71. Camera

A Response to La Paige's Prompts

Mitchie wanted to snap the pictures of her life so she wouldn't miss a thing.

"Mitch? Why do you always have that camera attached to your beautiful face?"

"Because, Shane, I don't want to miss a picture in my life."

"You're not going to capture everything with that camera, you know."

"Yes, I will."

"No, Mitchie. You won't. There's a bigger picture to life, one you can't capture with the camera."

"When I take a picture of the most beautiful thing ever who'll be laughing then?"

"Nobody will be laughing, Mitchie."

"Don't you want to capture the most beautiful thing in your life, Shane?"

"I won't need a camera; I've already got you, and what's more beautiful than that?"

"That was cheesy, Shane. And I'm not putting down the camera."

"Fine, can I show you something then?"

"What's that?"

"Here, look at it."

"It's beautiful, Shane. Is that me?"

"Yes, Mitch, that's you. You were singing and dancing in the rain and I snapped this picture with my phone. This is the beauty I see every day, and no little picture can compare with what I see when I wake up in the morning. Next to you."

"I love you."

"Will you put away the camera now?"

"I'm afraid you might leave and I might not remember you. I need back-up in case that happens."

"God woman, don't you see that rock on your finger? I'm not going anywhere. Give me that camera. Now."

"Where are you going with my camera?!"

"I love you, Mitchie."

"Come back here!"