Title: Time, What Ever Never Fades
Author: xx-madness
Type of Fic: Middleish length.
Pairings: Effy/Cook, some JJ/Katie and Emilie/Naomi
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters or settings, and I have no affiliation with Skins. If i did, the finale would have ended way differently.
Summary: Cook and Effy were always the type of people to run away from problems. But what happens when they run headlong into them?

"I have loved to the point of madness; That which is called madness, That which to me, is the only sensible way to love."

part one.

"It's just you and me babe. It's always going to be you and me."

Those were the last words Effy heard Cook say before they entered the inevetible period of silence. Although there was a lot left unsaid, unresolved, Cook knew better than to approach the subject, and Effy wasn't really in the mood to open her mouth for anything but her cigarette and the occasional swig of vodka.

Effy cast a glance at the dashboard - it was seven in the morning, they had been driving - wordlessly - for 5 hours straight. She silently wondered if Cook was feeling hungry or tired at all, and then realised she was worrying about him - something that would suggest she actually cared for him, which was just silly. Because Cook was nobody, he used sex to get in on the big crowd but if you took that away he had nothing, and she was now an outcast, that was the only reason they were in the same vehicle, travelling towards an unknown destination.

"Pull in here." Effy ordered, her voice cracking, and a cough escaping from her throat. Cook obliged, without looking at her. They were at the side of a dirt road - entered the countryside, away from the pressure of upscale civilization, where you had to be somebody to have anything. To have anybody.

Effy leaned back in her chair, and glanced at Cook, gesturing for him to do the same. He deserved a rest. He smiled - shockingly - and nodded briefly. They slept for a few hours, not disturbing any bypassing cars, as there were none.

When Cook awoke, Effy was lying on his chest, his face was buried in her hair. He sat up and gave her a small nudge. Her eyes opened and then they were driving again, as if it had never happened.

Half an hour later, Cook spoke. "You know December is my favourite month." Effy nodded. It was a few minutes before Cook continued. "It's long, and it's dark, and the short joys like christmas, or snow, they never last. It's a lot like my life. The short joys are getting pissed and the... events that lead from that. But tyere's no point in them. They never last. December is my life Ef, but I wish it wasn't."

"If you aren't happy with your lifestyle then change it." Effy stared at him intently. "It's not difficult to change, it's just a lot of us can't be arsed."

"Is that what you want me to do?"

"I think I'd like you a lot more if you did." Effy said carefully. "But... you know you don't have to change alone. People can help."

Cook shook his head, snorted, bit his lip and then concentrated on the long stretch of road ahead of them. Effy stroken the side of his cheek briefly, then picked up a magazine from the floor and let her eyes focus on the pictures of glamour models and high fashion pieces - not really reading the words that accompanied them.

It had been so long since someone had called her that she'd forgotten what her ringtone was - until it rang at around 4PM. "Cook." Effy said. "It's Katie."

It was hard to say her name.

Cook raised an eyebrow, then reached out for Effy's phone. "May I?" Effy nodded, and so he flipped open the skinny mobile. "Katie, I don't know what the fuck you're playing at but leave Effy alone, she really does not need a bitching hate session from you right now, so fuck off will you - oh, Emily?" His face went blank. Perfectly smooth. Then it returned to an arrogant smirk again "Well, I will inform her of that, thank you very much. Don't go all CRYING on me bitch, I really don't care that your sister is in a koma."

"Katie's in a koma." Effy stated when he had hing up. It was not a question, it wasn't a cry of disbelief - it was fact. "It's my fault if she doesn't wake up."

"She brought it on herself. She was the one who attacked you, right?"

He was saying the things she wanted to hear, but really it was just smoothing over the truth, but it was exactly what she needed. "Cook. Thank you."

This time she meant it.

That was quite fun to write, if I'm perfectly honest! In case you're wondering where I'm going with this, it's going to expand on the Cook/Ef relationship, and they do return to Bristol, and there will be very clear distinctions, there are now two gangs. There's going to be the controversy over katie, not to mention the rumors round town that will give Effy a bit of a hard time. I have lots of plans so hopefully you like it and who knows!