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Rating: K+

Theme: Sad

Description: She must have waited for him.


A Story, My Story, The End

My angel high above the cold hard ground

But a whisper in a midnight dreaming --


Kyo felt light.

He opened his eyes and looked around himself with an air of confusion. He held up his hand and wondered to himself why in the world he felt so light.


He hadn't felt this way since…

She died. His golden haired, fiery angel, taken from him by a common disease that she was too weak to fight off because of it striking her so soon after giving birth. Time didn't seem important after she had left him on the godforsaken earth.



Not anymore. Now he felt light. Odd. He dropped his hand and looked around, taking in his surroundings.

He was I a meadow. Of sorts. There were flowers everywhere, such beautiful flowers. He continued to scan around and then his eyes jerked back to where they were before, catching a sight that had his heart leaping for joy.

Yuya stood there smiling at him, looking even more beautiful than he remembered her. He rushed forward, dignity forgotten, and wrapped her in a hug, clinging to her like a frightened child to his mother or a blind man to his memories.

She slipped her arms around him and it felt right. He felt right, again. He drew her away from him to look at her. Such a beautiful woman. He kept one arm around her waist whilst he reached up with one hand and carefully brushed away a strand of her hair, fingers stroking her cheek.

She closed her eyes and hummed a folk song that she sang to Kenji. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know how to say it.

"How…" he tried, but it came out strangled and croaky. Yuya smiled up at him. Kyo tried again; "You died…" was all he got out. Yuya nodded somberly.

"I did." She said to him, her very voice causing him to squeeze her to him again.

Then he remembered.

He had been looking for fights ever since she died. Sloppy and stupid, but they seemed the only thing able to get her off his mind. For ten years he had fought nameless and usually faceless men. There was the most recent one. He had underestimated him.

He had been careless. The man had gotten in a lucky shot, but that was all it took. He remembered the cold that had spread through his limbs as his friends and family hovered over him, calling to him and crying.

He remembered stopping Akari when she tried to heal him. She halted for only a second before throwing his hand off of her angrily, but that was the one second he needed for his escape. Then he ended up here. With her.

"I'm dead." He stated simply. Yuya nodded again. Kyo looked around at the endless field of flowers again. "This isn't…hell." He said. Yuya laughed.

"No, it's not. I saved you." She told him in her familiar and comforting voice. He looked down at her. She rolled her eyes. "I wasn't about to let you burn in hell for all eternity no matter how mad I was at you for not putting your dishes away."

Kyo looked around again. "So this is heaven?" he asked. Yuya nodded.

"Yes." She breathed. He smiled at her.

Kyo felt light.

The funeral precession for Demon Eyes Kyo was well attended.

Friends from the Mibu and from the human world all attended, dressed in mourning clothing. Family, led by Kenji, now eighteen. He kept a firm grip on his brothers and his sister, never letting them get too far. The youngest boy cried and the girl shed one tear, the others were still and hard as stone, their sorrow the silent kind.

The body was buried next to his wife's under the tree in their yard. The tombstone read as such;

Demon Eyes Kyo

Feared by many,

Truly loved by one.

May he rest in peace

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