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Black Panther and Storm

Author: NWHS

Through the Looking Glass

Chapter 1: Intrusions

Wakanda, King and Queen's Bed Chamber

Part 1

The 7:00 a.m. alarm sounded in the background of the oversized bed chamber. It wasn't a loud intrusive blaring alarm that many people required to force themselves from a coma like state but the soothing sound of rain and chirping birds. Ororo hated to be awakened in such an alarming way so she opted for a multifunction clock that included nature sounds as an alarm option. This was the selling feature for Ororo. She didn't care that it included a radio, CD player, MP3 outlet, snoozer, dimmer, and a host of other features. She only cared that it awakened her to the sounds of nature and didn't accost her delicate sense of morning balance.

She had to admit that waking in Wakanda was a far cry from waking in New York City. Moving to New York had been a huge adjustment for her and the sounds of a metropolitan city was deafening to say the least to a newcomer. Over the years however she had grown accustomed to the noise of big cities and the fast pace lifestyles of its residents. She hadn't realized how much of a New Yorker or American she truly was until she returned to Africa. Everything about life in Africa was different compared to the United States especially compared to life in Wakanda. As technologically advanced as the Wakandans were they did not move through their day as if they were on a search and destroy mission. They understood the true quality of life was not in the acquisition of material wealth and power but in the elevation and maintenance of the mind, body, and spirit in accordance with the laws of nature and that of the Panther God. She laughed to herself also admitting that it is easy to focus on such higher order ideals in a country in which poverty, inadequate healthcare and mis-education is non-existent. While it was true that not everyone in Wakanda was rich no citizen however wanted for much and all their basic survival needs were taken care of by the government-the government being her husband and his council. She stretched and had to remind herself that she too now made up the Wakandan government. She sighed, "So much to learn, so much to get used to."

"Are you speaking to me beloved?" T'Challa asked as he turned over in bed to face his thoughtful wife.

"No, sorry I didn't mean to wake you" replied Ororo as she snuggled in closer to her now very awake husband.

T'Challa looked at the clock which now read 7:10, smiled, and placed his left arm around Ororo's waist. He gently stroked her back with his hand delighting in the way she felt under her silk nightgown. He didn't remember her having it on when they fell asleep. No he definitely remembered her having much, much less on. He surmised that she must have gotten up in the middle of the night to retrieve it off of the floor where he had thrown it the night before. T'Challa smiled remembering why Ororo now made it a priority to always wear a nightgown to bed.

The first few weeks of their marriage were a bit of an adjustment period not only for the couple but for the palace staff as well. They simply weren't use to a married couple living in the palace. It had been over a decade since his father's death and his step mother hadn't taken another as a husband. Not that any man would dare try he chuckled to himself. Thus, the staff was use to coming and going from King T'Challa's chamber freely. He was rarely in his room when they came to clean. He got up early to train and went to bed late. That was his routine since becoming king and he very seldom deviated from his self-imposed regime. That is until he married Ororo. What happened the morning after their return from their honeymoon is what accounted for Ororo's sudden devotion to nightgowns. Having gotten up early for his two hour training and workout session T'Challa left Ororo asleep in the bed. As he started to leave he turned back to marvel at her naked form saying a short prayer to the Panther God that she wouldn't move a muscle until he returned to awaken her properly.

Upon his return he found a maid running from the room hair standing on end in absolute terror. He entered the room to find his wife clutching the covers over her naked body and he involuntarily let out a laugh. "It's not funny T'Challa," Ororo stated more than a little embarrassed. "I could have really hurt her. As it is I shocked her with a little electrical charge," stuttered a flustered Ororo.

Still laughing at the frightened woman and his wife's reaction to being seen in the nude by a near stranger was indeed priceless. "It's not funny T'Challa," she continued as she threw a pillow her husband's way. "You should have told me the maid cleaned the room so damn early in the morning. She didn't even knock. She simply walked in and opened the curtains."

"Is that when you shocked the poor child Ororo?" T'Challa asked under a cloud of uncontested bits of hearty male laughter. "Oh so you think that this is funny?" asked Ororo. "I bet you wouldn't find it so funny if it had been the male maid," Ororo stated with a tinge of humor of her own. There were so many palace staff Ororo hadn't had a chance to learn all of their names as of yet. However she knew enough to know that men in Wakanda had no problem engaging in work that in America was considered "women's work," such as being a maid. She had seen the man briefly before they left for their honeymoon and remembered T'Challa mentioning that he was going to have him taken off of the cleaning rotation as soon as they returned. She had a good idea why but hadn't bothered to say anything. The fact that it made him uncomfortable was enough for her. To T'Challa's dismay he was now reminded that he had forgotten to change the young man's work schedule.

"That's not funny Ororo," countered T'Challa realizing that it could have very well been Abioye who walked in on his very beautiful and yes very naked wife. T'Challa found no humor at this idea. No humor at all. Ororo smiled knowing that she had made her point.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Ororo as T'Challa continued to reflect on why his wife without fail now wore a nightgown to bed. He had to admit that he liked it a lot better when she preferred to sleep in the nude.

"Nothing important beloved," answered T'Challa as he allowed his left hand to roam further down Ororo's back until it reached her bottom. He slid the nightgown up and his hand under and smiled when he realized that she had nothing else on. Ororo leaned in and kissed him firmly on the lips, winked, and said in a sultry voice "The nightgown is a necessary evil."

"Well let me free you from the burdensome garment," T'Challa said playfully as he pulled the offending piece of clothing up and over his wife's head and back onto the floor where he wished it to stay. T'Challa looked approvingly over his wife's now nude form and settled himself over top of her. She pulled his head down to her and kissed him slowly and deeply until she felt the most masculine part of him respond which sent a shiver of anticipation through her body. Refusing to relinquish her hold on him, Ororo slid her hands up and down T'Challa's firm back while she sucked intensely on his neck and collarbone.

