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And why not put the remaining 3 as well?

The Forest

After a long while of not doing absolutely nothing, the Magnificent 32 (not counting extras) decide to have a walk in the forest, the same one where Peter Pan and Tinkerbe-I mean, Link and Navi parted ways. For some odd reason, they spot Heartless-looking enemies, much for ROB's "tragic" past's dismay.

However, their walk is halted by an extra door floating in the middle of nowhere. And as rule, every door must be opened, so they jump and open the door in midair, and get sucked into it (and no, it's true. They DO get sucked in like a freaking black hole).


The question about doors spread all over the Smash Bros. Universe is later questioned.

Pirate Ship

It is revealed that the door of the forest takes people to the ocean. Up above, a transfigured version of Link watches around happily and spots the absolutely weird jamboree group (apparently invading his normal looking pirate ship (and we also find out that Link is a pirate)) and descends down, takes his sword, and stands weirdly. Peach thinks that Link is cute.

Not to mention this adds up to the swordsmen characters.

And a battle ensues. Since the fact that we said that we mentioned the 32 unlikely team, they easily defeat the mini Link. They dub the Link, "Toon Link" because Kirby came up with the name.

As a rule, Toon Link joins them by defeating him. Much ala Smash Bros. way.

How the heck a normal pirate ship and not Tetra's Ship turned into a stage? I have no idea.

The Swamp

After letting the much better version of Link in, the Superb 33 (real title) decide to go to the swamp.

Surprise, the Super Giant Shadow Hyperactive Crazy Bushy Crazy Diddy Kong ambushes them. Remember our friend Mr. Plothole? He came back and decided to stick around more.

If Sonic swimming in the water is not a plothole, then my name is definitely Iroyuki Ito.

Pikachu gets the sixth sense, and finds another floor floating in midair. As a rule, if someone opens a door, EVERYONE must go in there.

Pokémon Stadium 2 (and is not the N64 version)

SHOCKERS, Jigglypuff was doing a concert, and nobody, I repeat, NOBODY felt asleep. Too bad this Jigglypuff wasn't the one from the anime, though.

She gets pissed after 33 meddlers ended up on the floating platform (and possibly because half of the crowd were crazy Marth fangirls who decided to desire him) and attacks them.

Rather easy fight is rather easy. Jigglypuff gets defeated, and she MUST join them.

Why she was able to be here in Brawl than Mewtwo was never answered whatsoever. Everyone seems to like puffballs more there in Japan than cats with weird chest shapes and a tube behind their throats. Author doesn't care as long as Lucario stays.

The Ruins

The 34 Twilight Princess characters (they really fit in there with those "Brawl" looks) group go Indiana Jones in this place, and they find more Heartless-looking enemies. Reason for them to go there? Blame the guy with the P1 controller.

Or plothole.

After going through a whole lot of traps (annoying traps), descending in a floating platform that somehow tilted by the sides, they spot another floating door in midair and decide to go in (by being sucked, of course).

Lylat Cruise

Ruins and intergalactic cruises are linked here somehow. Many Star Fox fans get utterly happy for this scene and yell Krystal's name.

However, they get Wolf (Texan voice intact), who appears from his Star Trek ship, jumps out, and flips off the audience (no, he really does flip you off (and me)). He SURELY was pissed because of his face...or maybe that's his normal face. Rather normal fight ensues (and yes, harder because stupid rivalry things with Fox, who decided to fight him alone (probably to make him look more badass than he was)).

Several hours later, after not landing a successful hit on neither opponents, Wolf gives in (annoyed) and HAS to join them as a rule, much for the red (orange, that fur ain't red) fox's dismay.

Wolf would have worked well with the Subspace Army. Just replace Bowser's encounters with him, and you'll get the picture.

The FoxXWolf pairing suddenly gets even more popular for some reason. MarthXIke pairing still gets the upper hand, though.

Overworld Map

The hugest of biggest of plotholes get more apparent after taking a glance of the map...

The Halberd is still there.

The Midair Stadium (and even its people who are stuck in there for eternity) is still there.

The Isle of the Ancients is still there (albeit to say it was supposed to be COMPLETELY erased from that universe).

The bosses (that explode when defeated) are still there in their respective places.

And most of all...

The Subspace is still there (and since the Halberd is beside it, the ship is closely as large as the sphere of DEATH).

And Tabuu is STILL there.

And that's not all.

The Great Maze IS STILL there (no previous bosses, though).

The screen suddenly shatters as the player (who tossed the Wavebird at it) curses at this...

...And also curses for not having Mewtwo in the game.

And the boy Roy.

But later forgets that as the player decides to play Giant Mode using Zero Suit Samus, and sets only Super Mushrooms. Pleasure much?

And, she was a girl. And no, pleasure is still there.


You may stop reading and thinking there, crazy reader.

Mr. Plothole decides he had enough with Super Smash Bros. Brawl that he decides to turn into Mr. Logic, because logic is the same as plothole.

Too bad logic was used a lot here, much for Mr. Logic's dismay.

And no, I don't hate Mewtwo. Just mixing ideas with everyone who went to his side due to popularity.

Hope you enjoyed this. Read and review. :P