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Chapter 6 – Powers


I came running in just as this other vampire started kissing Edward. Edward just stood still doing nothing, but his eyes were open. That showed he didn't know she was kissing him, or he didn't like her.

With out control I screamed, "EDWARD!!!!"

"Bella, let me explain," Edward said.

"Of course."

"I didn't want to kiss her. She kissed me. I don't like her. She just came over and started kissing me."

Right as he finished he went to his knees and started screaming in pain. I ran over to him. Just as I touched him he stropped screaming and rose to his feet.

"What the. Why did it stop it wasn't suppose to stop. Maybe just maybe," the other vampire said.

Right as she said it a male vampire and another female vampire walked into the room.

"What is it Jane," asked the male

"Right as the human touched Edward. He stopped being in pain, but I was still using my power on him," said Jane

"Edward can you read Bella's mind," and the male.


"Can Jasper feel her feeling?"


"Just as I suspected. If Bella get changed into one of us, she will have a special power. That power will be a shield for the mind or a block from all mind powers."

"So if I become a vampire I will have this power."

"Yes, my dear."

"Aro is this a sign," said the other female.

"Yes, I think it is, Zafrina."

"See Edward I told you," Alice said as she walked into the room. "Edward do you remember the two visions I had when we first met Bella?"

"Yes, I do Alice."

"So you all ready knew about Bella being a vampire," asked Aro.

"Yes we did and now we know what her power is," said Alice.

"Since Bella will be a vampire in due time. You may leave but you have to tell Carlisle that we will be checking up on you from time to time."

"Will do, Aro," Edward said.

"Oh and Bella I can't wait to see you after you changed."

"Bye Aro," Alice and Edward said at the same time.

As we walked out Edward put his arm around my waist. Now I have another 12 hour flight from Italy to Seattle, but this time I have Edward with me.

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