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I nodded my head to show him that I understood, but couldn't stop myself from giggling. Gently he clapped his hand over my mouth to stifle the sound. I looked into his eyes and saw a few things at once. Passion, love and the brewing of a very bad idea.

Slowly he started to walk forward until I was firmly pressed up against the bookshelf. Hastily he brought his lips to my neck and started to place sloppy wet kisses up and down my throat. It took all I had not to moan, the way he was making me feel was beyond explanation. In fact it was entirely unfair. I was literally aching for him, and he knew it. I was absolutely sure he knew how hard it was for me to not make a sound, and I saw his body shake with silent laughter.

But two could play at that game, and it was about time he got a taste of his own medicine. Gently but swiftly I hitched my leg around his waist and bucked my hips into his. Instantly he stiffened and the laughter caught in his throat. The look on his face, however, was priceless and I couldn't help but giggle silently. He was stunned and his hard on was extremely evident.

I reached up and started placing gentle kisses across his jaw, then down his neck and across his collar bone. He tried, and failed, to stifle a moan which I took as encouragement.


Feeling Bella's hot mouth against my throat was almost more then I could handle, and I couldn't help the moan that escaped me. There was denying that my little Bella was a temptress and I may have bitten off more then I could chew with this idea. Yet at the same time I was not even close to regretting it.

As she ground her hips into me I slowly reached my hand up to the hem of her shirt. I slipped my hand underneath it and traced my way up to her chest. I grabbed her breast roughly in my hand and started to massage it, with maybe a little more force then I had originally intended. She moaned and it was one of the most delicious sounds I had ever heard.

She reached up and her lips were at my ear. " Uh Edward…. I like it when you're rough"

I almost lost it right there. With the smallest of words she could almost incapacitate me. I was never so glad to live in a small town where nobody ever went to the library, as I was in that moment. I continued my ministrations on her body, and she continued to grind into me. Her skirt was pushed up so far it was just barely covering her beautiful ass.

Slowly and roughly I slid my hands down her body and under her skirt. I cupped her ass in my hands, thankful to who ever invented the thong, and she let out the most delicious moan that I had ever heard.

I leaned down and kissed her roughly, while pushing her even harder into the bookshelf. She was grinding into me with a fury and I new she would only be patient for so long, and that time was wearing thin. Her tiny hands slid from my hair, raked across my chest and continued to move even farther down. Before I really even had to time to fully register it, she had released me from the confines of my jeans


I stroked him roughly, my own need growing ever second. I felt him twitch in my hand and I longed for him to be inside me. As if he could read my mind he took a hold of my leg, securing it on his hip and guided himself to my centre.

With one powerful thrust he was inside of me, and everything else was lost. I forgot where we were, who else was around and if you had asked, probably my own name. The feeling of him was beyond explanation, as it had been the first time. His thrusts were hard and purposeful. I had to admit, I liked the rough dominant Edward, it was incredibly sexy.

He continued to pound into me with such force that the bookshelf behind me started to shake. I ran my fingers through his unruly bronze hair and pulled. I reached up and kissed him roughly, catching his moans in my mouth. I could tell that he was close, and so was I.

"Ugh…Fuck Edward….I'm so close" I growled in his ear.

Even it was even physically possible hi pace quickened and his thrusts were even harder. I could feel the muscles in my stomach begin to tighten and after a few more thrusts we both exploded together. We stood there, both sweaty and panting.

Then, as if my brain was only just catching up with me, I started laughing. Silent giggles racked my body.

"OH MY GOD!" I whispered

"What?" he asked nervously

"We just had SEX in the LIBRARY!" I said, looking him straight in the face "Seriously?!? We just had sex in the LIBRARY!"

He laughed as he zipped up his pants "Yes, as a matter of fact we did"

It was what I imagined being in shock felt like "We just had hot, rough, PUBLIC library sex!"

"Relax Bella" he said, as he tried to tame his hair "Nobody saw us…and besides it was kinda hot"

"True" I said with a laugh "But SO not the point"

Gently he took my face into his hands and kissed me softly. His kiss was filled with nothing but love and I just melted into him. Resting his forehead on mine he whispered

"I love you Bella"

"I love you too Edward" I said

"Ugh oh" he said, looking at his watch

"What?" I asked

"You gotta go" he said seriously


"Its almost quarter after nine…You aren't supposed to be in here!" he said

"SHIT!" I said "You're right"

I kissed him again and said "I'll see ya later"

And with that I headed back over to the table I had been working at, where the librarian was waiting for me.

"I'm so sorry ma'am. I was looking for a book and lost track of time." I said

"Not to worry dear. I was just wondering if maybe someone forgot their belongings, that's all." She said "Did you find what you were looking for alright?"

"Yes ma'am" I said as I through all my stuff into my backpack.

I said a swift goodbye to the old lady and made my way to the exit.

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