Putting her back together

A/N Okay this is set 3 years after Edward left. Bella never jumped off the cliff, Edward never went to Volterra. And Jacob and Bella finally got together after Jacob put her back together again. It's the day of their wedding. Read this like you never finished New Moon and have never read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

The amazing Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer only.

Chapter One:
New Beginnings

Bella's POV

As I began to walk down the aisle I looked at nothing but Jacob if I hadn't seen it all this morning, I would have never noticed the beautiful arrangements of flowers which surrounded Billy's garden. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy, I knew I, the most clumsiest person in Forks or maybe even Washington, would trip on something most likely my own feet. Pulling myself away from Jacob's gaze I looked at the few people invited to my wedding, as they all knew me quite well I could see by the expression on their faces they were waiting for me to trip it couldn't be because of my beauty as I looked pretty normal and plain. I was wearing a simple white lace dress, the same dress Rene had worn many years ago, it kept her happy and I didn't want anything fancy. I kissed Charlie on the cheek then I took my place opposite Jacob, boy did he looked incredible his hair was short but I had grown on me by now and I quite liked it, all his teenage chubbiness was gone it made him look so beautiful. I had only seen another person that could match him right now, my chest ached.

Not now Bella

We said our simple vows then kissed, I didn't have to be good with Jacob and he didn't have to be good with me are kisses were passionate and although they weren't as good as they were with him, I couldn't even bare to think his name(it caused to much pain )they were the closest thing I was ever going to get. And I really did love Jacob it's just nobody could ever compare to him. Jacob made me feel better if I was away from him the hole in my chest magically re-appeared and I couldn't let that happen ,I couldn't stand the pain it brought, I had to move on because deep down I knew that Edward was never coming back. He didn't want me. Why would he want some average plain looking human? I couldn't offer him anything special except maybe my blood.

Rene hugged me tightly "Aww I'm so happy for you darling"

"Mom, thank you for the dress it's beautiful"

"Don't worry honey; I think it was always meant to be yours."
Renee was happy for me but not nearly as much as Charlie, even if he didn't show it. All Renee knew was that I got a bit upset when they left but Charlie knew how distraught I was and how much I depended on Jacob. Deep down I knew Charlie was jumping for joy.


We greeted and thanked nearly everyone and then it was time to thank the pack. Everyone was pleased with our marriage they all welcomed me like a sister and they were brothers to me too. But Sam wasn't so happy he didn't really want us together, he knew the pain that was going to come the promises that would be broken. I knew why so did everyone, well everyone who knew the super natural world existed because there was going to be the day when Jacob would leave me , they day when he wouldn't want me anymore, the day when Jacob imprinted. I knew that I shouldn't have really married Jacob but I was too selfish to give him up, he was not a drug but a substitute and being without him made me almost suicidal. The thought of Jacob imprinting worried me to death so it was always put away in my mind something that was off limits and I didn't need Sam reminding me off it.

"Congratulations" Sam's voice was flat with no truth behind his words.

"Thanks Sam" Jacob said grinning.

He other didn't notice the flatness of Sam's words or didn't care.

He looked straight at me saying everything by saying nothing at all. Jacob noticed this quickly saying…

"Yeah, so I think it's time for me and Bella to go you know to show her…"

I didn't have any idea what Jacob was on about but I was glad to get away from Sam, I couldn't deal with his judgments.

Jacob pulled me into his car, Charlie driving; I was very confused we weren't having a honeymoon because Jacob couldn't be away from the pack so why were we leaving so early, it's not like we had anywhere to go we were planning to live at Billy's.

"Jacob where are we going, I don't under-"He cut me off

"Bella, baby be patient"

Charlie cringed at this; he wasn't used to being around people who expressed their feelings openly towards each other.

Suddenly the car stopped, we weren't anywhere special just a normal road on La Push. We got out and Jacob grabbed my hand pulling me toward this small average looking house with a yellow front door, he was so excited but I couldn't imagine why. And then I caught on.
"Oh my gosh, Jacob you didn't buy us A HOUSE?"
"I sure did, Charlie, Renee and Billy helped too"
I was just about to yell at Charlie for spending his retirement on me when Jacob pulled me towards the house, he unlocked the door then scooped me up carrying me over the threshold.
" Ooh vey traditional" I said sarcastically.
" Pretend, you love that junk"
Charlie had left us too settle in, I looked around the fully furnished living room in surprise it was simple but that's why I loved it the colourful pattered rug made the whole room look complete.
Jacob drawing my attention away from the room put his arms around my waist kissing me passionately his lips fitting perfectly with mine, he locked his fingers with mine leading me towards the bedroom…

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