Vanilla Salt

Rating: M

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Summary: Common girl, Bella and rich guy, Edward. It's a war between the "Perfects" and "Rebels" at Volturi Academy but behind closed doors, the clothes are gone. Edward wants to announce their status but Bella refuses to let him. AU/AH, BxE, Lemons, OOC.

Chapter 1 - Vanilla Sweet, Salt Bitter


"Edward Cullen, take your junk out of me right now."

"Don't be a poor sport, Bella. Let's just enjoy the feeling of being one awhile longer." The girl smacked her on the side of the head. Sighing he detached himself from her, hissing at the feeling of pulled up his briefs and black slacks than straightened out his red tie. Bella pulled up her pink panties and straightened out her school black and red plaid skirt. She made sure her white dress shirt was tucked out of her skirt while Edward made sure his was tucked in.

"Well Bella, it's a brand new day and I'm pretty sure you know what I'm going to ask you."

"I reject."

"And you know that I'll ask why even though I know the answer."

"We're just too different."

"And how are we different? We are both human, we both have two eyes, a nose, lips, bodies except yours has more tempting curves." He ducked from her swinging hand. "There's blood running through us but yours might be a little on the cold side." And this time he could not dodge as her fist came in contact with his shoulder.

"You know very well it's more than just that. You better go out first. Don't want to be late now, "Mr. Perfect". Your minions await." Edward sighed, picking up his bag and making his way out of the girls washroom. Luckily no one dares to go inside in the mornings.

"See you late, "Ms. Rebel". " Bella sighed and came out of the stall to stand in front of the wide mirror. She made sure her dress shirt had a couple wrinkles as well as her skirt. She took a brush from her bag and lightly messed up her hair to add for the effect before reaching down to put one of her thigh high stockings bellow her knee. Doing herself a look over, she approved before picking her bag off the counter and heading out to class.

Volturi Academy was a private school for the rich or those who had higher learning levels than normal teenagers. It had been a normal academy until one student who was more into higher learning instead of having money, got fed up with the rich kids. The rich kids always looked down on anyone who had no money, even though they were probably smarter than most, they still acted as if they ruled the school but were under the Volturi Guard. Aro, the principal, handpicks out students who he thinks has special talents and potential and puts them into a special class from the rest.

The student declared from than on that students who have brains but no money will be called the "Rebels" and make sure their uniforms at unkept to tell them apart from the rich students. Of course the rich students decided it was time they separated themselves from the lower class and they were called the "Perfects" and they were to dress neatly and be on time for everything. Even to this day, everyone carried on like this. New students are told once they enter the school so they either quickly mess up their school uniform or make it more neater than before.

The current leader in the Rebels is Isabella Marie Swan. She makes sure people call her Bella though but the Perfects address her by her last name, with as much distaste as they can. When she first heard of the Perfects, Rebel thing, she thought it was all silly until she saw how the Perfects treated the Rebels. She also noticed how nice the Perfects treated her, just because her uniform was neat and tucked in, they thought she had money. But no, all she had was brains. So the next day she came in with her shirt untucked, her tie was untied and her hair in a mess. She was treated like shit. From there on she decided to fight along side with the Rebels, hoping to win over the Perfects, to show that brains mean more than money,

The current leader in the Perfects is Edward Anthony Cullen. Perfects looked up to him as if he was a God and he rather liked the attention. Plus everyone has heard of the Cullen name, meaning they know he comes from a family of money. Everyone in the Perfects circle acted like his childhood best friend. He had seen Rebels often late for class but it's not like that would taint their learning since they had brains the size of a over grown watermelon. Sometimes, he would see an attractive Rebel and a male Perfect would seduce her, with money and his looks, if he had any. But most Perfects had good looks. In the end, the Rebel would get the money, but they would be labeled as a cheap whore. Even other Rebels would turn their back on the ones who got tempted by greed.

Edward had heard from other Perfects about a girl named Isabella Swan. They claimed that she was beautiful, sweet and smart. They had talked about asking her out and showing her off to their friends and parents but one day she changed her attire to a mess and they saw who she really was. Edward then heard them call her every curse word they could think of. Edward just had to check out this girl that caused an uproar among his circle.

