Vanilla Salt: The Sequel

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A/N: OH SNAP! A Sequel!

3 Years Later..


Bella's P.o.V


'A click, click here and a click, click there, here a click, there a click, everywhere a click, click! Ugh!' I jabbed my finger down onto the left mouse click. I have been on the computer, taking my online college classes, and have been clicking shit for five hours. I was taking three tests and had to do them all in a row with the time limit of six hours but it was pretty difficult while watching your two and a half year old son...

Glancing over, I looked at my baby, who was trying to sit as close to the TV as possible but couldn't because I tape a line as a boarder, saying that if he went over it, he wouldn't get a gold star on his calender. Pfft, the idea made me smile every time I thought about it. Edward came up with it, saying that if our son got a gold star for every day of the week until Friday, he would get a toy of his choice and so far he's been doing a good job.

"Mommy!" Blinking, I realised I was caught staring before grinning.

"Albel!" He go up off the floor and began running towards me, unsteadily. I turned my upper half to the side, waiting for him to stand in front of me before I put my hands under his arms and picked him up. "Oof, you're a heavy baby!" I teased, rubbing my nose against his before settling him onto my lap.

"Noooo, mommy's the heavy one!" My smile faltered for a second before I forced it back to the way it was.

I had gained quiet a bit of weight during my pregnancy but as soon as I could after Albel was born, I worked my butt off to get rid of all the weight I gained. I succeeded mostly but I realised I was still packing on five pounds. And, I never thought it would, but, it depressed me to great ends. And all Edward said was "More to grab, more to!" which earned him a smack to the back of the head. Albel had laughed and clapped his hands together so joyfully that I couldn't resist doing it a couple more times, but more gentle.

Albel Cullen had gain all of his fathers looks, except for the shape of his eyes. They were more wide, expressive like mine which will probably make him look babyish when he's in his teens. But oh boy, Albel is going to be a total heart breaker, just like his father.

About Edward..

He's still a little over-protective of me. After moving in, I had a battle with Charlie but I even had a bigger battle with Alice. Actually, Alice battled with Edward. It was a sight to see. They both went into a room while everyone waiting outside. In seconds, yells and screaming echoed throughout the whole house. It went on for almost two hours before Alice emerged from the room first, embracing me, crying and saying that if Edward ever does something bad to me, I can come running to her. We can all guess who won that round.

Charlie on the other hand had gone into shock when he found out I was pregnant at this age. He froze in his seat, jaw slacked open, eyes wide and vacant. I tried waving a hand in front of his face but he barely blinked. I decided to give him a day to recover. So when I returned the next day, he kept giving me a stern look, clearly unhappy but he didn't disapprove of me moving in with Edward, believing it was the right thing to do. He said it would take him awhile until he isn't mad anymore, eventually he would get over it and accept everything.

Now that three years has passed, Alice and Charlie forgot all about what happened in the beginning and can't stop spoiling Albel. Not to mention that Esme can't seem to stop dressing him up in girly clothes, take pictures and place them in albums. His first girlfriend is going to have a great laugh.. first girlfriend, hah. The idea of some chick waltzing into my sons life makes me angry. Would she be able to make him happy? Will she break his heart by cheating on him? Will she be someone respectable and not some low class tramp?

Sigh. These kind of thoughts were too early.

"Thirty minutes to go." The computer automated voice spoke loudly through my clouds of thoughts, making me jerk slightly to the side.

"Oh cra-.. golly gee wiz, I forgot about the tests!" Ever since Albel learned to copy what others say, everyone had begun to be extra careful of what they were saying around him.

Using one arm to hold Albel on my lap while using my other to click, I started going through the questions more quickly. I have been given so much time but for every question, I really thought it through. Siiigh. Maybe I should have gone to college instead of doing online courses. I'm sure they would give three tests in a row. Maybe three in a day but these were three different tests for different classes! But if I did attend college, that meant I'd have to have someone watch Albel for me. And I didn't want that. I wanted to be the one he spent the most time with instead of some nanny stranger.




