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.: For Ellie:.

"Shane, have you ever thought about dancing in the rain?" Shane looked up at Caitlyn from the magazine he was idly flipping through. She was looking out at the gray sky and tracing the raindrops which were pattering on the panes.

"No," he replied, closing the magazine and turning his body to face Caitlyn. "I'm afraid I might catch a cold."

"You're afraid of a cold, rock star?" she teased.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I wanna dance in the rain," she replied, crossing her arms.

"Let's go dance in the rain, Cait," he said after a moment's hesitation.

Laughing, hand-in-hand, they ran out into the pouring rain. Their bare feet splashing against the wet grass of the front lawn. Caitlyn turned her head to the sky and a couple raindrops fell onto her flushed cheeks.

"May I have this dance?" Shane said, extending his hand; looking quite like a half-drowned cat. Caitlyn giggled before flicking a raindrop at him and placing her hand in his.

Twirling around in circles, Caitlyn laughed. Shane, enjoying the sound of her laugh, laughed along.

"Thank you," Caitlyn said, slowing the dance to a wet, squishy waltz and pressing her forehead against his. "For letting me dance in the rain."

"Thank you, for a rainy day to remember," Shane replied, leaning in to close the space between their lips.

The Next Morning…

"Cait, it's time to wake up. You're going to be late," Shane yelled.

"No. I think I'm sick," Caitlyn groaned back.