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It was hot. Too hot.

Forks was the rainiest place in the United States, and it hardly ever got sun, and if it did, it was never accompanied by a heat wave. But Forks got a heat wave, and it was so hot. It was the kind of hot that made swimming pools warm, that made ice melt before you could even pour the drink in your glass.

I was lying on my bed listening to the Weather Channel, praying for some reprieve from this heat and trying to figure out how to lower my body temperature even a fraction of a degree. "Temperatures skyrocketed to 100 today, becoming the highest temperature recorded in Forks for several years," the weatherman said in his almost-used-car-salesman voice. Yeah, way too hot. He then continued his forecast by saying that we would probably not get a break from the weather until a big storm rolled in two days from now, on Friday. I didn't know if I would be able to stand another two days of this heat, but at least a break was coming soon.

When the advertisements began, I peeled myself from my bed and trudged to my window. The light breeze that blew in stirred my curtains and rustled the hair that had fallen out of the bun piled on my head. I tried to open the window more but it was stuck because the house was old. My dad Charlie, Forks' police chief, had lived in it forever, since before he and my other were married. He loved Renee so much, but things didn't work, out and they got divorced when I was still a little girl. Since then, I have spent various Christmases and summers with Charlie, and I finally moved in with him for good a month ago to get used to Forks before my senior year started. Renee married Phil, a baseball player, and she traveled with him a lot, so I thought it would be easier on her if I moved in with my dad.

I still didn't know many kids my age yet. I met Jessica a couple of days after I moved here, but she spent all of her time at the pool spying on her crush, Mike the lifeguard. But it was too hot to even go to the pool today. My dad introduced me to Angela when we ran into her at the grocery store. We've hung out quite a lot, but today she was spending time with her boyfriend, Ben. Charlie was at the police station, so options of how to entertain myself were basically nonexistent.

I rested my head against the frame of the window and closed my eyes, enjoying what breeze was available, when I heard the most beautiful music. It was an elegant piano piece, like nothing I had ever heard. Its notes were soft and ethereal, yet it hit my soul with an impact so severe that I could have sworn on the spot that my life was about to change forever. The notes had an ebb and flow about them, rising and falling with grace and with passion. It cooled and calmed me and, for the first time, I forgot that I was wilting in the heat.

I felt…whole.

It continued for I don't know how long. I was rooted to the spot, my head still leaning on the window frame and my eyes still closed. The music hit a final crescendo…and stopped. My eyes shot open, a wave of disappointment flooding through my body. It seemed as if a friend had suddenly left without an explanation, and I was begging for more. But the music had to have come from somewhere. It couldn't just be a figment of my imagination.

I didn't want it to be a figment of my imagination.

But where did it come from? It couldn't have been from this world. It was too beautiful. I walked quickly from my window to the edge of the bed, trying to make sense of what I had just heard. I thought heat waves caused mirages, distorting vision—was the heat so intense in Forks that it was now making me hear things?

I really didn't want it to be a figment of my imagination.

With my head in my hands, I replayed the song in my mind over and over. It was hard to shake something that had so suddenly grabbed hold of your heart and wasn't letting go…and its vice-like grip wasn't going to ease up anytime soon. I got up and walked back to the window, with determination in my step, and stuck my head out into the sunshine. The breeze was still rustling the trees and the sun was still beating down, but there was no sound of the music. I'm sure if Dr. Cullen had looked out of his window up at me, he would have seen some crazy girl falling halfway out of her window.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen lived in the white house next door. I met him one day in the driveway. He and Charlie had pulled into the driveway at the same time, Charlie from the police station and Dr. Cullen from his shift at the hospital. Charlie introduced me to him. He was tall and looked exactly like a movie star, with hair as perfect as those doctors you see on prime time dramas on TV. We talked for a couple of minutes, him asking me if I liked Forks and Charlie asking him how the hospital was doing. Before he left, Dr. Cullen said that he would love for me to meet his son Edward. He said Edward and I were going to be in the same class next year.

But Edward and I haven't met yet. I haven't even seen him. It's like he stays inside during the day and goes out only at night, like he's a vampire bat or something…

The doorbell rang. I pulled my head back in, wincing as I banged it on the window, and exited the room. I thought about who it could be, but the mail had already come and all my friends were busy. "Coming," I said as I bounded down the stairs, nearly tripping on the last two. I brushed the hair that was sticking to my sweaty face out of the way, grabbed the knob, and opened the door.

"Hi. I hope I'm not intruding. I'm...Edward Cullen."

"H-Hi," I stammered. Here standing before me was the most gorgeous creature that I had ever seen. He was tall, slightly muscular, with the most perfectly tousled mass of bronze hair on his head. It looked like he had just rolled out of bed with a devil-may-care attitude, or had continuously run his fingers through it. He had the most gorgeous green eyes, eyes which looked like the only two cool pools in a fifty-mile radius.

And his...his lips were…amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. I bet he could kiss really…

"Ahem," he coughed, breaking the awkward silence, forming a crooking smile with those lips of his.

"S-Sorry. No…not intruding…I'm Bella Swan." I shot my hand up and waved like a middle school girl faced with the captain of the high school football team.

God, how long had I been staring at his lips? His wonderful, perfectly kissable lips?

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella." His hands were shoved into his pockets, all but is index finger on his right hand which was curved around the handle of a measuring cup.

"I really hope I'm not intruding, but could I borrow, um, a cup of sugar," he said, his lips forming around the words like….

Stop staring at his lips, stop staring at his lips, stop staring at his lips!

"Sugar? Uh, yeah, sure, sure…um, come on in." I opened the door wide, feeling my cheeks continue to blush. I really hoped he didn't notice that.

He walked in and stood like a god in my hallway. And there I was, standing there like goof staring at his lips. My concentration finally broke when I saw the measuring cup extended before me.

"Yeah, just give me a sec." I took the cup from his hands and swiftly turned around, chastising myself over how…idiotic I must have looked and acted. But how could I have even acted a fraction like a normal person when I was faced with him…and those lips! I opened the kitchen cabinet and pulled down the container of sugar. Filling the measuring cup, I couldn't get out of my mind the way his lips formed around my name and how his voice…oh his voice was just plain dazzling…sexy.

I stood there for a moment to collect my thoughts before I walked out there and embarrassed myself again. With a deep breath, I grabbed the cup of sugar and walked out of the kitchen, back into the hallway.

"Here you go. Is that enough?"

"Thanks. No…I mean, yeah, yeah it is…um…thanks…Bella." He smiled, slightly embarrassed himself, flashing his bright white teeth. He took his time with the words as I stood there, yet again, mesmerized by his lips. Was he doing this to torture me?

We stood there for a few minutes longer, before he said "Thanks" again and slowly backed to the door. I don't know how long we stood there, but I wouldn't have minded if it was longer.

He opened the door, said with another crooked smile, "See you soon…Bella," and stepped out into the blazing sun and heat.

"See you," I croaked as I watched him cross my front yard, over the driveway, into his yard, up his front steps, and into his house. I kept standing on my front porch until the heat and humidity slapped me awake and forced me back inside into the slightly cooler house.

Shutting the door, I leant on it and slid down into a seating position. I couldn't begin to grasp what I was feeling or thinking at the moment. I was drawn to Edward, firstly by his lips, but there was something else. Something that had a hold of my heart, like the heavenly music I heard earlier in the day, and wasn't letting go. The music filled my mind again as if I was standing by my window again, and as if I was hearing it for the first time.

I knew the emotions I had as a result of the music and of Edward weren't going away. I knew I had to see him again.