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I'll get right to the story, but here's a quick summary of what happened last because I know I definitely forgot:

Annabeth and Jason (Annabeth's mortal husband, fake father of Ally) are getting divorced, Ally just found out that Percy was her dad and not Jason and that the gods exist, and Ally is finally having her dinner with Percy. They just sat down and are about to engage in a heart-to-heart.

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"What are you going to have?" Percy asked, setting down his menu and unfolding his napkin.

"The ravioli, I think," I said, "What about you?"

"The steak sounds pretty good," he replied, taking a sip of water.

A minute later, the waiter came by to take our orders. Once he ran off to put our orders in (only after fawning after my dad for a few minutes, of course), my dad and I began to talk.

"Is it always that annoying?" I asked.

"Huh?" Percy asked, looking confused, "Is what always that annoying?"

"You know," I answered, gesturing towards the waiter, "Random people going up to you all over the place and freaking out because you're Percy Jackson. Don't you find that annoying?"

He began to laugh. "At first it made me want to go hide in my house and never leave. It was like, 'Can't you leave me alone already?' but eventually I got over it and used to it. If you begin to think of it as a form of flattery, it's not nearly as irritating."

I nodded. People always say that about copying, too – that's it's the best form of flattery. To me, though, it's just frustrating.

"So," I said, quickly trying to formulate a question, "How has your visit to New York been? You grew up, here, right? Do you miss the city?"

"The visit's been good so far," he said, smiling, "I really do miss the city. I wish that I could just move back here and just let Regina keep the house, but that would make it difficult on Troy – to have to go back and forth from New York and LA that frequently, it wouldn't be fair."

"Yeah, I understand."

He could be moving back to NY? How cool would that be? To have all three of my parents in the city! Gods, I have three parents – so strange.

"Ally," he said, his tone turning to a more serious one, "I haven't really gotten to see how you're taking all this information about your mom, me, and the gods. What did your mother tell you? Do you have any questions for me?"

I explained to him everything my mom has been elucidating to me for the past few days. When I was done, after just nodding after everything I said, he said, "It sounds like she covered all of the major bases. So, do you have any questions for me?"

"So, this camp – Camp Half-Blood? What is it like, exactly? I know it's where you go if you have a godly parent and it's the place where you and my mom met, but what do you do there?"

"It's an amazing place, Ally," he said, smiling. It almost seemed like he was living in his memories of the place, "I think that this summer you should go – especially with what you told me about controlling water."

"Uh huh," I said, while nodding. That's exactly what my mom had told me, too.

"Essentially, at camp you learn how to control your powers and use them for you advantage. You learn how to sword fight, and how to defend yourself against monsters-"

"Like that dog that I encountered on the subway a month ago?" I asked, interrupting him.

"What dog?" he asked, a worried expression crawling onto his face.

"There was this-this, huge," I began, making hand gestures to represent just how enormous this dog was, "Black dog on the subway a month ago when I was with my sister. Nobody besides us seemed to see it. But it attacked us, but be switched subways before it could do any harm. It was one of those monsters that you're talking about, right?"

"Yes, it is," he said, his face full of concern, "What you encountered was a Hellhound. Your mother should have warned-"

"She kind of did," I explained, I wasn't about to allow him to insult my mom, "She gave me a dagger a few years ago to use in situations like this. She didn't quite tell me exactly what the situation would be like, but she told me I would know. And I knew."

Two minutes later, our food arrived and Percy – or dad, rather – and I began to talk about topics more on the normal side; like what it felt like to go to the Oscars.

By the end of the evening, all of the awkwardness between us was gone. He actually began to feel like my father. When we left, he gave me a hug and promised to call me. He even said that he was going to try and find a way to see me again this trip!

During my trip back to my apartment, I thought about how everything seemed to be right again, despite all the chaos going on. Now that I all the secrets I had been holding were out in the open, I began to feel as free as a bird – unconstrained and ready to soar.

The only question is: how long was this all going to last?

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