It was difficult to see her since she seemed to always be surrounded by Rebels but he actually caught a good glimpse of her in the hallway. She was indeed stunningly beautiful. As were other Rebels and Perfects but she seemed to rise to the top with her plain but alluring looks. Her auburn hair was let down past her shoulders, waving near the end. The Perfect girls always wore their hair up in a fancy style, ponytail or braided. But this Rebel let her hair go loosely around her, as other Rebel girls did but her hair seemed to be untameable. He had the sudden urge to tame her, to fist his hand in her hair to pull her neck back and mark her neck with his teeth.

Snapping out of the daydream, he saw that she was the only one left in the hallway. And she was staring right at him. Her chocolate orbs put him in a daze, calling him over, seducing him. His eyes wondered down to her full pink lips, than down to her breasts.

"I know I'm good looking but damn, keep to your own circle, okay?" Her strong but soft voice made him snap out of it, again. She was now closer to him than before. In fact, she was standing right before him. She had her bag slung over one shoulder, a hand on the strap to keep it from falling and another on her hip. Her face was expressionless but her eyes were filled with amusement.

"Well well, if it isn't Mr. Edward Cullen." She scowled when she finally figured out who he was.

"My my, if it isn't Ms. Isabella Swan." He countered back, a smirk placed on his lips.

"It's Bella. Or to you Perfects, Swan." She walked passed him and he couldn't help but follow, finding her to be intriguing She let out a sigh and stopped. "Why in the the world are you following me?"

"Because you have caught my attention, Rebel, and I must go to class soon."

"Well you should have gotten your ass to class five minutes ago. If you hadn't notice, the hall ways are empty except for most of the Rebels, which are staring at us. The bell did ring five minutes ago meaning your late." She finished with a sweet smile, her eyes sparkling. Edward, not believing her, checked his watch and almost had a heart attack. Without a good bye, he dashed off, leaving a bunch of laughing Rebel hyenas. Rebels came up and gave her a pat on the back.

"Great going Bella, that was such a great opportunity to see a Perfect not be so Perfect." She laughed along with them until her best friend, who was also her sister, found her.

"Wow Bella, what did the leader of the Perfects want with you?"

"I have no clue, Alice. I'm guessing her got curious as to who I was since I caused that uproar amongst the snobs so he probably got curious to see who I was. He said I caught his attention." She admitted with a shake of her head.

"Well isn't that exciting. Maybe he'll fall in love with you and we can all end this Perfect Rebel crap!"

"Bad joke, Alice. I know how much you enjoy seeing the Perfects whither when we beat them with out high marks."

"Yeah, well it's pretty fun when you can see a Perfect not be so perfect after all." She grinned and they finally started to head back to their class, being ten minutes late.

From there on, Edward made a daily visit to see Bella, ignoring the sneers and dirty looks he received from the Rebels. He knew they wanted to kill him for even going near their leader but they also knew that if they tried, he could get them kicked out with just a bit of money. He would try making conversation, hoping to learn more about her but whatever she told him, she sounded so mysterious. Eventually he got tired and did a background check on her. He had found out that she had a sister who also attended this school and they both lived with their dad. He saw that he was in the hospital with some disease but they didn't have enough money for operation so he was bound to die in six months of less.

It was than the idea started to form in his head. He knew it was cruel but would she refuse him? The next day, he strolled casually to where Bella usually hanged out, in front of her locker. The Rebels, by now, had gotten used to his daily visits but would glare from time to time. He grabbed her by the wrist and started to drag her towards the girls bathroom and everyone was ready to jump him.

"Stop! I want to have a few minutes of quiet with your leader and if you guys disturb in any way, I'll have you all kicked out by this afternoon." Everyone froze in their spots. Even Bella seemed to have trouble walking but still stumbled behind the Perfects leader. When they entered the girls bathroom, Edward barked out more orders.

"I'm sure you heard what I said out there so listen up some more. No one is to enter the girls bathroom all morning. Use the guys bathroom, I don't care, just don't use this one. If you do, you're booted from here." The girls stared in shocked before picking up their make-up bags and scrambled out of there.

