A/N: Okay, so this takes place right after Episode 17, when L releases Light and Misa from captivity. L and Light are still handcuffed. Everything that happens might not be COMPLETELY accurate to the storyline beforehand, I'll do my best. It's my first yaoi AND my first Death Note story, so don't expect too much. (It's from Light's POV, in case you didn't know)

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Ryuzaki was crouched in his usual sitting position as he sat beside me on the couch. Misa was on my other side, her face lit up with a big smile as she babbled on about something.

"Aren't you just so happy that we're free now, Light? We can be together! You can take me out on real dates and we can stare into each others eyes! Plus we can take long walks together, holding hands…" Misa said dreamily.

"Yes, I was hoping Light would take you out somewhere with good desserts for your next date. Seeing as I'm forced to join you," Ryuzaki chimed in quietly as he sipped his cup of coffee. Misa scowled.

"I still don't see why you have to come!" she whined.

"We've both explained this countless times, Misa. For whatever reason, Ryuzaki insists that there's still a chance I could be Kira, so he's not going to let me out of his sight," I said slowly, hoping Misa would finally understand. Misa whimpered and crossed her arms.

"Well when are you going to hurry up and take me out?" she complained.

"There are more important things to think about right now. I need to focus all of my energy on finding out who Kira really is," I said sternly.

"Sometimes I find an outing to a place of entertainment, such as an ice cream parlor, can heighten your senses and help your deductive reasoning," Ryuzaki suggested.

"Yay! Does that mean you're taking me to get ice cream?!" Misa clapped excitedly.

"Hm. I think you'd be too much of a distraction. I suppose we could bring you something back," Ryuzaki stood up unexpectedly, pulling me with him.

"What? You mean, you and Light are going to go get ice cream without me?!" Misa's eyes widened.

"I would leave your precious Light behind so you could do ridiculous things together, but seeing as he's still a suspect I simply must bring him. You, however, I have no obligation to," Ryuzaki said in his quiet way. I cheered internally; glad that I'd be free of Misa for a few hours.

"Watari, could you bring a car around front? Light and I are going out for some ice cream. Yes. Yes, I understand. Alright," Ryuzaki had a quick conversation with Watari on his cell phone. A red light flashed once and a loud beep sounded.

"The car is here," Ryuzaki said. He slumped over and we walked to the elevator together. Ryuzaki didn't bother to put on shoes or socks, but I slipped into my sneakers as fast as I could before he pulled me into the elevator.

Ryuzaki stayed quiet in the car, leaving me to start a conversation. I tried to ask him about Kira research, but he wouldn't tell me anything more than I already knew. After a ten minute or so drive, we arrived at our destination. Ryuzaki exited the car first and I followed him. We'd reached a fast food restaurant called Dairy Queen, which I knew served dozens of kinds of ice cream products. Ryuzaki hurried into the store and his eyes lit up as he looked at the menu.

"I'll take…one of those," he pointed when he reached the cashier. "And one of those...two of those…maybe six of those? No, seven. That one…that one…oh, and that one too," Ryuzaki requested. The cashier's eyebrows went up but she didn't comment on his large purchase. "Light?" Ryuzaki turned to me.

"Oh…just a small vanilla cone, please. Wait, do you have any potato chips?" I asked. The cashier shook her head. "Just the ice cream, then," I sighed. Ryuzaki paid and we waited for the worker to make our food. Well, mostly Ryuzaki's food.

"I would've thought you had more creativity in you than a vanilla cone," Ryuzaki said, looking slightly flabbergasted.

"I prefer potato chips," I shrugged. The worker finally finished with the food and handed it to us over the counter. Ryuzaki had to use three trays to carry everything. He licked his lips as we sat at a table together. I handed him a spoon and he started in on his banana split. I almost laughed when I watched my hand rise and fall with his. The metal handcuffs clinked against the table. I used my free hand to hold my ice cream cone and licked it slowly.

"This is excellent," Ryuzaki said with a mouthful of ice cream. He ate the whole dish in less than a minute, leaving only the banana in the container.

"You should really eat that, you know. You're not the healthiest guy I've ever met," I pointed out.

"Yes, however my brain is in better shape than most," he said, now taking a slurp of his milkshake.

"Hey, you've got something on your cheek," I reached my handcuffed hand out without thinking to wipe the ice cream off of Ryuzaki's face. His skin was surprisingly soft, and I felt him quiver under my touch. I withdrew my hand quickly. "Sorry," I said, looking down.

"Better?" Ryuzaki asked, ignoring the intimate moment.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, all gone," I nodded. We ate the rest of our dessert in silence, unable to get rid of the tension between us after I stroked his cheek.

When we got back to headquarters Misa had fallen asleep on the couch. I found she actually looked much prettier when she wasn't talking. Ryuzaki assumed his usual squatting position, this time on a chair, and turned the television on. He began reviewing surveillance tapes from a local prison, where another criminal had been killed the previous day.

"Um, Ryuzaki?" I asked awkwardly.

"Yes?" Ryuzaki replied, not taking his eyes off of the screen.

"There's nowhere I can sit. We're handcuffed, in case you forgot," I shook my hand to remind him.

"Oh. No, I didn't forget. I merely figured you wouldn't mind standing. I'd offer you my lap, but I'd have to rearrange my sitting position, and that wouldn't very well help discover Kira," Ryuzaki stated.

