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L tried to stay still and lifeless as Pyramid Head pounded into him. L bit his lips as he tried to stay quiet. He suddenly couldn't help it and let out a long moan. Pyramid head stopped moving.

"Thanks L you've really done it now!"

"I'm sorry, please don't stop! I need it so bad."

Pyramid Head pulled off the head wear to reveal Beyond's sweaty face and lust filled stare. L shivered. He grabbed the dirty apron Beyond was wearing. He pulled Beyond into a kiss. L bucked his hips trying to persuade Beyond to move. Beyond continued pounding into L while kissing him passionately. Beyond put his hand on L's face. L screamed as he came, Beyond followed a few thrusts later.

They lay in bed spent and tired. L rolled away from Beyond. Beyond grinned happily and closed his eyes.

"That is the last time ever we are doing that. No more role-play, I don't care if you love Silent Hill I'm not a dead body-"


"Whatever! Basically I am not reconstructing that slaughter house porno you call a video game."

"It's an amazing game!"

L glared at Beyond, his expression one of frustration and boredom.

"I will not hesitate to put you in prison for this."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Watch me, you necrophiliac!"


"L! Get me out of here!"

L turned to the prison guard, who was staring at his black eye and cut lip. L rolled his eyes, he hadn't had a chance to fix the damage B had done.

"I'll be back for him in a few weeks. If he doesn't behave threaten him with Barney. That should do the trick."


L turned to the badly beaten Beyond in the cell. Handcuffed, angry and still in the dirty apron and strange clothes.

"I'll make it two weeks with Barney playing the whole time if you don't SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

B was promptly silenced. L left, Watari was stood in the doorway and he didn't look too impressed.

"Isn't this abusing your power a bit too much, Lawliet?"

"Oh no, he's a murderer isn't he?"

Watari sighed.

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