Annnnnd I'm back with another Harvest Moon (ToT) fic. :'D

This is not very Harvest Moon-y, so bear with me! –flails- It's more like … uh … fantasy –ish. :'D It's probably going to end up shojo-y and un-original. DD: Sorry! –continues ranting-

Princess Angela was in every way the perfect princess. Her silky brown hair hung down to her waist; her warm brown eyes shone and sparkled; her movements were soft and elegant. The people of the land looked up to her as their idol.

Oh, were they in for a rude awakening.

The princess wandered down the hallway towards her room. Once she reached it, she reached towards the golden doorknob with sweaty palms.


Angela jumped guiltily, then regained her composure. She turned around and with all the dignity she could muster, she said, "What is it, Prince Gill?"

The blonde standing in front of her narrowed his blue eyes. "You don't intend to leave the castle, do you, princess?"

"I … I … Of course not!" she riposted, averting her eyes. Gill merely continued staring at her with his cold eyes. "I … uhh … only planned on getting some fresh air …" Angela smiled innocently.

Gill rolled his eyes, then unexpectedly, a smile broke across his face. "If you plan on leaving, you should at least have someone accompany you. You never know – they might prove a good guide. Hint hint."

Angela's eyes lit up. "Gill, you're awesome!" she cried, throwing her arms around her friend's neck.

"I guess I'm coming with you then?"

"Yea. Okay, let's go by my window."

The princess released Gill from her chokehold and headed into her room. Gill followed closely behind.

"So. How is this going to work?"

"See that tree?" Angela pointed in the general direction of the window.

"Duh. It's right in front of the window."

"Yea. Self explanatory. Okay. Let's go." With that said, the brunette bunched up her skirts and crawled onto the conveniently placed tree branch.

"Monkey," Gill snickered, then followed Angela down the tree.

"I'm going to ignore that comment just because I'm so nice," the princess whispered, heading towards the gate.

"One sec there," the blonde said, looking at her, "You look like an absolute mess. How do you plan on presenting yourself to the peasants?"

"Ah," she muttered, looking down, "It's okay – they're used to my appearances anyways. I just tell them that as their princess, I need to uhh … communicate with them a bit more."

"Alright then," Gill sighed.

"Four dozen eggs please."

"Here you go, kind sir." The elderly man in front of him handed him the eggs and a couple rusty coins as change. "Do come again, will ya, lad?"

"Yes, yes," the purple-eyed individual said impatiently, then quickly turned around and walked right into someone else.

"Ack – sorry," he mumbled, then took a better look at the unfortunate victim who was rubbing her head rather dolefully. Then he did a double-take.

"Princess?! What're you doing here?"

"Just communicating with the people," she replied. "Wait – do I know you?"

Now, he was slightly irritated. "I live in the castle too, you know."

At that moment, Gill spoke up. "How dare you speak so disrespectfully towards the princess!"

"Ah, sorry Prince George or whatever your name was," the youth sneered, checking his watch. "Ah, got to go. There's that feast later tonight to prepare for." He turned around and started for the castle.

"One second!" Angela called out, taking a step towards him. "Can you at least tell me your name?"

He paused for a second, his peach-coloured hair waving slightly in the wind. Without turning around, he said, "It's Chase." Then, he once again started to walk at a leisurely pace.

"Chase, huh …" Angela muttered. "Never heard of him," she said, shrugging.

"Don't bother yourself with that lowlife," Gill hissed. "He's not worth your time."

The princess only looked at him pensively, a smile lightly gracing her lips. "Perhaps."

Oh the clichédness. D:

But this is a lot of fun to write. XD

Hum. Anyways, about Gill. If you're wondering what relationship he has with Angela, that'll be mentioned in the next chapter. I think.