Thud thud, thud thud.

Breath in.

A silver volvo going at least eighty miles an hour zoomed past. I felt my heart flutter at the extreme closeness it came to me.

Thud thud, thud thud.

Breath out.

The light drizzle above my head was a faint mist, making everything around me blurry and unclear. Just the way I like my night run. Alienated from the world and only thinking of the constant melody my heart and feet make.

Thud thud, thud thud.

Breath in.

The rain suddenly became heavy, making me curse to myself for not bringing a jacket.

Now I'm soaked AND cold... great.

The drum beat my feet were making as they hit the pavement picked up tempo, the perspiration above my eyebrows mixing with the rain.

I was still quite far away from my house, far enough from town to see the billions of stars. The full moon left a weird iridescence over everything in my sight, the green trees, the road, the street ahead leading into town. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion.

"Forks... got to give it credit. It sure is beautiful..." I said, hugging myself as the wind picked up slightly.

I heard the howling of wolves only a few miles away in La Push, and I shivered.

I started running. Again, I fell into my own world, listening to my heart beat.

Slowly, however, I felt it.

You know that feeling that you're being watched? Suddenly feeling like I should be running faster.

Nothing is going to get you. You're in a tiny town where there's absolutely no crime. Nothing is following you.

I could still feel it. I slowly gained speed. Suddenly I stretched my hearing to the forest to my right, and I heard the pounding of four legs at my same pace.

My heart suddenly felt like it was going to beat out of chest, trying to leave the rest of me for whatever was after me.

I looked, and all I saw was a pair of huge green eyes moving faster a few feet away from me in the darkness of the dense forest.

I let out a tiny shriek, and started to run at my full speed. My heart was beating harder, if possible, and my legs felt like jello, unable to keep my weight as I ran.

Without warning, I fell, and I felt the pavement hit my hip with full force. With a loud thunk, the rest of me hit the hard ground, and I groaned in pain. I pushed myself up quickly, however, and looked in terror into the forest.

Nothing. The green eyes were gone, or at least farther in.

My heart calmed down, going back to its original pace. I let out a sigh of relief, and scraped myself off the road. I brushed myself off, and saw on my thigh there was a small scratch, but no real damage. I looked up.

There it was. A massive wolf, twice the size of the ones I saw at the zoo back at home. Its fur was so completely black, it seemed like it was sucking in all of the surrounding light. Those massive green eyes penetrated mine, and a huge shiver of fear was sent down my spine.

The animal stared at me with a look of intelligence, which surprised me. I knew wolves were cunning, but this one looked different. It didn't even look at me like I was a snack, but rather interest. Extreme interest at that, and I sucked in my breath.

I backed up a few steps, and the wolf took tree forward.

"Wh-what?" I whispered, feeling my face contort into confusion. The wolf all of a sudden took a few steps back, and sat on the street.

I blinked a few times, and wiped the sweat from my forehead. I took a step forward.

I knew for a fact this thing could kill me in an instant, but somehow its eyes weren't filled with hunger. They looked at me with the most queer expression, like it wanted me to come. I felt safe for some crazy reason.

I took two more steps forward, and the wolf didn't move a muscle.

I filled in the space between the animal and I, and I could feel the heat radiate off. I felt my goosebumps disappear in an instant.

The head of it was five times the size of mine, and its eyes easily the size of a pair of footballs. I could see the glossy brown fur close now, and I could count each individual hair if I wanted.

Those eyes, however, bore into me so intense, I could barely breathe. The eyes of a human.

I know, I know, I sound like a lunatic, but this wolf wasn't normal.

At least, not like the kinds I've seen before.

The wolf turned its head back into the forest, let out a small growl, and then looked back at me.

"Go back. Your pack is probably waiting..." I mused, staring at the magnificent creature.

It looked at me, and off it went, diving in-between the trees and disappearing from sight.

I took in a cold breath, and stood there for a moment, still wondering what just happened.

"Goodbye." I said, knowing full and well the wolf couldn't understand or hear me. It didn't matter.

I started running again, the whole way back thinking.