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This is the last chapter read it slowly (LOL). Jacob's letter is the saddest thing out of the whole story in my opinion. Get the tissues ready.

Chapter 13:

Edward's POV

My beautiful Bella lay there still and motionless but I knew she was screaming inside. Her hair laid spread across the pillow. She looked stunning.

"It's okay Bella, it's almost over" I murmured, twisting her hair around my finger.

Alice walked gracefully into my room followed by the rest of the family.

"It's time; she has a minute or so"

I stroked her hair ready to greet her into the super natural world- my world. My delicate, precious Bella was going to be like me, she had lost her soul. Our love was not forbidden now; we were part of the same world. I carefully listened to her heart beat, it was slowing down eventually it came to a sudden halt.

Gradually her eyelids began to open; she stared at the ceiling waiting for her eyes to focus into her new perfected vision. Gently she placed one hand behind her back and one hand on her stomach.

Oh Bella, honey he's not there.

Esme's thoughts reminded me of everything Bella was going to miss out on. I instantly went to Bella's side holding her tight against my chest, and I didn't have to think about the strength in which I held her now. I pressed my lips against her hair, I forgot about the others in the room they didn't matter to me right now- I had to take care of my Bella.

I felt her tears against my chest; even as a vampire she still had the incredible ability to feel human emotions. I had to divert her thoughts from her loss, she had eternity to grieve.
I whispered softly in her ear, so only she could hear. "I still can't read your thoughts".
She forced a smile at me and I returned it. I helped her up as she still hadn't focused into our world yet.

Bella's POV

Eventually my eyes began to focus, I could see ever grain of wood every stray hair that lay upon the floor. I raised my head slowly to look at Edward. His perfect being made me long for things I could now have. His beauty was ever much the same just more perfectly defined.

My vampire brain could hold many thoughts at once at this exact moment in time it held four thoughts. My precious baby Jake, my longing for Edward, my few recollections on how I became a vampire and... my thirst. It burned in my throat causing my thoughts to focus on it alone.

My eyes had not parted from Edward's gaze. I was sure I was irritating him tremendously keeping my thoughts to myself. I put him out of his misery.

"What" I paused amazed by the musical sound of my own voice. "What happened?" My memory was faded I could barely remember how it all happened. All I knew for certain was that my little baby Jake was gone. A tear escaped my eye; I was still stunned at my ability to still feel human emotions.

I glanced behind me; my family was nowhere to be seen. I could hear their chatter below us.
I was astounded as I watched Edward struggled for his words, something he rarely did. He searched in his pocket for some unknown item then handed me an envelope.

"I think, you would rather read it alone." He whispered quickly.

Before I could argue, he was out of the room I heard him downstairs with the others. They were as curious as I was.

"Is she okay?" they said simultaneously.

I ignored their conversation. Gently and slowly I unfolded the paper inside, I wasn't sure how strong I was one wrong movement and it could end up shredded across the floor. I realized now how Edward struggled around me I used to be as delicate as this piece of paper. Ignoring my thirst I read the words before me, I noticed the messy scribble immediately:

Dear Bella,

You laid their limp on the floor and I knew what you future held at that precise moment. I know the Bella reading this isn't the Bella I remember but I hope she still is inside of you somewhere. I'm not sure how it works but I remember something along the lines of that you won't remember everything. I wanted to be the one to tell you but being with you right now is too risky. You are a newborn and I am still part human.

You most certainly notice your flat stomach now; I know you won't have forgotten our precious baby boy Jake. He never got to see us but I know he would have grown up to be a boy in which we would forever love, of course. I miss him Bella, isn't it funny how you can miss something that never lived? I miss you too, never forget that. We must always talk about him because I don't want us to ever forget him. I am sure we never will. He is in a better place now, somewhere in which he will forever stay peaceful. He won't have to grow up surrounded by fighting and conflict.

Things didn't work out for us; I think that was just bound to happen. I hope you have a good life Bella, I will think about you. Always

I guess we're sworn enemies now Bella. It doesn't have to be that way because me and you will always be Jake's parents. How you both got hurt was a horrible tragedy Bella and I'm sorry I truly am.

Sam doesn't live here anymore. Do you remember what happened? He lost control he was so set on killing Emmett he didn't look to see where his claws were going. He's not here anymore Bella he was forced away, it is obvious why. I don't know where he is now but he moved away with Emily I told him to go. I had to stop myself I wanted to hurt him Bella because a part of me died inside when you lay on the floor almost dead. I still care about you Bella; my devotion just lies with Lucy now. I wish I could say I still love you Bella but I can't not in the way I used to. I do love you but more in the way you used to love me when we were best friends. I know Edward will take care of you.

Our happiness was taken away and that is just what happen some times. You are going to have a long and happen forever with Edward. I'm sure. I'm Alpha now, it's weird. I'm not used to being responsible for everyone.

I will always think about you and Jake I hope you think about me too. Look inside the envelope, it's to make sure you never forget us. Look me up in a few decades. He will never be forgotten.


I looked deeper inside the envelope; I fastened it around my wrist. It was a silver bracelet that held two charms. A hand carved wooden wolf with smaller wolf beside it.

The tears flowed out of my eyes like a waterfall. I knew I would see Jacob one day but my baby Jake was forever gone. I glanced left to notice Edward running towards me. He held me tight, his magical scent was intensified I breathed it in pleasurably. He dried my eyes with his shirt.

"I love you Bella; we have forever now... forever to be together. I will put you back together, remembering him won't hurt as much give it time."

I nodded, kissing him passionately.


I am sad this is over. I really loved writing this chapter, well in fact this whole story. I thought this was a very good place to stop and I don't think there is anything else to write. I hope you liked Jacob's letter, I did it was my favourite but out of the whole story. What was your favourite bit- please say in reviews. This isn't the last of me I will be writing another story some day.

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