This is my first fanfiction.

Hey, YamiKishara here. Yeah boring an't it. This is not a yaoi(yuk). This is a HpYgo crossover. I added an 8th item. You'll have to find out who has it. Marik doesn't have the rod in this one. He has something else. Also Seto has a sibling besides Mokuba. She is his twin if u must know. Yugi and Yami are the main focus of this fanfic. And this is year 4. Everyone is 15 including Yugi , Seto and his sister, Marik, and Ryou. The time scene for Yugi is a little weird cause it is right after battle city and they have already went through the memory world. Yami of course got to stay and Bakura(love him so cute). Well here are the translations and other things you need to know. Marik lives in Domino with Ryou living with him.

Yami - Darkness

Hikari - Light

Ahsebe - silent one

Abiou - partner

And other things that pop up are explained later.

// Yami to Yugi or Yugi to Yami

( ) Ryou to Bakura or Bakura to Ryou

[ ] Seth to Seto or Seto to Seth

* * Jenny to Kishara or Kishara to Jenny

: : Thoughts

~ ~ Parseltongue

Japanese underlined after chapter 1 and 2

Egyptian will be in this text thing


A School of Magic, the secret of the shadows


Chapter 1 : Prolog


The world around Domino , Japan ,was peaceful for a moment. Professor Dumbuldor watched as young students ran through the streets. Dumbuldor had come during a tournament called Battle City. Dumbuldor had been surprised by the holograms the muggles had made. Battle City had ended a few days ago and a rumor of a second was going around. Dumbuldor walked up to a high school called Domino High where students were quickly coming out. Dumbuldor was taken back for a second as he sensed a new type of magic. It felt shadowy and dark and yet it also seemed to have a light side to it.

Dumbuldor looked up to see four kids coming out together, before they were joined by some other students. Dumbuldor looked at the four strange people he sensed magic from. The first was a tall blonde kid with blue eyes around his neck two items hung a golden cross like key and a small golden scale. Next to him was a boy with bright white hair with brown eyes around his neck was a golden ring with a pyramid in the middle. The next kid was small with tri colored hair. His bangs were gold, the rest of the hair was black coming up to a crimson outline. The boy had large purple eyes around his neck on a chain was an upside down pyramid. Next to him the last one was walking. She had light blue white hair and her eyes were silver blue, around her neck was a gold pendant that was painted white and black in the symbol of yin and yang. On her belt loop was a golden rod with a round top.

They were all busy talking to each other. Dumbuldor walked slowly over to them as the four got into a small group and talked alone. Dumbuldor heard them talking quickly to each other in Japanese. Dumbuldor thanks to a language spell was able to understand them. "I mean come on Yugi your sure you're not being spurious?" The blonde one asked the small one with tri colored hair. "Well me and Yami have been having this odd feeling all day. I feel like I'm being watched by something." Yugi said. "Well Marik, it isn't just him me and Kishara have the same feeling only it started a few minutes ago." The light blue white haired girl said. "Well Jenny and Yugi have to be right we all have every one of the eight items." The white haired boy said. "Ryou. Bakura has more sense then you." Marik said. "Don't start comparing me to him please." Ryou said. "Guys." Jenny said as her pendant began glowing. " There is an old man here who has been watching us." Jenny said quickly to them quickly turning around. Dumbuldor was surprised by the sudden change in language the girl used. All the children were facing him now looking in fear. : They seem to have dealt with some magic before. I have to tell them I mean no harm.: Dumbuldor thought. "Hello young ones, I am sorry for intruding, but I have something to ask all of you." Dumbuldor said. / Should I take control Abiou?/ Yami asked Yugi. / Wait it is an old man. A strange old man./ Yugi said.

"What is it you have to ask?"Yugi asked. "Well do you believe in magic?"Dumbuldor said feeling a little silly. They all exchanged worried looks. "Yes."Yugi said. "Well I am glad that makes this a little easier to say. Your all witches and wizards."Dumbuldor said. They all glanced at each other again. "Well that was unexpected."Ryou said. "I was surprised to find such powerful young witches and wizards in Japan," Dumbuldor said getting out four letters. 'but I always come prepared. You all are invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary. I will send Hagrid your way to help you get your supplies. You should attend, but alas I have to leave. Hagrid will be able to explain more. He will be sent here tommorrow. The school will start soon after all. Good day to you all." Dumbuldor said before vanishing.

