Warning: Infant Death, Mpreg, No Humor in this one guys sorry.

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He had seen her sleep so many times, but it was nothing like this. There she was laying in her coffin, eyes shut, in the white dress he had bought for her. She looked fast asleep. But he know. No numbers meant death. Above her head read her name, Sakura Birthday.

She had always been a sickly baby, but her death came as quite a surprise. She had finally reached the one year mark and they were sure that she would live. But medicine had failed, as had he as her mother. Her Father on the other hand, he had completely retreated into his shell and had gone to work on a case somewhere in America.

He had her favourite bear in his hands, he had forgotten to inform his lover that he was expecting another child. He doubted very much that L would care, now was his time to shape up to being father.

But now was time for him to say goodbye to his daughter. He leant down to kiss her forehead and stroke her cheek.

His precious China Doll.

He would love her always. He had already vowed he would visit her every week at least and bring her baby brother or sister to visit, maybe her father if he would ever be back. Her coffin was white, to show how pure she was. He could barely make out his features with blurred vision. The tears in his eyes began to pour down his cheeks as he stood alone at the funeral. Only the vicar to lay her to rest.

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