"Done!" I cried out happily after clicking the last answer for the test and then clicking "Complete". The page loaded for a couple seconds before another page showed with only the words "Congrats on finishing the tests. You will receive your results by the end of the week. Thank you very much."

"Dooone!" Albel cried out as well but louder, giggling right after and waving his hands around in the air.

"You're too cute for your own good, babe." Rolling away from the desk, I got a firmer hold on Albel before standing him and holding him against my hip.

I let out a groan as I stretched my legs, feeling the cramps clamp down. Walking out of the den, I headed over to the kitchen and straight to the fridge, taking out Albel's Elmo sippy cup filled with apple juice and a bottle of water for myself. I decided to walk up and down the stairs to stretch out my legs a bit more. Albel commented on how "mommy is being funny.". I was sweating bullets and was already out of breath in five minutes.

"I'm so out of shape." I cried, finally stopping at the bottom of the stairs.

"Out of shape!" Albel cried, smiling widely. I let out a breathless laugh and went over to the living room, setting Albel down into the corner where all his toys are.

"Play while I make some lunch, humm?" But I was ignored as he carelessly tossed now empty sippy cup aside and grabbed some toys that were on the floor.

Chuckling, I picked up the sippy cup and brought it over to the sink in the kitchen. All this free space felt very nice, even if it was only a two story house. After Edward and I graduated from high school, with me homeschooling, we moved out of his parents house and we got a place near the university where he attended. The house had looked nice at first but I realised that there was a wall blocking me from watching over Albel while he played in the living room so we had to pay professionals to take it down and make an island there. Now I was able to watch Albel while I cooked and cleaned.

"Time to make daddy lunch! What do you think he'll like?"

"Grill cheese!" I grinned, realizing that Albel's attention was direction to the plastic toy train in front of him.

After whipping out everything I needed, I got to work, counting down the minutes when Edward was suppose to be home. By the time Edward came home, I had made enough for the three of us.

The front door opened and closed. Silence followed before the sounds of someone slightly stomping around. I tried my best not to whack my spatula onto the counter in frustration and instead placed a forced grin on my face as I brought the plates to the table before going back to the kitchen to get glasses of water and refill Albel's sippy cup.

"Daddy's home!" Came a yell out from behind me, making me instantly whip around to glare at him. "Oops. I mean, daddy's home." He said in a more quiet tone and I smiled. I didn't want our baby to be raised in a home full of yelling, even if it was friendly, we didn't want it to become a habit.

"Daddy!" Albel instantly ditched his toys and began running towards Edward.

"Baby, inside feet." I lightly scolded, enjoying watching Albel slow down to a walk. It took him awhile to get him to understand that "inside feet" was walking and "outside feet" was running.

Edward picked Albel up, extending his arms up, raising our son above his head before bringing him back down into a hug. I couldn't help but smile fondly at my boys. They really did look alike, but Albel looking more boyish while Edward was pure man. The sight of him made me hot, reminding me of our risky adventures in high school. Oh, how I wanted to bring those memories back to real life but I wanted to wait.

"Okay, lunch time. Let's finish up before auntie comes by."

We ate lunch in complete silence with Albel occasionally making whining noises at the back of his throat when he wanted more grilled cheese. I had cut his share into little tiny pieces, small enough to suck on. Few words were exchanged between Edward and I, and I could feel the tension. So thick, it could be sliced with a butter knife. Lunch seemed to last half a decade before the door bell rung then the sound of the door opening.

"Bella, Edward, I'm here!" Alice called from the porch. Edward and I instantly got up from our seats. He went to go greet Alice while I got Albel out of his highchair.

"Alice, how are you doing?" Edward asked, bringing the small woman into a hug. She hugged back eagerly before pulling away.

"Just great as always! Unable to contain myself from seeing my little nephew." She tugged her coat and shoes off before coming inside and straight towards me.

