A.N. very short one shot, need feedback to carry it on. Bartleby and Loki have been living on earth as mortals for 10 years, how have they stayed friends after their dramatic ends?

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I can still remember exactly what he said to me, he probably doesn't being such a simple mind, but I remember it every day. It's been ten years since the little breakdown and since god gave us both a second chance on earth, as mortals. Well before that of course, I died. An overall unpleasant business I'd rather not do in the same way again. But after that I found myself back up there, and not alone. A hand was sympathetically placed on my back which seemed strange as I had just died. And there he was, turned my head to the left and there he frickin' was.

So firstly I retched, and then I fell off my chair and placed myself at his feet. Loki, my best friend who I killed was trying to comfort me.

"Hey Bartleby," my eyes shot up at him, I didn't know what to say to him, how to say it. "How was dying?"

"L.. L.. Loki?" I reached across and touched his face, so he was real. "Where are we?"

At this he chuckled lightly, "where do you think?" suddenly I took my eyes away from him and surveyed the 'room'. It was completely empty, no walls, no floor, just plain white. The chairs we sat on were white and I suddenly felt the presence of such majesty it was heartbreaking.

"She let us in? Home?" on the last word I filled with elation

"Maybe" I looked back into his eyes again, "they're talking it over"

Suddenly my thoughts returned to why we were there, I looked up at him and saw the rip in the shirt he was wearing. I hung my head low

"I.. Loki what do I say to you?" his head snapped up confused, but upon seeing my face it changed, he smiled broadly.

"You're truly sorry?" my eyes were suddenly brimful of tears, this seemed to answer the question for him, "you're my best friend, I hold nothing but love for you,"

"Even after I killed you?" I said astonished.

"You still liked me after I killed thousands of people, I figure I owe you." After saying this he knelt beside me, pulled me upwards and sat me back down on the chair. By now the tears were falling fast, he probably couldn't guess at how badly I felt, how I treated him, and yet I was still his friend. My hand found his quickly, in an attempt to show him how sorry I really was, but the strangest thing happened. My heart started to beat faster.

This I now realised proved two things, one, that I was in fact mortal, and two, was the reason Loki was now lying across me. It had taken me millennia and a mental breakdown to figure out, but he, and crazy as it seems, is the only one for me.

I look down at him as he sleeps and all the doubt that god hated me and that my life is unfair disappears. Because I know I have the best gift god could have given me, Loki.

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