A New Beginning

Yay! My sequel to Percy Jackson: My Life, My Love, Our War! You know you want to read it! I hope you enjoy this story!

I know that there are like a billion of these things, the kids of Annabeth and Percy finding out thing. I promise to make it worth reading!

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12/7/13: For those of you who subsribed to this story four years ago, and are now getting updates because I'm reposting chapters, I would simply disregard them if I were you. I'm not changing anything in the story itself unless it is extremely cringe-worthy, and gives me an, "I-cannot-believe-I-wrote-that," feeling. So I'm leaving most of the stupid things (this story is built on stupid writing). What I'm doing is taking out author's notes that interrupt the flow of the story, which are against community guidelines, and fixing grammatical errors if I find them.

Percy's POV

Soon after Annabeth and I got married (a little less than a year later), we had our first child: Sophia Minerva Jackson. Her birthday is May 16. She has her mom's golden blonde hair and my sea green eyes. She is absolutely beautiful, and my mom cried tears of joy when she saw her first grandchild.

Yes, I know we had our first child when we were still in college. Sophia slept at my mom and Paul's house, and then they came back to our house during the day (We took night classes for our little girl). For some reason, Annabeth pushed me into a doctorate degree in oceanography. Why? Don't ask me! Annabeth pushed herself to her doctorate in architecture, which I didn't know had a doctorate level.

Annabeth and I had to quit our jobs at Camp Half-Blood to raise Sophia. I didn't want her to grow up around all of this; if she knew everything before she could talk, she would be in serious danger. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she died before she learned to defend herself. I wouldn't have it, and Annabeth agreed. So did Chiron.

Sophia and Gregory (Tommy and Rachel Smith's son) were the same age. They had a few play dates when they were too young to remember anything. But then Tommy, Rachel, and Greg all moved away to North Carolina. Sophia was a little sad that her friend was gone, but she didn't understand it. She only knew that her friend moved away and might not come back to visit.

Three years after Sophia was born, we had our second, absolutely beautiful, child: Hallie Amphitrite Jackson. She has my jet-black hair and Annabeth's grey eyes. Now, when I say three years, I mean exactly three years. I don't know how we did it, but they have the same birthdays! My mom was overjoyed at the prospect of another grandchild to spoil. I warned her to not spend too much money on them; she needed to keep some for herself! Once Hallie was born, we were almost graduated. Four years almost over! Just a few more months!

Now, they make me feel old, because they are both teenagers. Sophia is sixteen, and Hallie is thirteen. They think of their Aunt Hannah as 'their cool twenty-one year old aunt'. I am pretty young for a dad of two teenagers - 38 - but that's only because Annabeth and I had our first child at twenty-two.

But Annabeth and I weren't the only ones with children. Thalia and Theodore had Tanya Fisher, who was now thirteen. She had her dad's sandy blonde hair and her mom's electric blue eyes. Nico and Aura, who were both thirty-four, had Stella di Angelo, their thirteen year old daughter. She is a spitting image of her mom, because both parents have black hair. She is the same age as her mom was when I met her, and she looked exactly like her mom, except for two minor details: she had her dad's nose and facial expressions.

One minor detail: none of them knew anything about their family history.

But, my new beginning isn't all about my children. No, it's about the rest of my family as well. Poseidon and Athena have finally made a truce, thank the gods. Their favorite children getting married must have helped. The day that Sophie was born they visited her. They did the same thing with Hallie. Sophia got a glimpse of them that day, but if she remembers, she hasn't let on.

My mom and Paul are still happy together. They are a little sad that their little girl is off to college; it probably makes them feel old. They already feel old because Annabeth and I made my mom a grandma.

Remember that prediction I made about Hannah being chased by lovesick boys? I was right. I had to protect my little sis from time to time from an insane psychopath. She has wavy brunette hair that ends at her waist, and startling blue eyes that she inherited from Paul. Those college boys are crazy about 'Hannah Hot-bod Blofis'. That's what they are calling my little sister! I listened in on a conversation two guys were having, and they were talking about Hannah with those nicknames. 'Hottie Hannah' and 'Hannah the Beautiful' were also mentioned. Annabeth once confessed to me that she was jealous of Hannah for her looks. I guess that means she's attractive? I don't see it.

When Connor and Travis Stoll found out about Bobby and Matthew Chase, they just had to go to them and teach them every sneaky thing they know. I'm worried about my step-brothers; what if they do something stupid that gets them in jail? The Stoll brothers better know that Annabeth and I will be coming after them if the Chase brothers get in jail.

Sophie's POV

My life is absolutely boring. I wake up. I get ready for school. I go to school. I come home. I do my homework. I eat dinner. I get ready for bed. I go to bed. Repeat. The only thing interesting about my life is that my parents are complete lunatics. They talk to themselves when they're in the bathroom. They say 'Oh my gods!' or 'Oh Styx!' or even 'What the Hades?!' THEY ARE NOT NORMAL! I knew everyone had embarrassing parents, but mine don't even use proper 'slang'.

Another odd thing about my oh-so-boring life is the fact that they never tell me who my grandparents were (or are, if they're still alive). They only tell me one half, not the other. Grandma Blofis and Grandpa Chase won't even tell me! I call my parents' step-parents Grandma and Grandpa because what else am I going to call them? I have a suspicion that even they know who my other grandparents are. I ask Grandpa Blofis and Grandma Chase sometimes, but not as much as everyone else.

Now, some people hate their little sisters or brothers. But I absolutely love my sister Hallie's company. We complain to each other about how weird our parents are, we tell each other crushes we have at school, and we tell secrets. We share everything, and I'm glad that I have a sister I'm so close to.

My best friend's name is Ashley Watson. She has normal parents. She has extracurricular activities. She doesn't have disabilities. (Oh yeah, I have ADHD and dyslexia just like good old Mom and Dad, along with Hallie.) Ashley has the best life ever. It's not boring, and her parents don't talk to themselves.

At least I don't have to go through life thinking that my family is the only one with issues. My sister has two best friends, who happen to be loosely related to us. Tanya Fisher's mom is my dad's cousin. She has ADHD and dyslexia, just like her parents. Stella di Angelo is the same, except her dad is my dad's cousin. Their uncles are the other grandparents. They both report their parents talking to themselves.

Bathrooms are the only places they talk to themselves, and I swear I can hear the water running in there while they talk. Once, I thought I heard a voice respond, but I explained to myself that it was just my parent's insanity rubbing off on me. Super. That makes me feel so much better.

I am going to find a way to learn my family secret, and nothing (or no one) is going to stop me!