The Black Rose

Her father was known as the weasel, dark, sneaky and a true genius.

Her mother was known as the blossom, strong, hopeful and a true healer.

He was hated for killing and taking lives without a second glance.

She was loved for saving and loving everyone that needs her.

They were worlds apart,

Yet, destiny made sure they met

And fall in love

He became hated even more

For he stole the flower from the leave

But he did no wrong

The blossom became a traitor

For she loved a criminal

But she did no wrong

No wrong in spirit or soul


So together,

They left their world of hatred

Their world of pain and suffering

Their world of losing

Years has came and gone

Embraced by warm winds

A little girl sat alone

Her hair was dark like raven

And her eyes green like emerald

Truth is not in her vocabulary

For she was raised by liars

They said, lies are better for her

And deep down, she knew it too

But it never fulfilled her

So she tried her best

To discover her past

And what she found was frightening

No wonder people hated her

They spit on every ground she walks on

Burn every mark she leaves

They hate her for being the

Black Rose

But it is not her fault

So why?

She asked so many times.

Still, she will live on

Wanting to see her parents some day

With that dream in mind

She tried her best at everything

And became a strong kuniochi

People began to fear

What if she rebel?

She can kill us with the blink of an eye

We must destroy her first

But words travel fast

She knew everything

So out of fear,

She killed the people around her

She fled, hoping to survive

Her fear was seen as


The people wanted her blood

To see her dead

Was their only relief

With monster chasing her

Would her parents come back?

To make sure she is safe?

Or would her

Be the one to change her own destiny?