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At least I have Amelia, thought Miss Minchin as she put the book down and turned off the light.

Laying there awake, tossing and turning, there was no way to block the memories rushing inside her head.


Julia and her friends were chattering away as they packed their bags. By now it was common knowledge that Julia and Carter were engaged.

The news of the engagement had spread like wild fires during the night.

Some of the young suitors were helping the older girls with their bags. Carter was there and was toting Julia's bags down the stairs and out to her car.

One by one they disappeared into the room to have their picture taken.

When Julia came out she gave her friends hugs goodbye.

"We'll see each other from time to time, right Julia?" asked one young lady.

"I don't really know, you see me and Carter have talked about moving to India, after the Wedding." She said with an air of finality. One more goodbye was shared and then she left the school forever.

Maria smiled when she heard the news. Good ridance to that horrid wretch.

Since Maria had become the headmistress, she had taken to sending the oldest pupils home for the weekend so that she would not have to deal with suitors who came calling.

Amelia had been called on twice now. Maria had arranged for her to go home but whenever she was about to leave, Maria would act as though she was in dire need of help.

"Amelia, one of the younger girls is sick, but I cannot tend to her for I have no one to watch the other girls."

"Oh, well, what about Janice or Mary?" asked Amelia as she picked up her bags.

"Both of them were called on Wednesday and I would not allow them to leave until this morning. Simply put, they are not here. Would you consider staying and helping?"

"Well I-"

"Great you can start by chaperoning the girls homework time."

Flustered, Amelia carried her bags back to her room. She shrugged out of her traveling clothes.

Then she went down to take car of the younger children.

Later that night, after dinner, Amelia was up in her own room, since her sister had moved into her own quarters as headmistress.

She wrote her father a letter which read:

Dear Father,

Perhaps next time I will be allowed to make the trip home. Maria was desperate here

today and requested my help.

Respectfully yours,

Amelia Minchin

The reply letter came and Maria, thinking it was to her opened it. She read the greeting which held Amelia's name and knew she should stop reading but decided to scan the letter. As she was scanning the letter she stopped and stared. They were discussing HER!

Dear Amelia,

If you are ever detained again tell that miserable wench that I shall have her hide. She may be an adult but she must still listen to her father. Then you must leave, come here regardless of what she says. If she refuses to allow you to come home, I shall make it publicly known and that cow will be disgraced.

John Minchin

Maria was overcome with rage, more over…her father was right. If Amelia was not allowed to go home and her father spread word around the prestigious parent's whose girls attended, would begin to worry. She sealed the letter back up so Amelia would not know it had been read and delivered it to her sister.

She knew she had no choice and allowed Amelia to leave when she was next called upon.

When Amelia had left and gone home relieved that she had not had to fight her sister, Maria wrote letters to some of the girls who she'd been friends with before Julia came. She began circulating rumors about her sister. She was determined not to let Amelia get married before her and since she was never likely to get married neither could Amelia.

Amelia was being punished so that Maria was not alone.

When Amelia returned to the school on Monday, she ran up to her room quickly and would not be persuaded to come out.

Apparently, as Maria found out later, some of her false rumors had found their way into her father's lap. Things such as how Amelia was no longer "pure," or "clean," and, "should not be allowed to wear white," were a few words falling from peoples lips.

Disgraced, her father had exiled Amelia from the family. He'd sent Maria a letter asking, if perhaps when she graduated, Amelia could be found work there along side her sister.

Maria had answered saying there were plenty of things Amelia could help with. She delivered the news to Amelia and upon hearing it Amelia went back into her room and sat long in thought.

Well, either I can end up like my sister, bitter at the world, she thought, or I can raise my chin and try to be optimistic. At least I have a job, and meals, and a roof over my head.

-End Flashback-

I've always despised her peppy cheerfulness.

Thought Miss Minchin as she lay awake in her bed still. Amelia had always been to cheerful. Miss Minchin thought of this as a punishment. She had wanted Amelia to be miserable as well, but Amelia had other plans. She took life in stride with a smiling face. Eventually Miss Minchin fell into a fitful and unhappy sleep.


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