T'Challa simply moaned in pleasure as he pulled Ororo's hips closer to his and became one with her. He was slow and deliberate with his movements this morning. This was a sharp departure from their lovemaking the night before in which they attacked each other like two college students on spring break in Fort Lauderdale. No T'Challa wanted to take his time with his wife this morning. He had given explicit orders for them not to be disturbed before 9:00 a.m. and it was only 7:30 a.m. He had an hour and a half of uninterrupted time with his wife and he intended to savor every minute of it for he knew that once they emerged from their sanctuary they would be devoured by the responsibilities that come with being the leaders of a republic.

Part 2

The silent perimeter alarm sounded in the security office and W'Kabi sent three guards to investigate. He saw no one on the monitors but didn't want to take any chances. "Location?" asked W'Kabi to his guards. "We are now entering the throne room," responded one of the guards.

"Do you see anything out of the ordinary?" asked W'Kabi. Silence was his answer. "Come in Alpha squad one. Reply to base," continued W'Kabi as he gestured to beta squad two guards to follow-up.

A blur was all they saw before they fell to the floor in a temporary state of paralysis. Three minutes later Beta squad two descended on the throne room to find their comrades in a helpless state. Beta squad two leader communicated his findings to W'Kabi who concluded that the assailant was obviously well versed in vital point combat. W'Kabi knew that vital point combat arts were created to destroy the enemy and there was a need to make these arts instinctual. Therefore in those days the combat arts were a lethal art. It was a war-developed form of lethal hand-to-hand combat, which would render a man inanimate by means of unconsciousness and or death, preferably within one strike. Reason being when encountering an enemy that enemy must not be able to signal his company for any type of assistance. A second reason is in centuries past, it was used for the purpose of silent entry to a fortification.

W'Kabi knew that it was time to contact the king. As critical as his news was he winced at the thought of interrupting the king when he gave him a direct order not to do so. W'Kabi looked at the clock on his monitor which signaled 7:50 a.m. W'Kabi pushed a button which sent a signal straight to the king and queen's bed chamber. The king's communicator beeped three times but no response on the other end.

"Hell" W'Kabi stated angrily as he slammed his fist on the desk. He checked on Beta squad two to find out if they had located and contained the intruder. Beta squad two was still trying to find the intruder. "How am I going to explain this to the king?" thought W'Kabi. W'Kabi knew that he would have to try to contact T'Challa again. W'Kabi also knew that there was only one reason and one person that would cause T'Challa to ignore his communicator which made calling him a second time without the intruder in custody all the more distressing. W'Kabi braced himself for his king's fury and pressed the button again.

T'Challa's communicator beeped again and was temporarily drowned out by the sounds that emanated from the bed. Ororo released her hold on T'Challa's shoulders and looked over in the direction of the intruding sound and was tempted to blast the offending device. "Ignore it," suggested T'Challa in a breathless tone. "I'm trying but it is distracting," replied Ororo seriously considering the idea of sending an electrical charge through the damn thing. "Let me see if I can be a better distraction," stated T'Challa as a challenge to himself. He started to work his mouth and tongue down his wife's body stopping at all points of interest to pay some special attention before progressing further south. Her moans and sighs of approval let him know that he had indeed reacquired her full attention. She arched into his warm yet wet touch then pulled him back up her body now ready to resume where they had left off but the communicator beeped yet again. By this time T'Challa was very angry and was already formulating what he was going to do to the person on the other end. As he jumped out of bed ready to give W'Kabi hell about disobeying his orders T'Challa heard a commotion outside of his room.

The guards now had the intruder surrounded outside of the king and queen's bed chamber. The masked intruder ran toward the bed chamber which was blocked by two guards as well as Beta squad leader who approached from the other end of the long hallway. The intruder turned to see the three other members of Beta squad move ever closer blocking all routes of escape. However, the intruder had no intention of trying to escape. She had come too far and was too close to her target to turn back now.

The intruder ran swiftly towards the three guards in front of her and let out a flurry of punches and kicks. She knocked them back a few paces but they were undeterred. They unleashed their own battery of punches which the intruder deftly avoided using amazing speed and acrobatics. She swept the legs out from under one of the guards and followed it up with an elbow strike to the nose breaking it in two places. While still on the floor she reached up hitting two vital points on the leg of yet another guard which sent him crashing to the floor unconscious. She jumped to her feet and sent the guards behind her flying down the hallway and into a wall with a wave of her right hand and a gust of wind that came out of nowhere. She started for the king and queen's bed chamber but was stopped by the leader of Beta squad two who stepped in front of her with a gun.

Before she could proceed any further he shot her in the chest and she fell to her knees. He stepped forward to make the kill shot to her head when she reached up, grabbed and broke his wrist in one fluid motion. Still holding the limp wrist she knocked the gun out of his hand, threw it on the floor, and hit two nerves in his back and shoulder immobilizing the man where he stood.

The intruder went for the door again but was surprised when it opened to a menacing Black Panther. She stepped back temporarily unsure of what she wanted to do. She lunged at him only to be rejected by a shoulder strike. She ran at him again leveling head and body strikes in quick succession. He avoided each and every one countering her speed with his greater speed and agility. She was becoming frustrated and knew she had wasted too much time already. This was supposed to be a quick extraction operation but the guards and now Black Panther was making her mission all the more difficult. She had done her research and knew that he usually trained at this hour and should not have been in the chamber. She did not want to fight him but circumstances left her no other choice. She assessed the situation and knew that she couldn't defeat him in hand to hand combat. He was simply too good for that and her training was still incomplete. But she had other options and was now prepared to use them.