Moon Wind

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.

No Savior

"Why is the ring so important?" Sam asked, as Magnolia halted before a man carrying a crystal tipped spear and dressed in a black jaguar pelt and furred boots. He, like the others of his triad, guarded a set of immense doors, shaped like the skeleton of a pumpkin.

"The Lord of Light and Darkness has commanded it. Lady Bright sanctions it," Magnolia announced. "The ghost tamer goes through the hematite ring."

"Why not the malachite one?" the guard queried. "Same effects."

"Less mess," Magnolia explained.

"True," the guard replied. "Render life to the dead."

"Render death to the living," came the rejoinder as she swept past him, dragging the hapless mortal child after her, closing the doors behind her.

"Poor child," the guard said. "Not so pure, is she?"

The click of the doors shutting answered him.

"Tangerine," Magnolia told her, when they were on the other sides of the door. "The Orange Triad are the guardians of the great doors. Within the halls of the Darker Spectrum is the Doors of Bonding and the malachite ring. The Halls of the Lighter Spectrum contain many secrets, including the hematite ring."

Sam was visibly shaken. "Is he Darker Spectrum?"

"No," said Magnolia, "Tangie is Lighter Spectrum and is the only member of the Light Triads to carry a crystalshard spear. Now, listen to me carefully, human child."

Sam looked at the triadic ghost sharply.

"We are both bonded to the Lord of Light and Darkness. It is forbidden that his heart should be torn in twain, so we are both going to enter the hematite ring."

"What does the hematite ring do?" Sam asked her curiously.

"Mortal, some things are better left unanswered, but I'll tell you this one thing: It unbinds," Magnolia said, unbinding her ribbon from around Sam's wrists.

Sam rubbed her sore wrists, while trying not to gape in awe at the huge gleaming half-circle of hematite rising from the floor. A spiral of gold wire flowed in both directions over it, humming with magic. Two glowing coppering braziers stood guard on either side of it.

"We enter together," Magnolia told her.

Sam nodded, understanding that the ghost wanted Danny to live as much as she did.

"Danny, please listen to me," Jack panted, as Phantom shot a bolt of pure energy at him. "This is not who you are. You are Daniel Fenton, albeit a half-human, half-ghost, but still my son. I love you, Danny-boy."

Phantom Grey flung another bolt of energy at the human. "I am one of the Nine and my place is here at my mother's side. You claim to love me, but you bring me death! You are not my father," he shot back at the human.

"I did not want to do this, Danny, but so help me, you've forced my hand," Jack said, pulling out a small glowing mesh bag, which he flung at his son. It hit him with little force, but quickly expanded into a full-size electro-shock metal cage.

Tucker chose this pleasant time to come around.

"Where's Sam?"

The woman, who Danny had been calling mother, raised one hand and forcefully bound the humans' hands to their sides. "You sent them to the hematite ring, I suppose?" she questioned her son.

Tucker looked toward his friend, who growled angrily, but nodded. "I thought it for the best. It will unbind, but not kill. One will remain bonded to me."

"I hope to God it's Sam," Tucker murmured to Mr. Fenton.

"You and me both, boy," the ghost hunter whispered back. "You and me both."

Author's Note:

Tangerine--male, Lighter Spectrum, Orange Triad