Epilogue Part 2

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Sophia's POV

Life as a goddess was interesting. It was exciting to keep the secret at school, and it was fun to control my power alongside my grandmother Athena. Greg and I had our ups and downs, but what couple doesn't? We weren't voted cutest couple or prom queen and king until our senior year. I guess my parents will always have something over me.

When my real age was twenty six, but my appearance age was still eighteen, Greg and I were married. Mom and Rachel cried their eyes out as Dad walked me down the isle. My mom was never the one to cry like that, but I was her first child, and now I was getting married. Dad finally approved of Greg. Wedding arrangements had been difficult, though.

I begged with Zeus to allow a few select mortals on Olympus for the wedding. I wanted Grandma and Grandpa Blofis, Grandma and Grandpa Chase, and Ashley to be there. Zeus finally gave in, and Ashley was my maid of honor. Hera, Aphrodite, Hallie, Stella, and Tanya were bridesmaids. I let Hera and Aphrodite be bridesmaids because it was tradition (Mom and Grandma Blofis both tied the knot with the two as bridesmaids) and I didn't want an angry goddess of marriage and an angry goddess of love on my wedding day.

Greg invited mortals too, though. His grandmother, Jennifer Smith Carmen and her husband Derek Carmen were invited as well. I noticed a gold charm bracelet on her wrist and Apollo smiled at it. I guess he gave it to her. How sweet!

When Greg and I said our vows, I felt like I could fly. I was indescribably happy as we kissed. I was officially Lady Gregory Smith.

A Millennium Later…

The first time I had ever been in Greece. I found it strange that monuments from when the gods were here last still stood, even if they should've collapsed centuries ago. I assumed godly magic held them in place. Right now, Athena was leading us 'new minor gods' down Olympus. We had a purpose, though. Someone needed to write down more Greek history, or Greek myths. Athena said she knew just where to find the person.

She led us to Athens, Greece, where I saw a statue or two of her. I was surprised that they still stood, but I didn't doubt godly power. She led us to a monument that was amazingly still standing as well, the Parthenon. Of course; a temple to Athena. It had a long and devastating past that I don't think I should get into. Athena strode purposefully over to a frustrated-looking man observing her temple. We followed her.

"Excuse me, sir?" she interrupted his train of thought politely. He looked up. Surprise was in his eyes for a mere second, but it was gone the next.

"May I help you?" he asked.

"You are Mr. Rick Riordan, correct? Writer of Greek myths?" she asked.

"That would be me, although I haven't produced myths that people have taken to heart in a while," he answered glumly.

"I think we can change that," she smiled knowingly, gesturing to us.

"Sorry, I didn't catch your name, ma'am," he apologized.

"I go by many. But I prefer my real one; Athena," she answered.

"You're named after the patron goddess of this city?" Rick asked with raised eyebrows.

"Not exactly," she said, motioning for him to follow us. He did. We led him to Greek Myth (the restaurant moved with Western Civilization). When we were there, Athena filled him in on everything the gods have been doing since they left Greece. He scribbled notes furiously, excited about this new story to tell. Many years later, people would be learning about me in school. That is so cool! My family history will be known to the whole world and few of them will know its true!


If you read Tommy's Parents, you know who Derek Carmen is…it is the Derek from Jen's party.

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Also, I'll be writing a little story called Hallie's Stalker. Here's the summary:

Bret is the quiet guy in school, but he has a crush on Hallie Jackson. What he doesn't know is that she's the minor goddess of tides and currents. When he follows her after school, Hallie's secret is in danger of being revealed. What can she do to stop Bret from finding her family secrets?

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