Moon Wind

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom.

Lord of Light and Darkness

Sam stared at the scene. There was no denying it; it was Danny in that picture. He stood back-to-back with himself. One half of the picture depicted him wearing flowing black robes, with blue eyes and black hair. The other half depicted him with his familiar green eyes and snow-white hair and wearing white trousers and a white vest, a flowing white cape with emerald-gold embroidery completing the ensemble.

She traced the familiar lines of his face. The caption below read: Lord of Light and Darkness.

She knew the book was very old, having been given it by Clockwork on her sixteenth birthday. She reread the book's title: Legends of the Ghost Zone.

(In the Ghost Zone)

"Aw, come on, Rose, move over already," a girl with pale skin, short spiky red hair and colorless eyes, said, shoving her sister aside. She was dressed completely in red, from her flannel shirt and jean shorts to the leather thong flip-flops she wore on her feet. She wore a black beaded headband in her hair and clear crystal earrings.

Her sister rolled her eyes. Rose was more quiet, wearing a subtle pink turn-of-the century dress and old-fashioned button-up black boots. "You're the one who is hogging the viewing portal, Rouge."

Crimson, the oldest sister, rolled her eyes. "Rose, Rouge, grow up sometime this century, please. We must find the Lord or the Spectrum will die."

"Yes, elder sister," the girls of the Lighter Spectrum chorused.

Crimson, like all her sisters, bore the colorless orbs of the Spectrum. Only the Lord of Light and Darkness had colored eyes. She wore a dark red tee-shirt and black jeans, with gold Grecian-style sandals. The only adornment she wore was the drop bloodcrystal necklace identifying her as a member of the Darker Spectrum.

All members of the Lighter and Darker Spectrums wore something black, showing their allegiance to the Lord of Light and Darkness.

"Still no luck finding him?" she asked, floating over to them.

"No, the mirror's just showing some ugly goth chick reading a book," Rouge said, smacking her gum.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Maybe we should expand the view?" she suggested.

Crimson nodded. "Good idea," she said, waving one hand lazily over the viewing portal.

(In our world)

Sam felt the temperature drop in the room. Turning towards the window, she grinned as her boyfriend phased through the glass doors leading to her balcony. His hair was kind of longish now that he'd grown it out to his shoulder blades; the funny thing was it was jet black in ghost form.

"Tough time getting away from your parents?" she teased, waiting to hear this latest explanation.

"Yeah, they invented a new machine that inverts the colors around a ghost when its present," he moaned, changing back to human. His hair turned white as new fallen snow.

Sam laughed. "From your current hair color, I'd say you got zapped."

He rolled his eyes. "It'll wear off in about an hour or so. I got zapped yesterday as well, by accident, in human form when Dad pulled the trigger."

"Bet your parents freaked out at the sudden hair color change," she grinned knowingly at the half-ghost.

He laughed. "They were at first, but they figured it had to do with the ectoplasmic residue radiating from the ghost portal."

"Want to watch a movie?" she asked. "I've got the D.N. Angel anime on DVD."

"Cool, I love Phantom Dark," he said, following her downstairs to the theater room.

(Ghost Zone)

"It's the Lord, alright," Rose murmured, wiping the scene away.

"Question is," Rouge growled, "How do we get him away from the Dark Spectrum girl? What color is she supposed to represent anyway?"

"I think Black," Crimson said, frowning. "But she has violet eyes, so she really can't be from the Light or Dark Spectrum. I think she's human."

"Human? But why would the Lord of Light and Darkness want to hang out with humans?" Rouge screeched.

"My ears!" Rose yelled, stomping her sister's foot.

"My foot!"

Crimson groaned and wished that their shift would be over soon. Let one of the other six triads deal with this mess.