"Yeah, forty percent and all that. I'll stand, then," I rolled my eyes before closing them, deciding as long as I was forced to be attached to Ryuzaki I might as well get some rest.

I woke up some time later, shocked I'd been able to sleep standing up. Ryuzaki was still evaluating the tapes, however now he was sipping a fresh cup of coffee.

I used my free hand to rub my eyes before blushing when I realized something.

"Ryuzaki?" I whispered.

"What is it, Light?" he said.

"I need to use the bathroom. Uncuff me," I demanded.

"I would, but then there'd be no way to tell if you were doing something…Kira-related while you claimed to be relieving yourself. I see no choice but to join you," Ryuzaki stood up, scratching one of his legs with the other.

"No way!" I gasped. "You can't watch me!"

"You'll have to wait until I capture Kira, then," he sat back down.

"I can't wait that long!" I protested.

"Alright…" Ryuzaki stood up again.

"For the last time, you can't come!" I gritted my teeth.

"Make up your mind. If you keep asking me to stand and sit, I'm going to need a piece of cake," Ryuzaki said.

"Fine! Come, watch, you pervert," I mumbled.

"Maybe I really am a pervert…" Ryuzaki furrowed his non existent eyebrows. I sighed and stomped off to the bathroom, Ryuzaki trailing behind me.

I reached the bathroom and pulled Ryuzaki inside before closing the door and locking it.

"Can you at least close your eyes?" I tried to compromise.

"You could be hiding a weapon anywhere," Ryuzaki reasoned.

I huffed before unzipping my pants and relieving myself with one hand, as Ryuzaki watched with wide eyes. I felt suddenly self-conscious, almost as if Ryuzaki was checking me out. He touched his fingers to his lips, thinking.

"A weapon indeed…" he muttered under his breath, probably thinking I couldn't hear him. I smirked a little; glad he was impressed by my size. When I was finished I zipped my pants up again and washed my hands.

"Okay, Ryuzaki, your turn," I sneered. He looked at me blankly. "I showed you mine, you show me yours," I clarified. "It's the fair thing to do."

"Ah, justice," Ryuzaki half-smiled. He unzipped his own pants and pulled them down, removing his boxers as well. I gulped when I saw his length, realizing he was at least two inches bigger than I was. Without warning I got an incredible urge to reach down and touch him. My fingers twitched. "Is something wrong?" Ryuzaki asked innocently. I felt my heart start beating faster. Pushing all my inhibitions aside I took a step closer to Ryuzaki, pressing him against the bathroom wall.

"Close your eyes," I demanded.

"Not until the possibility of you being Kira is zero percent," Ryuzaki said.

"I said, close your eyes," I repeated.

"Not until the –" Ryuzaki gasped as I stroked his length. He made struggling sounds in his throat as he attempted to finish his sentence, but I ignored him and only touched him more intimately.

"Close your eyes," I said more softly. His eyelids fluttered shut. I lowered my lips to his neck and kissed his soft skin, never ceasing my hand movements on his growing erection. A million thoughts were racing through my head, a million reasons why I should stop, but Ryuzaki felt so good to touch and kiss that after a while I couldn't think at all.

"Light…" he moaned when my kisses ascended to his cheeks and chin. Abruptly, even though his eyes were closed, Ryuzaki's lips found mine. I kissed him back hungrily and our tongues fought for supremacy. My hand pumped his erection faster and his entire body tensed next to mine. Our handcuffed hands remained limp next to each other, while Ryuzaki's free hand snaked under my shirt and felt my chest. I felt Ryuzaki getting closer to his limit and I grabbed his sac lightly, causing him to throw his head back and moan loudly. My own erection felt like it was bursting through my pants, sending waves of need and pleasure through my body every time Ryuzaki moaned. I bit his lip seductively and teased his tip with my hand, causing him to arch his back and shove himself closer to me.

"Come for me, Ryuzaki," I whispered in his ear, urging him on.

"Mmm," he moaned. A smile stretched across my face as I thought of a better thing to say.

"Come for me…L," I murmured. He screamed in ecstasy at the sound of his name, finally exploding. When he was finished he slumped his head over my shoulder, breathing heavily.

"That was interesting," he said quietly.

"Yeah, something like that," I smiled, amazed I'd gone through with the whole thing.

"I must say, Light, of all the sweets I've tasted, your lips are the most…mouth-watering," Ryuzaki said calmly. I chuckled.

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?" I grinned. Ryuzaki smiled back, though he looked a little embarrassed. I leaned into kiss him again, but was interrupted by possibly the most annoying sound on Earth.

"LIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" a voice called. Misa had clearly woken up. "Light, where are you?!" she cried. Ryuzaki rushed to pull up his boxers and pants, zipping them quickly. I splashed some water from the sink on my face to cool me down and opened the bathroom door.

"I was in the bathroom. Ryuzaki wouldn't take no for an answer when he asked to come along. He thinks I'm going to kill someone in there," I snorted to show how ridiculous it was.

"I thought I heard someone scream…" Misa said thoughtfully.

"Just your imagination, I guess," I said sheepishly.

"As charming as this conversation is, I need a piece of cake," Ryuzaki cut in. "I'll be right back," he turned to leave for the kitchen, apparently forgetting I was attached to him. "Oh. Well, we'll be right back."

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