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And now, without further ado, a preview of Chapter 1 of "The Meeting, The Rescue, and The Confession"…


"Hey, son," Carlisle said as he shut the front door.

"Hey, dad," I said, still leaning against the window.

He dropped his doctor's bag and leaned against the back of the couch, facing me.

"I was just talking to Charlie and his daughter, Bella."

"Yeah, I uh…noticed."

"Well, she just moved here two weeks ago from Phoenix. She decided to live with Charlie for her senior year of high school. You'll be class mates."

I stood there with my back to the window, my hands gripping the windowsill. Bella.

"Son, are you ok?" Carlisle had a look of concern on his face. He walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." I shot a reassuring smile at him, but I don't think he bought it.

"Well…ok." He paused for a second. "Listen, you should go introduce yourself to Bella, get to know her a little bit. I'm sure she would love to know a friendly face when you both start school." Carlisle patted me on the shoulder and then walked into the kitchen.

I stayed rooted to the spot. I DID have to meet her, but not just because it was the nice, neighborly thing to do, but also because I wanted to know more about the woman who had suddenly lit a fire inside of me. I didn't know what it was but I felt this unusual feeling of longing…of desire, to not only get to know her but to understand her and to be with her.