"Alice, thank you for coming in everyday, I'm so grateful."

"Anytime, Bella." She hugged me awkward, because I was still holding Albel, before she took him into her arms while leaning away from me.

"You know where everything is, and once again, just say the word and we'll pay you for babysitting."

"Bah, don't worry about it. I love babysitting this little guy. As long as it doesn't cut into my evening classes, than I'm good to go."

"Thanks a lot, Alice." Edward said for the porch before opening the door and slamming it a little too hard.

"Ugh, well.. I better get going.. " I started to edge away, trying to ignore my sisters pity stare.

"Have fun."

"Yeah, right." I scoffed before going to put my shoes on and following Edward out into his car.

The ride to our destination was an awkward one. I was sitting straight and stiff as a fishing rod, my nose tipped into the air while Edward was slouched in his seat, glaring out in front of him. He then slowly straightened up a bit and I knew what was coming.

"Bella-- "


"Just listen-- "

"Not here."

"Ple-- "

"Edward!" I hissed out and he went back into his slouch. It went on like this every day during out twenty minute ride. Super awkward.


"Couples Therapy" read the gold plaque on the door. It glared at me from it's place and I glared right back.

"Please come in, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." Our therapist, Mrs. Ewasuik, opened the door and moved, allowing room for us to enter. Being the gentlemen that he is, Edward allowed me to go in first.

Once we were seated in the usual seats, Mrs. Ewasuik grabbed out file off her desk before walking over and sitting down in her black leather rocking chair. She looked over the papers, as she did so many times in the past before taking a pen from her breast pocket and wrote some things down.

"Now then, are we still having the same problem?" She asked, he voice curt and professional.

"Yes." Edward answered, sending a longing look my way but I refused to give in to those puppy eyes.

"And there has been no progress?"

"No." I replied this time, dropping my eyes to the floor. It was very nice and white. Plain white.

"Now, let's discuss, as we have done so many times in the past, why we're here and how we can change the situation."

"I want more children, more sex! But Bella refuses to let Albel sleep in his own room!" Edward complained, dropping his head into his hands.

"Now, Bella, why won't you allow Edward this?"

"Because she wants to baby our son more! She's dots on him too much." He interrupted me and I glared at him.

"Well soooorry if I want to keep our son in our room a bit longer. I want to wait until he's old enough to help around the house."

"Well I guess that's fine but why must you deny a man of sex!" Now he was just getting dramatic.

"Because all you talk about is making babies! I'm tired enough taking care of one, you think I'll have a splendid time taking care of two? Wait, scratch that, I will have a splendid time taking care of two but I'd probably die from exhaustion!" Now I was being dramatic.

"Fine! What if our sex is protected?!" I blinked.

"That's fine." He blinked.


"I said that's fine. We can have protected sex until.. maybe Albel is in preschool, which starts in two months. Then maybe we can.. "I trailed off, heat rising to my cheeks. Edward began to laugh, unbelieving.

"That was it? You just wanted to have protected sex?"


"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Cause I thought you only wanted to have sex to have more babies so I didn't bother saying anything." He laughed a little more before wrapping one arm around my waist and the other on my thighs, dragging me up onto his lap.

"You're soooo going to get it when we get home. You'll have to put a pillow over your head to contain the screams I'll rip out of you tonight." I coughed, awkwardly but he continued on. "Remember when we would do it in the bathroom stall at school? How I would enter you ever so slowly, then slowly work up my speed. So tight and hot, you'd push my head in between your breasts. Your expression would be one of someone who is in pure ecstasy. I'll bring back that expression but it'll be ten times better." He growled out possessively and loudly.

I glanced over to our therapist and she had her gaze averted to the plain white floor but her face was clearly flushed. Well, guess our problem is solved.

I felt something poking my butt, followed by a quick thrust from Edward. I smiled.

Well, one of our problems is solved.


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