigh and above her knees. Sakura felt that it was a bit too much but she knew that it was futile to argue with Ino because once she put her mind into something; that something had to be done. The front of the dress was also revealing. The V neck made the valley of her breasts visible for the eye to see while her back was left bare.

She looked at herself in the mirror inspecting the dress before sighing in defeat and opening the door to step out of the bathroom. "How do I look?" she asked.

"Oh my God, you look absolutely gorgeous!" Ino exclaimed in delight as she went to pull her friend into a strong hug. Sakura laughed nervously and thanked the blonde woman before pulling away.

"Isn't a bit too revealing?" she asked a little bit unsure.

"Nonsense!" Ino waved her hand in front of her as she went back to the bags she had thrown on the bed earlier. She pulled out a pair of black high heels with sprinkles of silver adorning the front of it. She handed the pair to Sakura and ordered her to try it on.

Sakura did as she was told and put them on. She had a little difficulty in adjusting to the new height and was about to fall on her face on more than one occasion until she got the hang of it or so she said.

After that, Ino forced Sakura to sit on the bed as she pulled out her make-up set. With a brush, Ino applied a light blush on Sakura's cheeks. She pulled out her red lip gloss and applied it to Sakura's lips before telling her friend to put on some mascara and kohl, and again Sakura did as she was told.

Sometimes, Sakura wondered what she'd ever do without Ino.

After finishing with her make-up, she went to her dresser to pull out her favorite necklace and accompanying earrings. They were gifts from Naruto, as she remembered that after every long mission he brought her something new. And those two, were gifts from the long missions.

The earrings were black butterflies with pink gems adorning them while the necklace was one big black sparkling butterfly with beautiful pink diamonds of different shades. She treasured them and kept them always in her most hidden place.

Ino saw her friend putting on the familiar jewelry and smiled softly, before she ushered her to hurry it up or they would be late. Before leaving the apartment, Ino handed Sakura a similar black purse and pushed her towards the front door, locking the door behind her.


The pub was crowded and the scent of sake mingling with sweat wafted through the air making the two young women twitch their noses in dislike. However, the moment they stepped foot into the pub, everyone grew silent as they stared at the two beauties walking confidently –or trying to look confident in Sakura's case.

The men whistled while the women grumbled in distaste. Sakura's cheeks grew a dark shade of red while Ino looked around her with a smug look on her face. The blonde beauty left her friend's side and sauntered towards the bar's stool, all the while, men and women moving out of her way.

She picked a seat and sat herself gently on it, crossing her legs one on the other, she let her eyes take in every man in the pub, winking at few selected ones. Few moments later, almost every guy was trying to get her attention. Ino smirked at Sakura's bewildered expression and enjoyed the attention she was getting.

Sakura shifted uncomfortably on her high-heels and bit her lower lip out of nothing to do. She hugged her purse closer to her chest and searched through the crowds of hungry men for familiar faces.

There, at the darkest corner of the crowded room, sat the familiar figure of her former sensei. She noted that he was also looking at her but with an unidentified glint in his lone eye.


To be continued…


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