Omega XLR!

Battle Royale Part Two!

Ross's choice was to accept the Master of Games offer, as he passed a sign labeled 'Welcome to the Galatic Robot Championship Federation Bash Fest!' as a huge Space Station is seen ahead.

"Woah, nice place," X complimented as Alyssa rolled her eyes as they headed to a waiting room were Ross parked Omega as they heard the cheering crowds and Ross saw the Belt as his eyes shined.

"Woah.." Ross said Alyssa sighed.

"Not what I had in mind...but maybe we put Omega through it's paces," Alyssa said as MG flew over on a floating platform.

"Welcome Author, Glad to see you accepted my offer," MG said.

"This place is awesome," Ross said.

"Yeah, yeah, go win that belt Ross! I'll go check on the odds," Nukid said as X nodded.

"I'll come with," X said.

"Good, the further you two are from Ross and Omega the better," Alyssa said.

"Oh I'm sorry only the combatants are allowed in the arena," MG said.

"Then what do I do?" Alyssa asked as Nukid noticed something.

"You could be the round card girl....or not," Nukid said seeing her glare.

"I overheard you needing parts, maybe I can get you a deal in the Junkyard, I'll have someone show the way," MG said as a small robot flew over.

"Well since I'm here, might as well do something," Alyssa said.

"I might as well go with X and Nukes make sure they don't do something stupid," Arkard said as X and Nukid glared at him.

"Ross be careful, I'll be on Comm link if you need me, and try not to wreck my robot!" Alyssa said as she left, X, Nukid and Arkard already leaving.

"I'll be fine, it's...HEY! What'd ya mean YOUR robot!" Ross said as Alyssa was led the the Junkyard.

"Here is the Junkyard," The Robot said.

"More like a graveyard," Alyssa said as the Robot left as she began looking through the parts.


Nukid, Arkard and X made it to the betting pool as they saw Omega's name appearing with a very large odds against.

"Can I help you?" The man at the counter asked as Nukid, Arkard and X put down a small pile of money.

"Put it all on the new guy..." Nukid said.

"..and let it ride," X finished as the other people laughed thinking that the newbie would lose as the Man nodded and took their money into the betting pool.


The Master of Games was with two other workers as one of them said something in a strange language.

"All systems are green, interactive virtual landscape is online," The other worker said as MG smirked.

"Full house, Billions of credits at stake, let's see this subspecies put my money where his big mouth is," MG said smirking as he turned on a Microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Galactic Robot Championship Federation...Bash Fest!" MG said as the crowd cheered.

" the Blue Corner making his GRCF debut!" MG said as most of the crowd booed except for Nukid, Arkard and X.

"The Eradicator from Earth, the Blaster from the Blue Planet, the Terror from Terra! Ooooomega!" MG said as Omega appeared in a spotlight as Ross smirked inside the cockpit as the light turned to the other side of the Arena.

"And in the Red Corner, the Terror of Black Holes, the Red Dwarf of Devastation, SuuperNOVA!" MG said as a Black armoured robot with red optics and what looked like a flamethrower on his right arm as he tossed off a cloak he was wearing and cracked his neck.

"Okay boy, I want a clean fight, and by that I mean, Total Chaos and Destruction!" MG said as Ross smirked even more.

"You got it," Ross said.

"Is everyone ready!!" MG asked as the Crowd cheered.

"You going down!" Supernova said.

"BRING IT ON!" Ross said as revved up Omega as the scenery changed into a jungle area.

"Cool, it's like that restaurant in the mall," Ross said but that distraction allowed Supernova to punch Omega into a tree.

"Ooh, Supernova sends Omega flying with the first punch, this fight could be over already," MG said as Supernova pointed his right arm and let loose a torrent of flames.

"Phew, I can feel the heat from here, Supernova's cooking Omega on the grill, can I get some steak over here, I like mine well done," MG chuckled as Omega jumped over the flames.

"So what you get for hiring an Au..." MG started to saw when Omega kicked Supernova into a lake as Omega raised his hands.

"Hah!" Ross said but he could sense Supernova getting back up and calmly reached for a controller and while Supernova was charging his cannon Omega slammed his fist into a tree making it fall on Supernova squashing him as Ross crossed his arms.

"Next," Ross said as the crowd began joining Nukid, Arkard and X in cheering for Omega and Ross

"And against all odds, the first Author to fight in the GRCF wins his debut bout and sets a new time record!" MG said as Ross raised his arms in victory.

"Yeah!" Ross said.

(That's this one, Ross continues his winning streak to try and get the belt, but Alyssa by accident finds something crooked going on, while Nukid, Arkard and X revel in the fame they were getting from Ross's wins that they betted on.)