"What the hell was that?!" Bella nearly screamed, her bag dropping to the ground. She pointed a finger at him and started to jab his chest. "Explain yourself, right now!" He grabbed her finger and kissed the tip, making her freeze.

"I have a deal to make with you." When she didn't respond, he continued. "I did a full background check on you-" That got her going.

"You looked up my information?! That's invading my privacy! Why would you do such a thing, jerk!"\

"I told you," A chilling smile crept onto his face. "You caught my interest." She shivered and pulled her hand back, glaring up at the bastard.

"Find anything you like?!" She snapped, reaching down to pick up her back but suddenly found herself being backed up into a stall.

"Yes, I did. Thanks for asking." Once they were both in the stall, his hand reached behind him to lock the door. "Your dad is sick in the hospital, is he not?"

"..." Speechless, her eyes widened at the information. He continued on.

"Well it seems as if you guys don't have enough money to pay for it yet you enter this school which was mainly meant for rich kids but the idiot of a principal opened it up to smart teens a long time ago."

"If I can become smarter than I am now and get a well paying job, I can pay for his operation. Entering this school isn't costing me any money so all I have to do it keep my grades high so that the school can look better than all the rest of the private schools." Edward nodded, taking in the information. This was more than she ever told him.

"Want to hear the deal now?" Her laugh surprised him.

"I see where this is going."

"You do?"

"Oh yes. You're going to make me your slave, make me carry your books around for you or something so you can humiliate me in front of the Perfects and for that price you'll pay for my fathers surgery."

"Close but no."


"No. I'll pay for your fathers surgery, well, today. But only if you agree.. to sleep with me."

Every so slowly, Bella's mouth dropped open, he eyes widening a fraction. She swore she felt some drool escape her mouth but she ignored it. Was he insane? Wasn't there some hussy he could screw in his circle? Why did he have to pick her?

"You know what? I think I like becoming your slave and embarrassing myself in front of your friends instead of.. sleeping with you." She shivered at the idea but froze when Edward started closing in on her.

"You know what? I believe I like the second idea better. I told you many times before, Bella. You have caught my attention. Your eyes drag me into a trance and I left begging for more but the bell always gets in my way. Think about it, Bella, right now. Do it with me and you're dad could be good as new in a couple of weeks. He'll live to see yours and Alice's next birthday." She clenched her eyes shut, refusing to let her tears drop before him. She breathed in and out deeply before speaking.

"You promise?" That surprised him. He was expecting more of a fight from her but he was guessing she cared a lot about her father. Cupping her chin gently, he tilted her head up so that when she opened her eyes she was looking at him.

"Of course. You can even come with me to the hospital while I give them the money." She let out a shaky sight before putting her hands onto his chest, lightly.

And that's where it has brought them now, a year and a half later. Every morning, Bella would go into the washroom where Edward would already be waiting for her and they would get right down to business. He made sure to keep it quick so that he could have time to talk to her, to get to know her better before the bell rang. He found him falling for her. Eventually he confessed to her but she shot him down on the spot, not giving it any thought. But he didn't let that discourage him because he saw the way she looked at him at times and knew that she felt some sort of attraction towards him as well.

Edward decided to ask her to be his, everyday, knowing she was bound to crumble sooner or later. Rejection would not bring him down! And he would not allow her to be with anyone else. He was surprised they hadn't been found out yet. One time he feared they would because she couldn't stop moaning loudly so he had to kiss her to drown out the delicious cries. Just thinking about it got him hard all over. But didn't he want someone to find them out? So that he could clearly tell all the guys to stay away from her? He saw how the Rebel guys would look at her and he did not like it one bit. He even tried to talk Bella into coming clean with because it might cool down the Perfect Rebel war but she refused. He knew she rather not have her pride be sucked down by a guy, by a Perfect guy no less.

She would say their differences was too big, which was true, but he knew that if she tried they would overcome them. So he wasn't going to give up anytime soon just because of a simple rejection. If she gave him a hundred reasons why she shouldn't date him, than that would be a rejection.

