(Disclaimer: I don't own the Indiana Jones franchise or any of its characters.) This is one of the concepts that I've been meaning to do for FOREVER, which is surprising since it's so short. X) My favorite Indy flick was the one with Short Round, Temple of Doom, so naturally I had to do a oneshot to that effect. No definite time or place, just some fun. Enjoy. (*Tips fedora*)



A small fire. A two-pole tent in the wilderness. Very little drinkable water. One could say that this was no place for a child---not that it would have changed their minds.

"All I'm saying," Dr. Jones continued, tugging at the brim of his fedora, "is that you can't just tell any tribe leader who passes that he looks fat. These people kill for that kind of stuff."

From where he sat on a log by the flickering campfire, Short Round just laughed. "But he was huge, Doctor Jones! He could sit on tribe, take everybody out."

"Well unless you wanna end up a human sacrifice, kid, I'd keep it to yourself."

"You worry too much, Indy." After a second, though, he recalled an exception. "Unless you find girl. Then you no worry at all. I end up be the one to worry. Worry enough for both of us."

The one-man legend rolled his eyes. "A, I didn't know she was an assassain, and B, don't change the subject. You could get yourself killed out here! You could get us both killed. Only if you're not careful."

Due to the fact that he was half tuned-out anyway, Short Round began to pick up on a familiar sound. And not the good kind. It seemed to be coming from the tent. "Uh, Indy..."

"You have to watch every move you make, Shorty. Everything you say,---"

"Doctor Jones..."

"---everywhere you step.... You can't trust anyone." He pointed to the boy with each word for emphasis. As he spoke, he headed toward the tent for the night.

"Seriously, Doctor Jones..."

"If you're gonna do what I do, you have to be aware of everything."

"Doctor Jones!"


Shorty pointed to the tent. "I wouldn't go in there."

Indiana sighed. How did I end up with this kid? "Look---it's been a heck of a day. I'm tired. So I'd love to stay and chat, but I'll see you in the morning."

"Suit yourself."

Case closed. Quite proud of himself, Indiana swept the tent flap aside and started for bed.

And then he heard the rattle. The snake that went with it was right in front of him.

Short Round was laughing hysterically when Indy bolted back out of the tent. "You gonna wake up tigers with a scream like that, Doctor Jones."

"I...hate...snakes," he shuddered.

"You want me take care of it?"

"No." He would not have a kid solve his problems for him. He'd have a kid do the next best thing. "Find me a stick."

Still laughing, Shorty hopped off the log and poked around in the brush, shaking his head. "You 'aware' all right. What I tell you, Doctor Jones? You listen to me, you live longer."



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