"Well even I have to say that was odd." Jenny said. "Well we aren't excaltly normal, now are we." Ryou said fingering his ring. "You have a point there." Jenny said motioning to her pendant. "Jenny!" A male voice yelled. * Crap.* Jenny said. * Let me deal with him yami Jenny. * Kishara said. * Fine, just rememeber you asked.*Jenny said as her pendant glowed. Her crimson/blue eyes closed then opened to reveal silver eyes. "Hey brother." Kishara said. "Kishara. I know my sister is in there somewhere. She was supposed to watch Seth, but she didn't and he walked into my meeting I was having ranting in ancient Egyptian. I had to tell them he was an old relative from Egypt. It seems Seth had found the TV." Seto Kaiba said.

Ryou suddenly started laughing his eyes turning purple. " The High Priest got scared did he. That's rich. Maybe you should ask your brother Mokuba to watch him next time." Bakura said. "Well I not so sure. I am still unsure of how I got a hikari in the first place." Seto said. "Well you got him and you are keeping him." Kishara said. "She has a point, ever since the Duel we can have our spirits out any time."Yugi said. " Just get Jenny out here before I blow. I may not admit to being a darkness or a yami, but I will use shadow magic if i have to.'Seto said. "Fine brother."Kishara said closing her eyes. "Kishara isn't defending me anymore. What is it blood brother of mine?" Jenny asked opening her crimson/blue eyes. "Well I just had to tell you not to tell Seth to watch TV. And I got some mail form Egypt it was a report on want you to return the scroll and other things you stole from there. And it was addressed personally to the 'Queen ot theives.' Your making yourself a tomb robber." Seto said.

"It isn't my fault something inside me wants me to steal. I am after all, Kishara's dark half. And the scroll I stole had information on our normal tomb robber."Jenny said. Everyone was suddenly looking at her. Jenny got out a really old scroll. "Trail of Ahsebe Bakura tombrobber by Seth Seto. Describtion of the theif. White hair large scar on left cheek below his left eye. Menacing purpe eyes. The theif was abrehanded after the death of the nameless was trailed by Seth. It says Ahsebe was trailed by Seth to spend the rest of the afterlife trapped in the ring."Jenny said. "Ahsebe. Doesn't that mean silent one."Ryou said. "Yeah it does how fitting."Bakura said appearing. "Well now that that is over can we get back to the fact some old guy asked us to go to a school of magic."Marik said. "You guys too." Seto said taking out a letter.

"Yeah."Yugi said. A small gold chain around Seto's neck glowed softly. "What is it now Seth?"Seto asked out loud.[I am just happy we will all be together yami Seto.] Seth said happily.[Whatever.]Seto said. "So we all will meet this Hagrid guy."Seto said. "It says on the letter to meet this Hagrid guy at the park tommorrow at 5 pm."Ryou said reading the letter. "And it says to have things packed."Yugi said looking at it. "Well lets go get ready Seto."Jenny said grabbing Seto by the back of his shirt. "See you guys at 5 tommorrow." Jenny said waving back at them. "Well we should get packed and I have to tell Grandpa."Yugi said getting his things and running home."Bye guys."He yelled. Ryou and Marik shurged and went home. All was going well for the five teenagers.


Well that was the first chapter. Yeah Jenny's a tomb robber and the Yami of Kishara. Seto is the Yami of Seth.

The gold chain around Seto's neck went with the Milleum(not sure if spelled right.) Pendant. Seto got it because the pendant held two souls. Seth and Kishara. So naturally Seo got the part that had Seth in it.

Yeah I gave the tomb roober Bakura a name totally made up by the way. Silent one. Good name.

Well give me some reviews hope you guys look forward to Chapter 2 Hagrid