He strolled casually into class, ignoring the glares from the Rebels and went right over to his group at the front.

"Hey Edward." His best friend, Jasper, greeted him first.

"Hello, Jasper."

"Aye, Edward! Gave that Swan chick more trouble?" Said another person. Edward gave them a smirk and they all howled in laughter except for the girls. His excuse to going over to see Bella was to harass her and everyone accepted it but the girls didn't like it one bit. He knew they rather have him teasing them every day, just to look their way. Except for one.

"Quiet down you morons, I'm trying to study."

"Oooh, the ice queen has spoken!" Someone bowed down mockingly and there was more giggles from the girls than from the boys.

"Shut up. Just let Rosalie study." Edward barked out. And it was an order. They settled down and started to talk amongst themselves, quiet use to Edward protecting his cousin.

"Thanks, Edward but you really didn't have to do that."

"I know but I'm just trying to get you to fit in. You have money and brains but it doesn't seem like it's doing good for you here."

"Sadly. Sometimes I think I wasn't meant to be here but be with the Rebels." The roomed went silent. Everyone had their looks up at the pair up front, gazes locked onto the blond beauty. Edward grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her out of the room quickly, making sure the door was shut tight behind him.

"What were you thinking?!" He hissed through clenched teeth. She smacked his hand away, inspecting her wrist, making sure it wouldn't get bruised.

"I'm just speaking my mind, that's all."

"That's the most insane thing you could do!"

"What's wrong with it?" She glared up at him before continuing on. "I don't like the Perfects, Edward. They act as if they are better than everyone else. I know I sometimes like that but at least I don't strut my stuff like I'm all that. When I moved here, I was expecting to come to a friendly school but instead I come to a middle of a war that will never end. I think tomorrow I'm going to join the Rebels." Edward could not believe what he was hearing. His beloved cousin was going to the other side. It was like the icons he would sometimes see on the Internet. "Come to the dark side, we have cookies." But instead it's "Come to the dark side, we have braiiiiiiins".

"You know the Rebels could be as bad as the Perfects, right?"

"That may be true but I may never find out if I don't try, right?" He couldn't argue with her there but he also couldn't change her mind on this.

"Well, if you're sure.. "

"I'm sure."

"Alright. But if you feel like you don't belong there either, be sure to come back, we'll accept you with open arms."

"No, Edward, only you will accept me with open arms. The others already believe for me to be an odd person. And if I don't do well with the Rebels, I'll just transfer out and go to a normal school." She turned to open the door and walk in, leaving Edward to his thoughts.


"Did that Edward guy harass you again, Bella?"

"Yeah but have no fear, Emmett, I stand strong!"

Bella had just strolled into class, late of course, after her quickie with Edward. Everyone was always worried about her and awaiting her return. She always told him that he lectured her that she was below him, not above, and to quit acting all haughty like she owned part of the school. That would bring on cheers that the Rebels did own it. But everyone knew in truth, the Volturi did. Emmett, her cousin, would always mother hen her, making sure she wasn't hurt anywhere. He was like a big teddy bear, everyone loved Emmett, especially the girls.

"But I do fear for you. I fear for Alice and you both. You know you could get what your dad has and he just happened to be lucky that the hospital allowed operation to carry on even though we don't have a dime to spare" Bella gulped but nodded, knowing if she changed the subject, they would seem suspicious.

"But at least they did, right? Let's just be thankful for that. If Alice or myself fall victim to it as well, than lets just hope for another miracle."

"So optimistic, are we?" Someone teased from behind her and they started to engage in a heated conversation. The teacher rarely showed up, since the Rebels practically knew everything but when she did, she would have challenged work for them that would take at least a week to complete.

"Hey, Emmett?" Alice leaned over to her cousins side and whispered into his ear.

"Yeah?" He whispered back.

"Don't you think Bella sort of looks.. " She started.

"Happy?" He finished.

"Lately, yeah."

"What do you think is the cause?"

"Maybe she found love."

"Maybe she did. I wonder who the lucky guy is." He made a fist and punched his open hand. "Hopefully he's worthy enough." Not only was Emmett a mother hen, he was also protective.


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